Best in Glass  
Industry to Show off its Newest and Brightest  
at Architecture Conference  
he city of Orlando hosted more community will be flocking to the  
Among nearly 800 exhibitors on the  
than 60 million tourists in each city in droves for its own theme park AIA Show floor will be many glass and  
of the last two years, many of of sorts—the American Institute of glazing industry companies, covering  
whom visit the area to take in its world Architects’ (AIA) Conference on Ar- everything from glass manufacturing  
famous circuit of amusement parks. chitecture 2017. The event is slated and coatings to glazing systems and  
This year, the architecture, con- for April 27-29 at the Orange County sealants.Here’s some of what to expect  
struction and building products Convention Center.  
at this year’s show:  
Booth #3463 —  
Good Selection  
clear longer—protecting the end user’s thermal barriers  
investment long-term,according to the Booth #1437 —  
Freeze Frame  
Azon is showcasing  
its mechanical lock  
profile (MLP) tech-  
nology for aluminum  
framing and Azo-Core  
Booth #2349 —  
Education Station  
system for commercial  
window, door, store-  
front and curtainwall.  
In celebrating its 40th anniversary,  
the company will discuss with archi-  
tects its turn-key thermal barrier solu-  
tions combining energy efficiency and  
high shear strength, which are ideal  
for aluminum fenestration products  
used in the most demanding climates  
AGC Glass North America will show-  
case its new Energy Select 23 glass.En-  
ergy Select 23 is a solar control low-E  
glass with a triple-silver coating on a  
Guardian Glass is introducing its and conditions, according to Azon. Its  
clear substrate. It is designed to deliver “Solutions Hub” at AIA, where visitors products use the pour-and-debridge  
a solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) of can drop in for an on-the-spot consulta- technology.  
sion (VLT) of 50 percent. The glass is ute talks. Topics that will be covered in  
.23,with a high visible light transmis- tion or participate in a series of five-min- yy➤  
ideal for the hotter southernmost cli- the program include commercial interi- windows  
mate regions.  
ors, the use of glass to achieve a design Booth #1803 –  
AGC will also debut Luxclear Pro- vision, meeting performance criteria Coat of Armor  
tect, the company’s new anti-corrosion and laminated glass options. CGI Windows and Doors will show-  
The manufacturer’s full range of case a variety of its products, including  
glass. Designed for a wide variety of  
applications,both commercial and res- SunGuard glass products and services, its Estate Entrances collection, Targa  
idential, this new coating technology is as well as its InGlass interior glass windows and its new CGI Commercial  
primarily used for shower enclosures products, will also be on display.  
to keep the glass looking clean and yy➤  
line. CGI Commercial is a solutions  
partner for architects, engineers, gla-  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | April 2017  
shower doors  
Booth #1163 —  
Fully Transparent  
C.R. Laurence is in-  
troducing its Transpara  
frameless shower door  
system. The new system  
eliminates the need for  
door hinges and vertical  
framing in order to secure  
large glass panels, ac-  
ziers and dealers in the commercial  
cording to the company.  
Transpara incorporates  
low-profile door rails and  
matching u-channels on adjacent fixed panels. This maintains a continu-  
ous sightline across the entire enclosure, with visible hardware being only  
¾-inch high. It features a closing mechanism with a four-component fitting  
that uses the weight of the glass door itself to close it from within a 45-de-  
gree angle. The closing mechanism also includes a water management  
system in the bottom pivot and a means to adjust the door’s angle.  
The Estate Entrances collection of-  
fers a range of door styles, finishes,  
hardware choices, glass types and  
sizes. According to the company, the  
products are hurricane- and intrud-  
er-resistant. Attendees will also get  
to browse the company’s line of ener-  
gy-efficient and impact-resistant vinyl  
Targa windows.  
Booth #2423 —  
architectural metals  
Booth #1843 —  
A Higher Calling  
Put on a Coat  
At the AIA show, PPG is celebrat-  
ing the 50th anniversary of Duranar  
polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) coat-  
ings. The company will demonstrate  
how the product has been specified  
by renowned architects to protect and  
enhance recognized architectural land-  
marks around the world.  
