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Latest and Greatest at GlassBuild America.  
by Katherine Coig  
the“Annibale Besana”Foundation.  
Ms. Besana is the sole heir. When  
measurement and dressing.  
It also features a newly re-designed  
You Know the Drill –  
Booth N663  
there is no living heir, the Foundation sliding door for easy access and a su-  
will become the majority stockholder per-rigid one-piece base. The electri-  
of Construzioni Meccaniche Besana, cal cabinet has been integrated into  
Besana-Lovati will feature its updated ensuring a secure future for C.M.B.and the frame to give it a smaller footprint.  
vertical CNC drill. According to infor- its subsidiaries.  
mation from the company,new software yy➤ www.besanalovati.com  
has been added for improved utilization.  
These machines are available in a wide  
array of different sizes and can be com-  
bined with other vertical machines and  
washers in a production line.  
In addition,C.M.B.,Costruzioni Mec- A Powerhouse Machine -  
caniche Besana S.p.A., will turn 100 in CMS North America  
yy➤ www.cmsna.com  
2017, marking an important milestone Booth 2404  
for the company and its subsidiaries. To  
celebrate the event and to honor Anni-  
bale Besana and his daughter,Marinella  
Besana, the company has established  
It Takes Two –  
Erdman Automation  
Booth 1804  
CMS North America based in Cale-  
donia, Mich., will highlight its new  
Erdman’s high-speed parallel pro-  
vertical CNC machines, the Vertec. The cess insulating glass (IG) line can pro-  
machine is a milling and drilling pow- duce a unit in less than 19 seconds.The  
erhouse with automatic tool change, system was designed to construct more  
electro-spindles,automatic drill length to four operators.  
+9 position tool racks, dual opposing than three per minute with only three  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | October 2016  
his year’s show in Las Vegas  
promises some of the indus-  
try’s finest, as GlassBuild Amer-  
ica opens its doors later this month.  
The event will be held October  
Seams Right – Forel SpA  
Booth N163  
Forel SpA will display a variety of  
equipment, including an automatic  
vertical seamer, a residential insulat-  
ing glass unit (IGU) line processing  
flexible spacer equipped with a space  
saving 90-degree turning conveyor. In  
addition, it will have a traditional PIB  
extruder for primary seal extrusion on in processing small batches of glass  
9-21 at the Las Vegas Convention  
Center, where exhibitors will display  
some of their latest products and their  
greatest additions to the industry.  
Take a look at some of what attend-  
ees can expect at this year’s event.  
rigid spacer frames.  
yy➤ www.forelspa.com  
doors and shower doors, according to  
the company. Cutouts and holes are  
machined in a single operation.  
The company will also offer the  
M&W Ultra Series SAE10M straight  
line mitering edger.  
The IG line derives its name from Make It Big – Lisec  
the innovation of shuttling the topping Booth 1862  
lite to a back lane. Therefore, the two  
glass lites run parallel to each other.  
yy➤ www.machinesandwheels.com  
This and other advancements result in  
an increase in speed. The machine is  
under 100 feet in length and requires  
only one grid application station.  
Short Temper –  
Mappi America Inc.  
Booth 1462  
yy➤ www.erdmanautomation.com  
Brush Up – HHH Tempering  
To keep up with demand for flat  
Booth 2038  
glass as larger structural units and  
design elements increase, Lisec is  
gearing up to showcase an over-sized  
insulating glass unit (IGU) produced  
by sedak. The glass was fabricated on  
Lisec’s equipment, which can produce  
insulating glass units 15 meters long.  
yy➤ www.lisecamerica.com  
Mappi International will highlight its  
newest tempering furnace, ATS 4.0 Eco  
Convection.The machine is a next-gener-  
ation plant with a completely new design.  
It offers reduced-size heating ele-  
ments and is equipped with temperature  
control, a high-efficiency transmission  
Machines and Wheels, exclusive dis- system, lower chamber extraction and  
From the Top –  
Machines and Wheels  
HHH, in partnership with washer Booth N728  
manufacturer Yalong of North Glass,  
has released 6- and 8-brush glass tributor of Schraml products in the automatic software management.  
washers that accommodate glass U.S., will feature the TopDrill M-RX yy➤ www.mappi.us  
widths ranging from 48 to 112 inches. 130 roto 10.The equipment is designed  
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yy➤ www.hhhtempering.com  
for accelerated efficiency and accuracy  
October 2016 | USGlass, Metal & Glazing  
The Bigger the Better  
continued from page 67  
process narrow glass strips (mini-  
mum of a ¾-inch).  
