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Full Steam Ahead  
Turn Up the Heat  
in Your Shower Showroom  
b y K a t h e r i n e C o i g  
or most homeowners, installing standing of what’s in the market, what explains Roy.“No matter what it is that  
a new shower door or enclosure other customers are purchasing and you’re doing—answering the phone,  
is a lot like any other major ren- what the most practical product is for cleaning,etc.—it can wait.Nothing is as  
ovation: once it’s done, it’s not likely them.This can also help alleviate some important as greeting your customers.”  
to change any time soon. That’s why, pressure on both first-time buyers and  
in many cases, shower door retailers established purchasers.  
face tough competition. How will a “I don’t like to have my most expen-  
3. Back to the Basics  
Whether your showroom offers  
customer decide which shop is right sive showers right where customers easy-access brochures detailing prod-  
for the job? What separates one busi- walk in. They might see the price tag uct information, or a pamphlet that  
ness from another? Who’s going to get and run out, thinking we aren’t for outlines the differences of each shower  
the customer’s attention and seal the them,” explains Darrell Roy, owner of door or enclosure, keeping your cus-  
deal? It’s more than media marketing Royal Glass and Shower Door in Reno, tomers informed is a must.It’s essential  
or word of mouth.Your showroom can Nev. “The showers that the average to your showroom’s success that every-  
also make or break a deal.  
customer would buy are lined up in one who walks through your compa-  
Shower door retailers across the the middle of the showroom—it’s the ny’s door knows the basics about the  
country say it’s attention to detail that direction they’re first going to walk.”  
can make a showroom unbeatable.  
From congeniality to floor layouts,here 2. Make an Entrance  
products, options and add-ons that are  
available to them and what makes the  
most sense for their project.  
are five tips to help make your show-  
room successful.  
No two spaces are the same, so it’s  
“You’ve really got to educate your  
important to use your available space customers—not just open a door,”says  
to benefit the customer experience. Thomas.“You want them to walk away  
. Know Your Audience “I like to keep it open,” says Thomas feeling like they’ve learned something.  
If there’s one thing shower door re- Henderson, principal of Blu’s Shower Customers want knowledge of the busi-  
tailers agree on, it’s making sure their Door in Cohasset, Mass.“I like my cus- ness in general—it gives them more  
showrooms meet the needs of their tomers to be able to see everything as confidence in their project, and it gives  
target market. It’s not about displaying soon as they walk in.”  
the highest-priced finishes or the most Henderson says this strategy al- “And that confidence is what’s going to  
expensive products. Instead, it’s about lows the customer to see all that he set us apart from our competitors.”  
showing prospective clients the prod- has to offer at once, but he empha- While educating potential clients is  
uct most suitable for their project. sizes, not to overwhelm them. He has key, it’s equally important to keep it  
We want to make sure everyone three showrooms, which provides brief and succinct.  
them confidence in me,” he continues.  
who comes in knows exactly what to ample space for customers to peruse  
“I have a wide variety of brochures,”ex-  
expect when they do business with us. his offerings, and it permits his prod- plains Henderson,“but they’re very quick  
To do that, we have our most common ucts to reach a broader audience. reads.Customers need to be informed in  
units on display,” says Mick Thomas, Making an entrance doesn’t apply about ten minutes or less, or you’ll lose  
director of operations at The Shower exclusively to the showroom’s layout. their interest.People have short attention  
Door Source in Oklahoma City, Okla. It also includes ensuring a lasting first spans, and I don’t want customers losing  
By displaying the most commonly impression. interest in my showroom.”  
sold shower doors and enclosures,  
prospective clients develop an under- better give them all of your attention,”  
“The minute a customer walks in,you  
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. Environment  
with. It’s a golden opportunity to nail 5. Handling Your Business  
The environment of your showroom down a job that’s too often overlooked.  
When it comes down to finalizing  
“The worst thing you can do in your a deal in your showroom, every cus-  
is a direct reflection of your com-  
pany—how it looks, knowledge of the showroom is be lazy and inattentive, tomer needs to take a little piece of  
business, employee work ethic. It’s all and that happens more than you’d your company with them.  
there for the customer to experience think,” says Roy. “Listen to your cus-  
“Every business card is an opportu-  
in real time. Take the initiative to make tomers. Give them what they want, not nity,” says Roy.“Give them two, one for  
sure your showroom’s environment is what you want. You won’t get return them and one for their neighbors.” The  
clean, creative and welcoming. If your work with an attitude like that.”  
showroom is dirty, customers may There’s the old adage that the cus- better your chances are of having busi-  
think you lack initiative; after all, if tomer is always right. That may not al- ness come in.  
more business cards that go out, the  
you don’t have a clean showroom, how ways be the case, but it’s important for  
Showrooms are a major factor in ac-  
cruing potential job opportunities. It’s  
“I never want my customers to the only place where a customer can  
will you leave the final project after the your customer to think it is.  
installation? Will your company go the  
extra mile to make sure it’s left in per- think that their ideas are wrong,” says see what they’re getting beforehand,  
fect condition? Thomas.“I don’t want them to feel as if and meet the people they will be wel-  
It better be spotless,” Roy cautions. they don’t know what they’re doing.I’m coming into their homes. n  
The most important thing to remem- here to help guide them through  
ber to ensure your showroom is suc- the decision process.”  
cessful is cleanliness. That showroom  
Henderson emphasizes a“no-pres-  
has to sparkle. I don’t want someone’s sure”environment in his showrooms.  
fingerprints all over my shower doors, “I don’t want any of my customers to  
K a t h e r i n e C o i g is an  
assistant editor of USGlass  
magazine. She may be  
and neither do customers.”  
feel pressured. It’s a place for educat-  
Customer service is the best way to ing,and it’s a place for ideas,no mat-  
show your prospective clients why you’re ter what stage of construction the  
the company they should do business project is in,”he says.  
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