Over time, advances of Duranar  
have included the addition of metallic glass and walkable surface to eliminate  
and mica flake for expanded appear- condensation issues. It is a single glass  
ance options; the incorporation of Ul- unit comprised of custom SuperLite  
tra-Cool infrared-reflective pigments II-XL combined with a tempered lami-  
Petersen Aluminum’s seven new to reduce building-cooling loads; and nated walking surface and a structural  
Highline wall panels—available in 12- the development of ultra-low-VOC steel framing grid.  
or 16-inch widths and in 45 PAC-CLAD powder formulation techniques.  
SuperLite II-XLM is a 45 to 120  
minute, hose stream tested, fire-re-  
sistive multi-laminate glazing that  
meets ASTM E-119/UL 263/NFPA 251  
and CAN/ULC S101 and CPSC Cat. II  
impact safety. It is available in large  
Safti First will display a number of sizes and can be used in fire-rated  
colors—will be displayed.  
The profiles are part of Peterse3n’s  
Precision Series and feature 1  
- fire-resistive glazing  
inch panel depth, which creates deep Booth #2146 —  
shadow lines and dramatic building Playing with Fire  
exteriors, according to the company.  
The Highline wall panels showcase a its products, including its GPX Fire- 20/45/60/90/120 minute applications,  
variety of rib patterns and allow for Floor system and SuperLite II-XLM including clear fire-resistive butt-  
mix-and-match capabilities.  
Options include a through-fastened  
clear fire-resistive butt-glazed walls.  
glazed applications up to two hours  
The GPX FireFloor system is a fire re- without vertical mullions or spac-  
panel or a clip-fastened panel to ac- sistive glass floor assembly with tested ers. This allows designers to achieve  
commodate expansion and contrac- and listed individual glass panel sizes a transparent design while meeting  
tion. Highline panels are available in at 82- /  
- by 85- /16-inches fully sup- fire and impact safety requirements.  
7 3  
032, .040 and .050 aluminum, or 24 ported and 67- /  
- by 70- /16-inches ƒƒ®  
butt-glazed. The system is designed  
with no airspace between the fire-rated  
and 22 gauge steel.  
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April 2017 | USGlass, Metal & Glazing  
BconteinusedtfroimnpageG31 lass  
protective glazing  
Booth #2823 — Stay Safe  
Keralite SafeGuard, a  
new security and safety  
glazing system, will be  
Booth #3769 —  
Coated in Silver  
on display at Vetrotech  
Saint-Gobain’s booth. The  
protective glazing solution  
provides intrusion, bal-  
listic and fire protection  
to high occupancy build-  
ings such as schools and  
SafeGuard was tested  
With Viracon’s facility expansion  
complete in Owatonna, Minn., the  
company will use the show to highlight  
its oversize glass handling capabili-  
ties with the addition of new oversize  
equipment and automation equipment.  
The company will also showcase  
VNE-53, its newest high-perfor-  
mance low-E coating, which features  
a 52-percent visible light transmission  
to unique criteria more  
rigorous than standard accidental-impact protection tests under CPSC16CFR  
Part 1201, according to the company. During bullet-resistance tests, Safe-  
Guard glazing did not shatter and reduced the speed of bullets. The product  
also underwent enhanced impact safety tests that showed it can withstand  
the bodily impact of a 300-pound person.  
Additionally, Keralite SafeGuard protects building occupants from smoke  
and toxic gasses in case of fire for up to three hours.  
VLT) with a solar heat gain coefficient combines robust solar control with high subframe system as an alternative to  
SHGC) of 0.23 on low-iron glass in a VLT, according to the company.  
exterior-hung curtainwall products.  
A glass wall decorated with painted ƒƒ®  
product has a neutral-silver exterior glass, tinted glass and patterned bird-  
standard insulating glass (IG) unit.The  
appearance that provides a consistent safe glass by Vitro Glass alliance part- Booth #3719 —  
color both straight-on and off-angle to ner Walker Glass will be accompanied The Great Outdoors  
ensure the same exterior appearance by several additional large glass panels  
when viewed from all angles.  
featuring Solarban 70XL on clear glass,  
Solarban 70XL on Optigray glass and  
Solarban z75, Solarban 67 and Sungate  
Booth #3737 — Going Big 400 passive low-E glasses.  