Matodi will introduce GoldGlass’s  
M.R.C-2850 glass painting machine  
for painting larger, heavier and wider  
projects with the same interface as the  
M.R.C-2350-CI.Coupled with the M.R.C-  
850, they will also feature the GD-7000  
glass drying machine, which operates  
either stand-alone or to complement the  
M.R.C-2350-CI / M.R.C-2850.  
In addition, the Quickdrill T8 drill-  
ing machine, presented by Matodi and  
Neptun, features eight positions, and  
change-over between different drill  
sizes takes minimal time.The machine  
can be used standalone or with the  
Quickmill for a complete drilling and  
notching line.  
Plenty of Options – Salem Flat Glass & Mirror  
Booth 1562  
Salem Flat Glass & Mirror will exhibit several machinery and equipment  
lines, including the Bovone ELB10/45 and Robot (BRS), and the Denver  
Quota 4200 CNC work center.  
The company has developed technology for glass handling through the  
BRS. The Quota multi-functional CNC is designed for lifetime efficiency, pro-  
ductivity and shop floor utilization, according to the company.  
Salem will also demonstrate Cefla’s Prima, a reciprocating spray system for  
water, solvent, frit and ultraviolet water-based coatings, and it will demonstrate  
NorthGlass Tempering furnaces with fifth-generation design and innovations.  
yy➤ www.salemdist.com  
yy➤ www.matodiusa.com  
Grind It – Schiatti Angelo  
Booth N541  
High Heat – Yuntong Glass Paint the Town – Matodi  
Booth 1838  
Booth 2028  
From grinding and polishing to  
printing and more, Matodi USA will  
feature a number of new glass fabrica-  
tion machinery lines.  
The Sulak BBT03 is a compact, ver-  
satile machine that’s been designed  
Schiatti Angelo,which is represented  
to grind and polish glass in a range in the U.S. by DeGorter Inc., will dis-  
of /8- to ½-inch thickness. The ma- play its straight grinding machine SME  
chine can process squares, rectan- 10B. The machine performs flat edge  
gles, circles and shapes in flat and processing with arris of glass thick-  
pencil edge. Machinery additions nesses from 3 to 30 mm.The minimum  
include an available circle drive for workable glass size is 80 by 80 mm.  
processing circles, and the BMS01  
It also features a mitering group that  
Yuntong Glass will highlight its lami- Trolley which makes it possible to operates from zero to 45 degrees.  
nated glass line, which includes a load-  
ing and unloading system, a stainless  
high-speed washing and drying ma-  
chine, automatic layup system, stage  
heated mangling ovens and a high-ef-  
ficiency autoclave.  
The company’s latest product is its  
mangling oven for PVB laminated  
glass production without the need for  
an autoclave.  
The machine’s diamond wheels have  
independent settings, and the pol-  
ishing wheels are fully automatic. It’s  
prepared with a programmable logic  
controller (PLC) with a touch-screen  
system. According to the company, it  
controls all the machine functions and  
displays the working parameters.  
yy➤ www.schiattiangelosrl.com  
yy➤ www.yuntongglass.com  
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USGlass, Metal & Glazing | October 2016  
The Bigger the Better  
continued from page 68  
adhesives and sealants  
Fabricated, laminated and heat-  
treated like standard float glass, the  
glass is designed to elevate the per-  
formance of a wide range of glass  
products—from laminated glass  
layers, backpainted to spandrel glass.  
UltraClear is available in thicknesses  
from 2 to 12 mm and sizes up to 130  
by 204 inches.  
Seal the Deal – Dow Corning  
Booth 1040  
The 2400 Silicone Assembly Sealant from Dow Corning is a reactive hot-  
melt adhesive that’s ideal for both residential and commercial architecture  
windows, doors and skylights.  
The product was intended for dynamic weather-seals in back-bedding ap-  
plications. It’s appropriate for standard and impact glazing of most common  
fenestration materials and is compatible with standard hot-melt dispensing  
equipment, which includes bulk meters and XY glazing equipment.  
