Things That Google Isn’t  
Online Marketing Needs More than a Search Engine  
b y C h u c k B a n k o f f  
t’s Google’s world, I just live in it.  
Despite my reference to the vener-  
Your reputation: People are talking business cards tie into your website  
about you…without you. Even if and social media presence.  
able king of search engines, I think your website is pristine, customers Your brand isn’t just visual, but also  
we can all agree the world doesn’t need want to know that other customers had what consumers think when they hear  
another article about how important it a good experience with you.  
is for a business to show up on Google.  
Instead, let’s talk about a few things 2015,but the consensus is that between  
your company name or see one of your  
Research varies between 2013 and company assets.  
Branding that doesn’t stink: There’s  
that make the effort of showing up on 79 to 90 percent of consumers say that a local plumbing company in my mar-  
the search engine worthwhile. online reviews impact their buying ket whose theme is that his plumbers  
Your website: Sooner or later, your decisions. show up on time and“smell good.”He’s  
customers will probably go to your If you’re waiting for five-star reviews branded himself as “Mike Diamond,  
website. If they aren’t finding you while to roll in, you’re in for a rude awaken- the Smell Good Plumber.” His market-  
searching for“shower door enclosures” ing. Reviews are naturally skewed neg- ing is all about smelling good—it’s  
or “glass table tops” or “storefront win- ative because most people don’t do so baked into his tagline, his website and  
dow glass,” they will eventually seek when they are satisfied. If your new his radio advertising. This is amusing,  
you out directly by company name.  
shower door doesn’t leak, would you quirky and memorable. You don’t have  
How do I know this? Aside from the immediately go to Yelp and tell every- to be that creative, but you should be  
fact that,as a consumer,I do that all the one you got what you paid for? Prob- that consistent.  
time, as a digital marketer, I see it all ably not. But if the installer left a mess  
Your assignment: Do a survey of all  
the time while reviewing clients’ ana- and customer service was rude, you your company assets including your  
lytics. You’d be surprised at how much probably would. Consumers who are website,social media platforms,off-line  
traffic comes from consumers search- dissatisfied have a tendency to vent … marketing, even your trucks and uni-  
ing for specific companies.  
No matter how your customers hear  
and vent publicly. forms. Does all of it have the same look  
Your assignment: Be proactive; if and feel so that consumers in your area  
about you, all roads lead to your web- you’ve earned some stellar reviews, immediately get a sense of familiarity?  
site. Your customers may be looking don’t be afraid to provide direct links to  
to see if you offer specific products your Yelp, Citisearch or Google+ page  
and services, for your location, or for right on your website. There are even in just a few places—TV, radio, news-  
an indication of the quality of your reviews aggregators that will act as a re- papers, Yellow Pages. Now they spend  
work. Your website is the hub of your pository for yours and syndicate them a little time on a great many places—  
online presence,and it’s something you to other directories across the internet. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Goo-  
Your social media presence: Con-  
sumers used to spend a lot of time  
should care about. Sadly, your website  
is probably not as effective as it may  
appear on the surface.  
Your brand: This is essentially gle, websites, blogs, videos...  
what people think and say about Don’t count on doing a great deal of  
you. Consumers like what’s familiar, so business from any one of these social  
Your assignment: Look at your web- you have an opportunity and an obli- platforms just for showing up.As a rule  
site through the eyes of your customer. gation to develop, spread and protect of thumb,you want to have a consistent  
Look at the websites of the most success- your brand.  
brand on each of the platforms that  
ful glass and mirror companies. What How do you do that? It’s more than your target market spends time on.  
are they doing? How is their information just having a logo; it’s consistency in Unless you are working with a profes-  
presented? Do they look more profes- everything that represents your com- sional agency, you don’t want to bite off  
sional than you? Your friends and family pany.This includes your logo presented more than you can chew.  
will probably tell you what you want to the same wherever it’s seen, as well as  
Your assignment: If you don’t have  
hear, so seek out the advice of a profes- consistency between how your show- the resources, prioritize the best plat-  
sional marketer (not a web designer).  
room, your company trucks, and your forms for you,and spend time on those  
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instead of diluting your efforts across good creative messaging, a good web- Google, but very little works without it.  
every social network that your teenage site, a good offer and a comprehensive Once you have everything else in place,  
kids can rattle off.  
Paid advertising: Ironically, paid budget.  
advertising is the easiest option to  
execute,but also the most painful to fail sional. Even if you do it in-house,  
at.Every major search engine and every it’s worth having a professional  
social media platform has some sort of who has worked in the glass in-  
advertising opportunity. You didn’t re- dustry take a look at your mar-  
strategy is a waste of your advertising you will want to put together a good,  
solid search engine strategy to pull it all  
Your assignment: Talk to a profes- together. n  
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com or  
ally think they did all that for free?  
ket, your web assets and advise  
Paid advertising is by far the fastest, you on a budget and a strategy.  
most direct route to your customer, but Shameless plug: I will take a  
a word of caution: just paying for the look for you if you contact me.  
advertising and showing up without  
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