Team Play  
Following the Game Plan Ensures a Successful Project  
b y C r a i g C a r s o n  
ootball season is underway, and  
like most men (and hopefully  
their mates), I love football! I  
love the pageantry, effort and team-  
work involved … ah, teamwork. Have  
you ever thought that the teamwork  
going into a game plan is very sim-  
ilar to that of a glazing project? First,  
you have senior management, includ-  
ing the owner, president and general  
manager, who set the team goals and  
find the right puzzle pieces that fit into  
the organization. These pieces will  
complement, encourage and inspire  
the rest of the team toward that win-  
ning goal (or in our case, a successful  
working environment). Sometimes we  
forget how difficult their mission is— Just like football, contract glaziers must carefully plan and execute their  
not only keeping the company going in strategies for successful projects.  
the right direction, but also having to  
deal with bankers, insurance, human And remember, if they need more  
Your suppliers are also part of the  
resources, benefit programs and gov- team and help support the game plan. training, get it for them. If they need  
ernment regulations. It’s not easy.  
The earlier you bring them into the the right equipment, find it. Most of all,  
process, the more they can provide the listen to them. Good managers listen to  
support you’ll need to overcome any their teammates and respect their opin-  
ions. Good coaches will also encourage  
their players. They explain that new  
game plan challenges are good and will  
This all needs to be transmitted to the help expand their abilities.  
Great glazing contractors, just like  
Game Plans  
Next we have the coaches—the es- system obstacles.  
timators and project managers. They  
develop the game plan based on the se- Carry it throuGh  
nior manager’s goals and then educate  
the players on how to be successful. most important people on your team:  
The coaches don’t always agree on how the players. Everything that has gone great football teams, are made through  
to formulate the game plan, and that into the game plan—all the work, plan- teamwork and dedication to being bet-  
can be a challenge. Discussing these ning and scheduling—is wasted effort if ter than their last project (game). And  
options can be healthy. This can help the players can’t carry it out. They often they improve every year. The devil is  
educate everyone about the systems have ideas that will save time, or they in the details—and the game plan. n  
so they are comfortable using them. point out little flaws in systems that can  
Our industry can change very rapidly, impact the installation in ways you  
so keeping an open mind to new ideas might not have thought of. One  
and approaches is imperative.  
thing about little flaws or mistakes  
C r a i g C a r s o n is the  
regional preconstruction  
manager for Alliance Glazing  
Technologies Inc. in Littleton,  
Just as the plans change with each new they turn out to be big prob-  
game, every project needs its own review, lems. Bring your players in early  
as they all have their own unique chal- to go over the project, and allow  
lenges. It’s up to the coaches to analyze them time to review and offer sug-  
the project and make these decisions.  
gestions to solve any issues.  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | October 2016