Best Glass Inc. Hits  
Quarter-Century Mark  
indsight is 20/20, and looking back, Bob Hittenberger  
rests assured that he made the right calls for his business,  
Phoenix-based Best Glass Inc. With an entrepreneurial  
background—owning his first business while in his twenties—Hit-  
tenberger knew which decisions had to be made to ensure the survival  
of his company during the economic crisis that followed 9/11.  
I was looking for a new opportunity. But most importantly, I  
wanted to be my own boss,” says Hittenberger. In order to succeed, he  
surrounded himself with talented people in the glass industry, and  
he’s grateful that they’ve stuck by his side for the past 15 years.Having  
no experience in the industry prior to opening Best Glass Inc. in 1991,  
he now owns and operates a full-service glass company that does In its 25-year history, Phoenix-based Best Glass  
has worked on a variety of glazing projects,  
continued on page 20 including glass railing installations.  
Bystronic Celebrates 50th Anniversary  
wo years ago, Bystronic glass in Bützberg, Switzerland, celebrated its 50th  
anniversary. Recently, the company’s Neuhausen-Hamburg division in  
Baden Württemberg, Germany, followed suit. This location has been de-  
veloping, manufacturing and shipping machines and insulating glass production  
units all over the world since 1966. Current and past employees and their fam-  
ilies celebrated this major company anniversary together with the management  
board at a family day this past July.  
For 50 years, our Bystronic glass location in Neuhausen-Hamberg has been  
setting trends in modern insulating glass production, and this anniversary also  
enables us to offer our thanks to our employees,” says Dr. Burghard Schneider,  
CEO of the Bystronic glass Group, which is part of the Swiss CONZZETA AG Com-  
pany. “Thanks to their personal dedication and cooperation, they have played a  
significant role in the development of the location as well as in the development  
of Bystronic glass.”  
Michael Rudloff, managing director at Bystronic Lenhardt GmbH in Neuhau-  
sen-Hamberg, adds, “We wanted to celebrate this together with colleagues  
today. It was a wonderful celebration, and we would like to thank everybody who  
assisted in the organization, those who provided support as well as everyone  
Guests could take a peek behind who attended the celebration. We were able to spend a few lovely hours together  
the scenes during several guided with our colleagues and their families and were particularly delighted to see  
tours around the factory. Highlights numerous former employees once again, including those who helped shape the  
included an exhibition of a B’JUMBO company right at the very start.”  
insulating glass line, which was  
delivered to a customer in Thailand review of the 50-year company history. The guests of honor included company  
the following week. founder Karl Lenhardt and Oliver Korz, mayor of the Neuhausen District.  
Attendees also watched an anniversary film, which provided an entertaining  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | October 2016  
commercial work and is celebrating 25  
years in business.  
“When we first started, there were  
six to eight well-known glass compa-  
nies that had been open for 20 to 30  
years. It was intimidating. We were the  
new kids on the block,” he explains.  
To compete, the company diversified  
by offering more services, from fixing  
picture frame glass to large commer-  
cial storefront projects.  
As the economy declined, so did the  
residential projects. What began as a  
competitive market began to dwindle.  
Hittenberger kept his company afloat  
by working on smaller remodeling  
I tried my best not to overgrow  
during that time. It was probably  
our salvation,” he says. Now that the  
economy is growing in Phoenix, Hit-  
tenberger is optimistic about the  
future. n  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | October 2016