Booth #1203 —  
Close the Curtain  
EFCO is intro-  
ducing its 4500  
Series product,  
which gives the  
look of curtain-  
Offering options to expand living  
spaces to the outdoors,Kolbe Windows  
& Doors will feature its folding win-  
dows and quad sliding windows, both  
of which are available in its Ultra Series  
and VistaLuxe complementary styles.  
The products are suited for residential  
and commercial projects that require  
pass-through service for indoor and  
outdoor entertaining.  
Attendees can expect to see a four-  
wide Ultra Series folding window with  
Sapele interior wood species finished  
with Chestnut stain.TheVistaLuxe com-  
Vitro Architectural Glass (formerly wall with the  
PPG Glass) will display two extra-large ease of a win-  
insulating glass units (IGUs), a glass dow system in-  
wall and multiple large panels of glass stall, according  
to showcase its products and expanded to the company.  
technical, service and production The system of-  
fers a single infill  
The booth will house a pair of 55- by plane for both  
2-inch IGUs fabricated with Solarban vision and spandrel areas of a building plementary sliding window in a quad  
0 solar control,low-E glass on clear and while delivering the cost savings of a configuration will also be on display,  
Starphire Ultra-Clear glass substrates. slab-to-slab framing system.  
featuring a Spanish Cedar wood interior  
Formulated with the industry’s first  
quad-silver coating, Solarban 90 glass from the inside of the building into a  
The 4500 series can be installed  
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April 2017 | USGlass, Metal & Glazing  
BconteinusedtfroimnpageG33 lass  
glass flooring  
Booth #3135 –  
The Sky is the Limit  
Circle Redmont Inc., based in  
Melbourne, Fla., will highlight its  
structural glass panel systems for  
walkable skylights, sky bridges, vault  
lights, stair treads, landings and other  
glass flooring projects.  
with a Matte Black positive action lock  
that engages automatically for security.  
Booth #3725  
On Vinyl  
The company configures its glass  
panel systems to carry the spec-  
ified loads required. The panels  
are available in common and cus-  
tom sizes, and the company offers  
a standard anti-slip on the glass  
top surface as well as custom  
anti-slip patterns.  
Quanex Build-  
ing Products will  
showcase its oper-  
able PVC AW-rated  
system Mikron C3-  
1300. This vinyl  
system meets the  
needs of mid- and  
high-rise commer-  
cial buildings with  
Booth #1980 —  
an optimal mix of strength, energy  
performance and aesthetics, accord-  
ing to the company. Ideal for both new  
construction and replacement projects,  
its versatile window profile provides  
structural performance and thermal  
The company will also demonstrate  
Super Spacer TriSeal, ideal for com-  
mercial insulating glass that needs  
silicone structural glazing. It provides  
a triple-seal design for immediate han-  
dling, enhanced gas retention, struc-  
tural strength and durability,according  
to Quanex.  
All Hands on Deck  
“Everything glass floor” will be the  
theme at Glass Flooring Systems  
Inc.’s booth. The company manu-  
facturers thermally broken walkable  
skylights, interior glass floor systems,  
glass stair treads and components.  
Its new fully structural glass deck sys-  
tem will also be featured.  
The company will discuss its capa-  
bilities in U-value performance and  
air/water infiltration testing. It also  
provides Florida hurricane impact  
testing for products such as its Sky-  
Floor FA-TB 4-by-4, which will be on  
Booth # 3103 —  
Window to Wall  
The YHW 60TU ThermaBond Plus thermal break tech- chitectural Manufactur-  
window wall sys- nology for energy performance.  
tem from YKK ƒƒ®  
AP is designed  
ers Association (AAMA)  
1503-09 standard, achiev-  
ing a frame condensation  
resistance factor (CRFf)  
of 72.  
for inside glazing Booth #3355 —  
or pre-glazing in The Tube Station  
mixed-use com-  
Tubelite Inc. will display its 900RW  
Glass is positioned at the  
mercial buildings. Series ribbon windows,with single and exterior of Tubelite’s frame  
Now hurricane-re- dual poured-and-debridged thermal and installed from the  
sistant, this prod- options, as part of its Therml=Block interior side, and Azon’s  
uct is compatible product line.The windows are ideal for thermal barrier is applied.  