The clear, moisture-reactive sealant reduces creep compared with tradi-  
tional hot-melts. This 100-percent silicone product features ease of use, in-  
stant green strength and primer-less adhesion, says the company.  
yy➤ www.dowcorning.com  
In addition, CrystalBlue is the  
company’s newest substrate for  
commercial applications. The light  
blue glass offers a high visible light  
transmission and can be paired with  
many SunGuard low-E products for  
a range of energy performances. It’s  
available coated and uncoated in a  
variety of sizes.  
yy➤ www.guardianglass.com  
Less is More –  
Pro-Line Automation  
Booth 2346  
length and maintains the width of  
the assembly over the full working Solar Power – PPG  
length of the machine (24 feet).  
Booth 636  
Building on the benefits of the yy➤ www.prolineautomation.com  
AZ-730 and MZ-730, Pro-Line Au-  
tomation has introduced the latest glass  
model in its line of polyamide strut  
insertion machines, the CNC-LZ11 Crystal Clear –  
Thermal Break Insertion machine. Guardian Industries  
Featuring 11 axis CNC control, a Booth 1028  
larger work envelope, and a flexible  
Manufactured in Corsicana, Texas,  
tooling system, the machine is well UltraClear glass from Guardian’s In-  
suited for long or short production Glass is a low-iron product that deliv-  
runs. To maintain consistent shear ers clarity and color neutrality without  
PPG has added SolarBan 90 solar  
strength throughout the entire the green tint of standard glass for in- control low-E glass to a range of its  
length of the assembly, it features terior solutions.  
performance-tinted glasses, providing  
the same automatic compensating  
The product brings natural light architects with more design options.  
knurling and crimping system as deep into interiors by elevating light  
Introduced in 2015, Solarban 90  
the previous Zipper models, and it transmission. It can also be combined glass utilizes proprietary PPG coat-  
combines all three processes (knurl- with many low-E SunGuard coatings, ing technology to deliver solar control  
ing, insertion and crimping) into according to the company.  
and high visible light transmittance  
one machine. UltraClear interior applications are (VLT) on clear glass, while maintain-  
A completely redesigned flexible suited for frameless enclosures, walls, ing the color neutrality needed to  
nesting system fully supports the partitions, entranceways, display cases,  
extrusion along the machine’s entire tables,railings and showers installations.  
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USGlass, Metal & Glazing | October 2016  
The Bigger the Better  
continued from page 70  
harmonize with a wide range of per-  
formance-tinted glasses.  
In a standard one-inch insulating  
glass unit (IGU) with clear glass, the  
product has a solar-heat-gain coefficient  
architectural panels  
Splash of Color – Mapes Panels  
Booth N914  
Mapes Panels, providers of infill  
SHGC) of 0.23, which is a 15-percent  
solutions for storefront and curtainwall  
applications, has developed two new  
products, MapeSpan and Mapes-R+.  
MapeSpan panels utilize a ¼-inch  
piece of spandrel glass (with colored  
frit on the No. 2 surface) as the exte-  
improvement over Solarban 70XL glass.  
When applied to performance-tinted  
PPG glass, the coated glass can achieve  
a SHGC as low as 0.17 in a one-inch IGU,  
according to the company.  
Solarban 90 glass and most PPG per-  
formance-tinted glasses meet require-  
ments of the cradle-to-cradle certified  
products program at the bronze level,  
which helps architects earn credits in  
the LEED green building program for  
their projects.  
rior component. Paired with an insu-  
lated core and a customizable interior,  
the single-source panel allows users  
to keep the aesthetics of a glass ex-  
terior while maintaining high R-values.  
The panels are available with clear or tinted glass and any of the company’s  
standard or custom finish options on the interior.  
In addition, Mapes-R+ infill panels are for use in storefront and curtainwall  
applications. By rabbeting the interior edges of a thicker panel with additional  
insulation, previously unattainable R-values can be achieved without modifying  
the existing glazing pocket, according to the company.  
The panels are designed to fit any size glazing pocket and can increase  
R-values up to 300 percent. Values up to R=27 are now possible within a one-  
inch glazing pocket. Mapes-R+ panels can also be used in glazing pockets as  
small as ¼-inch for retrofit application.  
yy➤ www.ppg.com  
A Bird’s Eye View –  
Booth 628  
yy➤ www.mapes.com  
interface that runs on a single data- comprehensive shower door designer  
base.This allows employees to see—in that allows customers to choose their  
real time—what is happening on the own hardware, the creation of bills  
production floor.  
