Swing Through  
company’s BIM files have been updated hardware  
for use with Autodesk Revit software in Krowning Hardware  
North, Central and South America.  
Ideal for commercial and large resi-  
dential interiors,Krownlab’s Baldur is a  
hubless sliding-door hardware system.  
Baldur can be attached to door panels  
in three different ways—top mount,  
face mount and glass mount—and  
can be used in a variety of door config-  
urations. The patented hubless design  
employs custom, massive unsealed  
bearings, four inches in diameter and  
clamped at only one point in the action.  
The Baldur system can be adjusted  
on site and provides the flexibility to  
work with panels of nearly any size and  
material weighing up to 400 pounds.  
A Soft Voice  
The Winglock Swing is a single-wing  
access gate from Boon Edam designed  
to coordinate with either the con-  
temporary Speedlane Lifeline series  
or be used as a stand-alone single  
The Winglock Swing offers users a  
Quiet is a sound-reduction option  
passageway with intuitive LED lights for Southern Aluminum Finishing  
to guide them to their destination by Co.’s (SAF) line of interior metal col-  
displaying a combination of green, or- umn covers and panels. The material  
ange and red signals. The gate comes is an acoustical-grade thermoplastic  
standard in brushed stainless steel, but applied to the inside surfaces of SAF  
Boon Edam offers a range of finishes to column covers and panels. Accord-  
suit business and brand requirements, ing to the manufacturer, the lining  
according to the company.  
In addition, the company’s entrance resonance noise up to 75 percent. It is  
can dampen acoustic and mechanical  
Fabricated from 300- and 400-series  
solutions are now available to archi- made from recycled material, resists stainless steel, in three different fin-  
tects, designers and contractors as mold and mildew, meets both ASTM ishes, the product has been tested to  
Building Information Modeling (BIM) E-119 and ASTM E-84 fire ratings and 130,000 open-and-close cycles, which  
files on the Autodesk Seek Library, is LEED-compliant.  
available on The yy➤  
is equivalent to ten years of heavy use,  
according to the company.  
architectural finishes  
Knock off the Rust  
The Fluropon Effects Rustica color  
family by Valspar features a nature-in-  
spired palette as part of its line of  
70-percent PVDF architectural coat-  
ings. It contains special-effects pig-  
ments that create rich, saturated colors  
with an antique aesthetic, including  
some with a subtle color shift.  
The palette includes amber, dark  
bronze,green flash,horizon,liquid cop-  
per, midnight, night sky, oasis, orange,  
orange crème, rose gold, rose quartz,  
star and sun break.  
Got the Power  
The 316 stainless steel wedge-bolt anchor is a one-piece, heavy duty screw  
anchor with a finished hex head. Specially designed steel threads along the  
anchor body, which are installed with a matched tolerance blue wedge-bit,  
self-tap into the hole during installation and provide positive keyed engage-  
ment. This enables closer spacing and edge distances than traditional wedge  
anchors, and can be installed with either a powered impact wrench or conven-  
tional hand socket, according to the company.  
The screw anchor’s low thread profile fits through standard fixture clearance  
holes that are /16 inches over nominal, which is typical of standard fixture  
holes used in steel fabrication.  
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USGlass, Metal & Glazing | September 2016  
and 2605-13. The coatings provide a U-factor of 0.31 for thermal trans-  
color and gloss retention, withstand mittance and a frame condensation  
weathering, and resist dirt, stains, resistance factor of 75, according to  
chalking and fading.  
the company. The aluminum framing  
can accommodate glass or panels up  
to one inch thick, and verticals can be  
steel-reinforced for resistance against  
strong windloads.  
Block it Off  
Tubelite Inc.’s  
TU24650 Se-  
ries storefront  
Going Big  
system has  
d u a l - p o c k e t  
p o u re d - a n d -  
Rustica is ideal for aluminum extru- debridged ther-  
sions, mullions, soffits and fascia, as mal break. It is  
Sedak can produce oversized insu-  
lating glass units up to 49 feet in width  
and in almost any kind of treatment,  
including processed, tempered, lam-  
well as aluminum-framed windows, engineered for use on ground-f oor inated, printed and coated glass. The  
entrances, skylights, curtainwall and storefront or protected low-rise appli- company’s new IG line automates the  
metal wall panel systems.  
Available for coil and extrusion ap- 14 feet high.  
plications, these coatings meet the The system has been tested per and shorter production times.  
stringent standards of AAMA 620, 621 AAMA’s 1503-09 standard, achieving  
cations, as well as tall openings up to production process completely, which  
it says leads to high-quality standards  
Sedak can position spacers accu-  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | September 2016  
In Stock Now! ousands of additional  
products are available such as:  
rate to a millimeter, which is ideal for  
transitions on ceramic ink-printed IG  
units, according to the company. Units  
can be stepped on all four sides, with  
steps of 700 millimeters possible on  
the bottom edge.  
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e One Stop Source For  
All Window & Door Hardware”  
The Fallbrook Series is C.R. Lau-  
rence’s newest line of glass partitions.  
The series provides an interior off ce  
partition system that offers a unique  
aesthetic in addition to enhanced  
acoustical performance. The product  
features a thin aluminum glass door  
frame that creates a minimalist visual  
in off ce partitions.  
Call us today at  
and let us build you  
the best glass  
The Fallbrook Series is a front-load,  
dry-glazed system that allows for glass  
installation and replacement with no  
racking system,  
body or trailer.  
exposed fasteners. The frame accom-  
modates /  
-inch or ½-inch monolithic  
tempered glass. It’s available in satin  
anodized and brushed stainless steel,  
and customers can choose square or  
round hinge and lock hardware.  
yy➤ n  
September 2016 | USGlass, Metal & Glazing