with tilt wall and low- to mid-rise commercial buildings. The new 900RW Series 2 /  
pre-cast building  
solutions, without the National Fenestration Council of 4 /  
The 900RW product was tested per thermal framing is available in depths  
or 6 inches. Options are offered  
sacrificing cost advantage and efficient (NFRC) 102-14 procedure, achieving a for slab edge covers.  
installation, according to the company. U-Factor of 0.30 for thermal transmit- ƒƒ®  
Providing impact and non-impact tance, according to the company. They  
solutions,this system also incorporates also were tested per the American Ar-  
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USGlass, Metal & Glazing | April 2017  
BconteinusedtfroimnpageG34 lass  
glazing systems  
Booth #1663 — Multi-Tasking  
Kawneer will showcase how its products and  
systems can be applied in a variety of build-  
ing sectors to address thermal performance,  
energy efficiency, hurricane resistance, blast  
mitigation, natural daylight and LEED com-  
pliance. Displays will include high-perform-  
ing windows that ventilate schools naturally,  
window walls for multifamily buildings, cur-  
tainwalls that enhance daylight in offices and  
entrances that keep facilities safe and secure.  
Other highlights include a Reynobond ar-  
chitectural panel display showcasing an ex-  
pansive array of innovative exterior/interior  
cladding design solutions, including natural  
wood and PrismFX color-shifting finishes, as  
well as natural metals.  
coatings and finishes  
Booth #3353  
Go for Gold  
Linetec will dis-  
play its Gold Se-  
ries wood grain  
finishes, which it  
partnered with  
Decoral Systems  
USA to produce.  
These finishes use a powder-coat pro-  
cess that does not emit volatile organic  
compounds (VOCs). They also meet  
AAMA 2604-13 standards for color  
uniformity, specular gloss, dry film  
hardness and adhesion,as well as resis-  
tance to impact, chemicals, detergents, sealants  
scratches,corrosion,salt spray and fad- Booth #3403 —  
ing due to ultraviolet light,according to Strong Bond  
the company.  
rapid-cure Dow Corning 121 structural  
glazing sealant, which features a 1-to-1  
mix ratio and is supplied in a two-part  
cartridge with a static mixer.  
The coatings are fire retardant, and  
resistant to water and humidity. The  
finished aluminum does not swell, rot,  
warp or attract insects.  
decorative glass  
Booth #3774 –  
Tailor Made  
Galaxy Glass  
& Stone, a man-  
ufacturer of cus-  
tom architectural  
decorative glass,  
Booth #2337 —  
A Versatile Solution  
UniQuad, a  
unitized trans-  
lucent wall panel  
system designed  
for high-perfor-  
mance building  
envelopes, will  
be on display at  
CPI Daylight-  
ing’s booth. The  
will show its lat-  
est additions to its  
Endless Interlayers collection. These  
products feature an earthy, neutral  
color palette combined with metal-  
lic accents and various textures, all of  
which are encapsulated within lami-  
nated glass.  
The company’s newest additions in-  
A range of Dow Corning’s solutions clude: wood grains, woven metals and  
system is fully for construction challenges will be on a variety of decorative textures. These  
tested and offers display. One of these products is its glass products are available in various  
both optimal Transparent Silicone Structural Adhe- custom panel sizes, including large  
thermal perfor- sive (TSSA),designed to negate the need scale panels. They are supplied fully  
mance and design versatility,according to drill and bolt through glass facades.  
fabricated to exact dimensions includ-  
to the company.  
Panels are made up of an interior point-fixed glass facades that elimi-  
TSSA is a bonding option for clear, ing all edgework, notches and cutouts.  
Galaxy’s custom laminated products  
skin and exterior skin, and each can be nates the potential for gas leakage and can be customized for any application  
a different color. The system’s “Remov- thermal bridging, according to the such as well cladding, doors, partitions  
able Skin Technology” also allows for company. It is suitable for facade con- and sidelites.  
the removal of the exterior panel while struction, as well as for glass walls and ƒƒ®  
the interior panel remains in place.  
interior decorative applications.  
Dow Corning will also showcase its  
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USGlass, Metal & Glazing | April 2017  
BconteinusedtfroimnpageG36 lass  
switchable glass  
Booth #1529 — Blindsided  
Polytronix Glass is introducing its new patented window technology Poly-  
Blind. The product replaces blinds and curtains, cutting down on germs and  
allergens while increasing the decor of the space, according to the company.  