of materials, production scheduling,  
FeneVision provides all the tools tracking control and mobile delivery  
FeneTech will present its FeneVi- necessary to control each phase of using an iPad. In addition, it also  
sion MAX ERP software solution for production, including web and cli- handles invoicing, return merchan-  
glass fabricators and window and door ent-based quotation and order han- dise authorization, and reporting  
manufacturers. This fully integrated dling, integrated computer-aided through FeneVision Business Intel-  
software operates on a graphical-user drafting (CAD) for glass shapes, a ligence (BI).  
yy➤ www.fenetech.com  
En Route – A+W Software  
Bright like a Diamon -  
Booth 644  
Diamon-Fusion International  
A+W Logistics Optimizer is a  
routing system designed specifically  
for glass manufacturers by A+W  
Software. It creates and optimizes the  
loading and unloading sequence, the  
capacities of the vehicle and, most  
particularly, route planning.  
Booth N676  
Diamon-Fusion International (DFI) will fea-  
ture its patent-pending FuseCube™.  
The automated vapor deposition machine  
applies protective coatings to glass surfaces  
and other silica-based surfaces. According to  
the company, the system is cost-effective and  
The system is based on Nokia Maps  
and considers truck restrictions such  
yy➤ www.dfisolutions.com  
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USGlass, Metal & Glazing | October 2016  
The Bigger the Better  
continued from page 72  
as bridge height, weight, tools, tun- Get Smart – Smart-Builder scription that allows customers to  
nels and the current road conditions, Booth 533  
draw and order monolithic glass,  
while continuously optimizing routes Smart-Glass, introduced by Smart- custom laminates and insulating  
based on timing, additional stops Builder, is a monthly service sub- glass units. It also provides pricing  
and traffic jam information.  
insight into the type of glass  
being ordered.  
Printouts of reports for truck  
drivers are an available option, but  
the mobile driver app with online  
GPS delivery tracking keeps ship-  
ments and drivers from getting lost  
in transit.  
A+W Logistics Optimizer is an ex-  
tension available for the A+W Clarity  
software for glass manufacturers and  
A+W Cantor software for window  
and door manufacturers.  
According to the company,  
the program has fast and  
easy order entry, drag-and-  
drop cut-outs and is faster  
than using computer-aided  
drafting or paper and allows  
export straight to production.  
yy➤ www.smart-builder.com  
yy➤ www.a-w.de/us  
continued on page 76  
doors and windows  
Weather the Storm –  
LaCantina Doors  
Booth 1068  
company’s Impact Rated System. It meshes and performance capabilities.  
passed the Miami Dade County Impact yy➤ www.quanex.com  
testing protocols, and achieved a DP  
0 rating and is approved for use in Don’t Panic –  
high-velocity hurricane zones (HVHZ) PRL Glass & Aluminum  
and other wind-born debris areas.  
Booth N621  
yy➤ www.lacantinadoors.com  
Panic devices from PRL Glass have  
been tested to two million cycles of  
operations, can accommodate doors  
up to 10 feet tall and have a three-day  
standard lead time.  
Give it Space –  
Booth 1328  
Quanex will have an  
array of offerings  
from products and  
support to mar-  
LaCantina Doors’ Aluminum Ther- keting services  
mally Controlled system is the result of and research  
an extensive design process focused and devel-  
on structural performance, energy ef- opment.  
ficiency and versatility. This material  
The com-  
option is available in the company’s fold- pany will exhibit its latest in fenestration  
ing, multi-slide and swing systems for a innovation including its Super Spacer  
complete and matching door package.  
and Dura Platform warm-edge spacers,  
The system has a contemporary de- Mikron C3-11300 AW-Rated window and  
The panic devices come with a vari-  
sign and features a 2-inch stile and rail door system, new high heat RollTrusion ety of options, including standard and  
profile for more glass and light. Its 2-¼- Glazing Bead, new premium caulking custom exterior handle configurations  
thick panels provide optimal structural sealants, Edgetherm 3400 Desiccated and finishes, dummy handles, secure  
reliability, and thermal breaks throughout Matrix, Edgetherm 3500 sealant and a cylinder and key housing, door stop  
increase energy efficiency and thermal variety of its vinyl systems.  
performance, according to the company. The company will also display an electric strike.  
The system is also utilized in the screens in a variety of sizes, aesthetics, yy➤ www.prlglass.com  
and strike bracket and the option for  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | October 2016  
The Bigger the Better  
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tools and supplies  
Looking Polished –  
Bohle America  
Booth 1134  
At this year’s event,Bohle America will present  
its latest innovative glazing product line,focused  
on small- to medium -sized glass professionals.  
