Modern Spaces  
A Wide Range of Options  
Vitro Architectural Glass (formerly  
PPG Glass) now offers Solarban 90  
solar control, low-E glass on a wide  
array of performance-tinted glasses,  
including Atlantica, Azuria, Pacifica,  
Solarblue, Solarbronse, Solargray and  
Solexia glasses. It was previously only  
available on clear,Starphire Ultra-Clear,  
Optiblue and Optigray glasses.  
achieve SHGCs as low as 0.17 in a  
Solarban 90, which was introduced 1-inch IGU, according to the company.  
Designed to meet the requirements  
which apply to modern glass edge seal, in 2015, utilizes proprietary coating yy➤  
TGI-Spacer M is the newest high-per- technology to deliver robust solar  
formance spacer from Technoform control and high visible light trans- entrance systems  
Glass Insulation North America Inc. mittance (VLT) on clear glass, while Enticing Options  
According to the company, benefits in- providing the color neutrality.  
clude thermal performance, increased  
productivity, enhanced rigidity and glass unit with clear glass, Solarban  
optimized aesthetics. 90 has a solar-heat-gain coefficient  
In a standard 1-inch insulating  
The spacer is customizable, with the (SHGC) of 0.23, which is a 15 per-  
ability to choose different reinforcing cent improvement over Solarban  
elements, engineered plastics, color se- 70XL glass. When coated on perfor-  
lections and size availability.  
mance-tinted glasses by Vitro Archi-  
tectural Glass, Solarban 90 glass can  
glass etching  
CRL-U.S. Aluminum has introduced  
its Entice Clear Fin Series Entrance Sys-  
tem.An upgrade to its Entice Entrance  
System,the series comes equipped with  
floor-to-ceiling tempered glass support  
fins that can be applied to entrance  
heights of up to 14 feet. Both systems  
deliver all-glass aesthetics with full-  
frame performance that meets today’s  
energy code requirements.  
The featured vertical glass fins are  
used in place of conventional metal  
mullions for added structural sup-  
port. Intermediate horizontal mullions  
can be utilized to allow integration of  
multi-panel fixed lites.  
The Clear Fin Series has the ability  
to support door handle hardware on  
one-inch insulating glass panels using  
proprietary through-glass fittings. The  
stiles incorporate heavy-duty, ther-  
mally broken cladding that allows the  
system to meet or exceed code require-  
ments for thermal performance. It also  
delivers U-factors as low as 0.33.  
Make Your Mark  
GlassWorks North America is  
offering a new flat glass laser en-  
graving technology to the North  
American market that includes a  
line of laser engraving systems as  
well as its own production of en-  
graved flat glass. The company is  
the exclusive North American dis-  
tributor of Cerion laser engraving  
systems of Germany. These range  
from the portable c-jet2 table top system to the large-format c-vertica systems,  
which are capable of unmanned production of surface and sub-surface laser  
engraving, according to the company.  
Cerion Laser engraving offers distinct differences from sandblasting, includ-  
ing the ability to engrave gray-scale images into the glass, and in the case of  
sub-surface engraving 3D images inside the glass. Other advantages include  
the ability to engrave before or after tempering and no waste products with  
sub-surface engraving, among others. The machines are also low mainte-  
nance, and offer German-engineered reliability, high-definition engraving, and  
low operational costs.  
GlassWorks is producing laser surface engraved doors and glass in sizes up  
to 70 by 118 inches as well as de-coating painted and mirrored flat glass for  
custom interior and exterior applications at its California facility.  
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USGlass, Metal & Glazing | November 2016