Don’t Fall Behind  
Steps to Take to Implement Successful Changes  
b y R i c h a r d V o r e i s  
stablishing annual company  
goals is only the first step in specific and personalized action plans,  
enhancing the success of your then everyone is working toward com- Management reports;  
company. This needs to be supported mon goals. It compliments employee New technology;  
by employee objectives or, as we call empowerment and gets everyone on Marketing and sales tools;  
If each staff member has their own Identifying, hiring and training  
them, action plans. These hold ev- the same page.  
• Growth opportunities; and  
eryone in the company—not just the  
In that regard, ask yourself these Improved sales and profits.  
important questions:  
driving change  
The strategic-assessment process  
identifies improvement opportunities.  
We provide recommendations on how  
to overcome the challenges and assist  
you in implementation.  
We take a team approach to our as-  
sessment so there is buy-in and com-  
mitment to getting the company goals  
established and accomplished. It’s the  
team’s plan rather than the consultant’s  
or owner’s, and this basic psychology  
really works. Everyone becomes ac-  
countable—not just the owner.  
If each staff member has their own specific  
and personalized action plans, then everyone  
is working toward common goals. It comple-  
ments employee empowerment and makes  
sure everyone is on the same page.  
While establishing action plans is Do your employees have action  
relatively easy,it doesn’t always happen  
that way and, in some cases, they aren’t  
plans that are specific, measurable  
and time-framed?  
as effective as they need to be. It takes Are all your employees working  
work to ensure an effective,results-ori- toward common company goals?  
ented and motivational program. Here Are all your employees working on  
are the three basic criteria: the right things?  
We always ask clients if they are  
open to change, because in our assess-  
ment we’ll determine areas that need  
it. Our clients must embrace change,  
Be specific;  
Make it measurable; and  
• Are all employees on the same page? as well as make a serious commitment  
If you didn’t answer “yes” to all of to it.  
these questions, then what I’m going to  
It’s important to embrace change,  
share with you now and in future arti- because standing still is just another  
cles will be helpful. Knowing and im- way of falling behind. If you’ve been  
Stay FocuSed  
Successful companies utilize a plementing the best business practices doing things the same way for years,  
management system focusing on spe- from the glass and glazing industry can it’s probably time for a change. n  
cific, measurable and time-framed have an immediate impact on:  
employee objectives that support the A more effective management system;  
annual company goals. This will also Establishing company goals  
enhance accountability and drive re-  
sults. These tell how each employee Management succession;  
management and staff) will impact Employee accountability;  
the goals. In other words, what will Employee productivity;  
each person do to help the company? Employee performance  
and priorities;  
R i c h a r d V o r e i s is the  
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Everyone from the top to the bottom  
has a role. It’s a fact—what gets mea- Processes, procedures and job  
sured gets accomplished. descriptions;  
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