The operational products on display will in-  
clude the Bohle AquaDrill for drilling hard ceramic and  
porcelain tile; the Versalux+ upright belt polishing ma-  
chine, which is designed to yield bright polished edges and  
arrisses; and the LiftMaster B1, a glass manipulator.  
handling and transportation  
Nerves of Steel – F. Barkow  
Booth 428  
F. Barkow Inc. has introduced the Next Ledge, which is  
equipped with removable upper ledgeboards for existing  
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Everything under Control!  
Gain unprecedented visibility into your business with A+W Clarity, the leading  
software for the flat glass industry. Optimize your workflow—from web-  
based ordering through dynamic cutting and production to more efficient  
logistics—and never again lose an order or miss a delivery! Ready to grow  
your business? The choice is clear: A+W Clarity software.  
A+W Software USA Inc.  
312) 470 6645 · usa@a-w.com  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | October 2016  
The Bigger the Better  
continued from page 76  
safety while transporting glass.  
yy➤ www.barkow.com  
Weight Lifting –  
Great Lakes Lifting  
Booth 2343  
Great Lakes Lifting’s new SmartLift  
80 Outdoor glass handling machines  
lift and position both straight and  
curved panes, which allow customers cordance with corrosion class IP65 and  
to place glass in an exact position. De- all its hydraulic functions can operate  
Barkow racks. This second-generation signed to lift over 1,800 pounds, with via remote control.  
ledge is designed to transport additional an extra-long reach and lifting height,  
Standard features of the 780 Out-  
glass and doubles the capacity of a Bar- the machine is ideal for large, lami- door include an aluminum diamond  
kow rack.According to the company,the nated window panes.  
plate ramp, battery operation up to 20  
product is made of stainless steel and Added features enable the machine hours on a single charge, standard 12-  
can safely carry 400 pounds when using to lift windows and panes and other inch suction pads, SmartLift’s foam-  
the required two ledges.The Next Ledge types of materials including showroom filled puncture-proof tires and a radio  
hooks directly onto high-tensile steel, façade windows, skylights and ceiling remote control system providing self-  
aluminum or stainless-steel load-hold- boards. The 780 Outdoor has a 2,000- driven machine operation.  
ing slats. Each four-inch useable ledge watt engine, off-road capabilities, yy➤ www.greatlakeslifting.com  
is fortified with a neoprene pad to pro- front-wheel drive and an electronic  
tect glass andVelcro fastening for added braking system. It is waterproof in ac-  
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USGlass, Metal & Glazing | October 2016  
The Bigger the Better  
continued from page 78  
Keep on Trucking –  
Booth 1420  
ideal for joining  
The compa-  
Visit MyGlassTruck.com at booth ny’s booth will  
420 for its latest glass transport also highlight its  
systems, including glass protection campaign “Nice  
padding and fabrication with Huck Rack,” which aids in the fight  
aircraft-grade fasteners, which are against breast cancer. Attendees will be able  
to have their pictures taken with a  
MyGlassTruck superhero.  
yy➤ www.myglasstruck.com  
Azon Saves Energy  
A Firm Foot – Unruh Fab  
Booth 1444  
Unruh Fab Inc. has announced the  
addition of new rear steps to its alumi-  
num and steel glass bodies. Whether  
glaziers are using a 9-foot body on a  
pickup chassis or distributors are de-  
livering insulating units on a 24-foot  
body, easy and quick access to the cen-  
ter racks may shorten delivery time  
and improve safety, according to the  
company. The steps are permanently  
in place,eliminating the time and need  
to pull out a ladder, ramp or staircase.  
Daylighting systems produced with Azon structural  
thermal barrier technologies—the MLPor Dual  
Cavity—for aluminum windows and curtain wall,  
along with high performanceglazing components  
for insulating glass, will yield a fenestration system  
capable of upholding the highest efficiency and  
sustainability standards  
These steps are full-sized, which can  
also make it safer to get a firm footing.  
Prior to this addition, the center  
space in the rear of the body had stor-  
age options.With the steps, storage op-  
tions are in the steps themselves.  
This new step system allows glass  
companies to customize a body to meet  
their exact needs.  