The blinds can be programmed, and each section can be turned off and on  
Its light-reflecting color glass technology, PolyFlush, will also be on display.  
The glass changes colors when viewed from different angles and can be used  
in architectural or residential applications.  
Booth #3975 –  
Enhanced Value  
Technoform Glass Insulation (TGI)  
The new spacer features improved doors  
will be at the show highlighting its rigidity for increased productivity. The Booth #1803 –  
enhanced TGI-Spacer M. By reducing point at which permanent deformation Gone Like the Wind  
the heat transfer at the edge of glass, occurs under load,characterized by the  
PGT Innovations will exhibit its new  
the product can help reduce the risk Rp0.2 value, is 67 percent higher in the WinGuard Vinyl Preferred and En-  
of condensation on the interior sur- new generation spacer compared to its ergyVue Preferred sliding glass door  
face of glass. The spacer also helps predecessor.  
manage the sightline temperature of  
TGI-Spacer M is available in a vari- multi-panel by-pass, pocket and 90- or  
the indoor surface of glass, which can ety of color options and finishes, and 135-degree corner configurations.  
series, both of which are available in  
prevent drafts and radiated heat along they also help meet energy code re-  
the cold glass surface, according to the quirements, according to the company.  
Standard features include laminated  
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My success today stems from the lessons I  
have learned early on, the most important  
being, to never give up in the pursuit of  
repairing and preserving something old  
and beautiful. Once I found Strybuc..  
They have a very capable Research Staff  
that I feel works as hard as I do in trying to  
meet my customer’s needs. In the field, if  
something needs to be changed to keep  
the job on schedule, I have found Strybuc  
to be very responsive to that change and  
the turnaround time can’t be beat. The  
good news is that they will not sell directly  
to my customers like some suppliers!”  
Raymond DePiano, Window Repairs & Restoration  
Strybuc: Helping Companies  
get the Job Done!  
Call Today @ 800-352-0800  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | April 2017  
BconteinusedtfroimnpageG38 lass  
Booth #2039 –  
Beyerle U.S. will pres-  
ent the Varianza variable  
hardware system for room  
dividers. If structures and  
work processes within a  
company change, variable  
wall and door systems  
can be used to redesign  
rooms, according to the  
insulating glass (IG), box frame and  
dual point mortise lock.Other available  
exterior frame colors are available such  
as beige,bronze and brick red,while in-  
terior frame colors range from bronze,  
natural oak to natural cherry.  
The company also offers a variety of  
design options such as custom sizes, a  
tandem stainless steel roller assembly,co-  
lonial grids and a recessed pull with lock.  
Upon purchase, the products are  
protected by the company’s lifetime  
frame warranty.  
With the combination system, companies are able to design transparent room  
dividers according to their needs. The application solutions also offer handi-  
cap-accessibility, fulfilling the requirements for handicap-accessible construction  
in public buildings and apartments in accordance with DIN 18040 parts 1 and 2.  
Additionally, all modular sliding door systems and floor roller systems from the  
company’s product range can be incorporated. Customers can select from an  
assortment of sliding door fittings and floor rollers in multiple designs made of  
stainless steel and aluminum.  
The manufacturer has also integrated door stoppers with a functional locking  
aid into the system combinations. This function gently brakes sliding doors and  
allows users to easily bring them into position, according to the company. A  
variety of handles completes the design program, including lockable variations.  
ƒƒ® s  
insulbar …the First Name in Engineered  
Thermal Barrier Technology  
Industry-leading insulbar profiles offer a more effective way of  
breaking aluminum and are designed to increase insulation value,  
maintain desired room temperature, and minimize energy loss over  
the lifespan of commercial fenestration systems.  
insulbar benefits for a Perfect Prof le include:  
Wide range of cost-ef ective prof les from  
multi-cavity designs  
0 mm to 100 mm in straight, of set, and  
Custom prof les with extended features that  
can be incorporated into custom designs  
uValue ratings of .2 or lower based upon  
Ability to hold tight tolerances for  
precision assembly and installation  
Resistance to chemicals, detergents, and processing agents  
Rapid prototyping available – inquire for details  
insulbar®...When Precision,  
For more information, call 856-227-0500,  
Design & Logistics e-mail,  
Really Count.  
or visit  
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