Contact us to learn about the  
role of Azon thermal barriers in  
energy conservation.  
yy➤ www.unruhfab.com  
1-800-788-5942 | www.azonintl.com  
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USGlass, Metal & Glazing | October 2016  
The Bigger the Better  
continued from page 80  
A Lite Grip –  
Wood’s Powr-Grip  
Booth 1128  
to handle large lites and heavy cur- while meeting  
tainwall components. In addition, the building code  
lifter features WPG’s Quadra-Tilt, four- requirements. It  
bar tilt mechanism, which reduces the is NFRC-rated,  
effort required to tilt heavy loads be- Miami-Dade Cer-  
tween flat and upright positions.  
tified (NOA), has  
Furthermore,a Dual Vacuum System Florida Product  
employs two completely independent Approval, and  
vacuum circuits, allowing the lifter is fully tested to  
to maintain the vacuum level for one ASTM and TAS  
circuit, even if an unexpected vacuum Standards.  
loss occurs in the other.  
The product  
measures 2 ½ by  
½ inches, and is glazed with 1 5/16  
protective glazing  
inch insulating laminated glass. It is  
thermally improved using a continu-  
ous thermal spacer that is interlocked  
within the horizontal and vertical  
CRL-U.S.Aluminum will premiere its pressure bars. With U-factors as low  
Wood’s Powr-Grip will unveil its Taken by Storm – CRL  
next generation of vacuum lifters. The Booth 1528  
new MRTA8-DC3 features Intelli-Grip  
technology to maximize lifter produc- StormWall XL hurricane-resistant cur- as 0.38, the system satisfies the Florida  
tivity and worker safety, according to tainwall,ideal for coastal communities. Building Code Fifth Edition (2014) En-  
the company. Sporting 1,400 pounds The curtainwall is engineered to pro-  
of load capacity, the machine is able vide protection against severe weather  
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Meet America’s Largest Team of Technical Experts  
GlassBuild 2016 | Booth #2038  
One stop for all your  
fabrication, tempering and  
technical service needs.  
Glass Washer  
AG1 Tempering Furnace  
Talk shop with the team,  
and preview the entire product  
line-up at GlassBuild.  
-Edge Grinder  
Glass Cutting Table  
www.HHHTempering.com | info@hhhtempering.com | info@northglass.com  
016 NE 40th Ave, Suite 100, Vancouver, WA 98661  
Tel: 360-993-5644 | Fax: 360-993-1272  
2330 Greensburg Rd, New Kensington, PA 15068  
Tel: 724-212-3771  
HQ: PO Box 8550, Coral Springs, FL 33075  
Tel: 954-441-5057 | Fax: 954-441-5059  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | October 2016  
The Bigger the Better  
continued from page 82  
ergy Conservation requirement.  
It also offers shear block assembly  
with no exposed fasteners for aesthet-  
ics and installation flexibility. Addi-  
tional performance features include  
missile impact and cycling, design  
pressures up to =100/-100 PSF, 15 PSF  
static water resistance, front set/exte-  
rior glazed, dry or wet glazed, struc-  
tural silicone-glazed option and twin  
span capability.  
Fire Away – Vetrotech  
Booth 1369  
combined with a tempered laminated  
walking surface and a structural steel  
yy➤ www.crl-arch.com  
framing grid. The assembly has large  
fire-rated glazing  
individual glass panel sizes at 82 /  
5 /16 inches fully supported and 67 7/  
Keralite extended fire-rated glass ce-  
ramic products from Vetrotech Saint-  
Gobain increase the maximum height  
Walk this Way – Safti First by 70 3/16 inches butt-glazed.  
Booth 1640  
The company will also feature Super- permissible for fire-rated windo9ws.  
Making its debut, the GPX FireFloor Lite II-XLM fire-resistive multi-lam- Available between 47 ¼ by 95  
System from Safti First is a fire-rated inate, tested to ASTM E-119 from inches, the sheets are the largest fire-  
floor with no airspace between the 45-120 minutes. It’s available in butt- rated glass ceramic products available,  
glass and walkable surface, eliminat- glazed assemblies with a transparent according to the company.  
ing condensation. It is a single glass joint for clear views.  
unit made of custom SuperLite II-XL yy➤ www.safti.com  
continued on page 86  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | October 2016  
The Bigger the Better  
continued from page 84  
X-Ray Protective Glass  
Fire Resistant Glazing  
Specified for taller sidelites,large transoms and oversized  
wall openings, the extended-size sheets have been devel-  
oped to provide solutions for a wide range of building and  
construction projects.  
Pull It Together – Dorma + Kaba  
Booth N918  
Dorma + Kaba will offer a wide selection of  
pulls and handles for both tempered glass doors  
and solid material doors made of aluminum,  
wood,PVC or mixed material.  
Available in numerous designs and sizes,  
Dorma TG handles provide customized solu-  
tions to meet individual application require-  
ments. Some TG handles are made to order,  
to schedule and to specification—eliminat-  
ing the need to adapt on site.  
X-Ray Protective  
Lead Glass  
s Fire Rated Glass  
and Products  
X-Ray Control  
Ballistic Protection  
Impact Resistant  
X-Ray Safety Glass  
Shielding Glass  
Serving You Worldwide for Over 70 Years  
Toll Free: 800.444.XRAY  
4-Hour Fax: 800.333.XRAY  
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helping bring you  
home safe  
In an industry where one small mistake or  
equipment malfunction can result in  
serious injuries, it’s so important to know  
that your equipment won’t let you down.  
Regardless of the size of the job, I have  
trusted Wood’s Powr-Grip’s suction cups  
for my company and my employees.  
Dustin Anderson  
President, Anderson Glass, LLC  
Waco, Texas  
See us at GlassBuild America booth #1128  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | October 2016  
The Bigger the Better  
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Fire and Nice.  
Balance It Out – Strybuc  
Booth 561  
Strybuc has added a new line of  
window balances to its manufacturing  
facility process. It features Crossbow  
window balances custom made for the  
Fire-Rated Aluminum  
Window And Door  
The product’s appearance lends the  
various types of windows containing f nishes to interior surfaces for window  
these sash support systems.  
yy➤ www.strybuc.com  
frames, door panels, column covers,  
shutters, furnishings and hardware.  
The coatings’ performance also makes  
them suitable for exterior applications,  
such as garage doors, fencing and sof-  
f ts, but without the use of real wood.  
These f nishes meet AAMA 2604-13  
for color uniformity, specular gloss, dry  
For the most efficient,  
least labor-intensive  
fire-rated extruded  
aluminum vision doors,  
windows and glazed wall  
systems, look to Aluflam.  
Built with anchoring holes,  
gaskets and glazing tapes  
pre-installed, our selection  
comes pre-assembled and  
prepared for installation.  
With a virtually limitless  
portfolio that includes true  
extruded aluminum vision  
doors, windows and glazed  
walls fire-rated for up to  
120 minutes, you’ll see  
why we’ve become the  
favorite of architects and  
installers alike.  
Shimmy In –  
Grove Products  
Booth 467  
A new 3/16-inch by f lm hardness and adhesion,as well as re-  
-½-inch by 2-inch sistance to impact,chemicals,detergents,  
horseshoe shim, shaped scratches,corrosion,salt spray and fading  
to f t around a bolt or due to ultraviolet light. The coatings also  
anchor,was designed by are f re retardant, and resistant to water  
Grove Products with the masonry and and humidity. Unlike natural wood, the  
window markets in mind. According f nished aluminum does not swell, rot,  
to the company, the /16-inch shim will warp or attract insects.  
save on labor as only one shim needs to yy➤ www.linetec.com  
be selected for this depth.  
The shim was designed for easy in- dynamic glass  
sertion where installation is required,  
specifically where the object being Changing Dynamics –  
shimmed is installed f rst and then SageGlass  
shimmed. U-shapes are sized to fit Booth 1053  
around a ½-inch bolt or anchor, and  
they can be made in a non-combustible  
form by special request to meet f re-re-  
sistant specif cations.  
The product comes in orange,  
though alternative colors are available  
at an additional cost.  
yy➤ www.groveproductsinc.com  
Featured on the show f oor will be  
SageGlass,which gives users the ability to  
Knock on Wood – Linetec control sunlight without shades or blinds.  
Booth 643  
The glass,which changes light trans-  
Linetec has teamed with Decoral mittance electrically, can be used in  
System USA to offer new, decorative, windows, skylights and curtainwalls.  
wood grain f nishes for architectural It allows occupants to maintain their  
aluminum products that are available connection to the outdoors while also  
in a variety of different options, colors reducing energy consumption.  
and species.  
yy➤ www.sageglass.com n  
Aluflam USA  
Phone 562-926-9520 | Fax 562-404-1394  
Email info@aluflam-usa.com  
Come See Us!  
USGlass on the exhibition floor. We’ll be in booth 635.  
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