BellPro Architectural Marks  
its One-Year Anniversary  
ellPro Architectural LLC, lo-  
cated in Rogers, Minn., is cele-  
brating its first year in business.  
The company now has 40 full-time  
employees, having recently added five  
in the office and 16 in the shop. Owner  
David Bell says he looks to hire more in  
the near future.  
It’s been a great first year that has  
surpassed all expectations,” he says.  
We beat our projected sales goal by 40 BellPro Architectural recently celebrated one year in business, exceeding its  
percent for the year. I took on this first projected sales goals by 40 percent.  
year not knowing what to expect but  
knowing I wanted to deliver a quality  
Project highlights in the company’s at the Children’s Hospital of Philadel-  
product and always adapt to meet the inaugural year include: custom stain- phia; unitized custom plate panels for  
needs of our customers.”  
less steel plate entrances for Harmon Reflection Windows at 1035 Van Buren  
in Chicago; and plate panels, shadow  
boxes and coping for Harmon at the  
FMC Tower in Philadelphia.  
BellPro recently added a new ma-  
Pearl Valley Designs Forms,  
chining center,brake press and another  
router table at its facility. The compa-  
ny’s capabilities include brake metal,  
shadow boxes, back pans, column  
covers, sunshades, trellises, flat sheet,  
plate panels, composite panels, custom  
assemblies and fully unitized panels.  
“2017 Looks to be another great year  
for us, and we look forward to meeting  
and exceeding every need our custom-  
ers have,” says Bell.  
Joins Forces with Entelechy  
wo industry veterans have formed a  
new preconstruction services com-  
pany, and partnered with another long-  
standing business to offer a one-stop shop of  
Brandon Duvall and Junaid Motiwala, pre-  
viously senior manager and senior designer  
with Benson Industries, respectively, started  
Pearl Valley Designs (PVD) in October 2016.  
PVD provides design, drafting, management  
and consulting services to the glazing industry.  
The company also recently partnered with  
Entelechy Corp. of Reno, Nev. Entelechy,  
founded 25 years ago by president Stan Gib-  
bons, provides drawing and modeling ser-  
vices to the industry.  
briefly ...  
The Air Louvers division of Activar  
Construction Products Group an-  
nounced Cranford, N.J.-based Quin-  
lan & Associates will represent its  
products in Southeastern New York,  
New York City and Northern New  
Jersey. It will represent the compa-  
ny’s full line of air louvers products,  
including glazing, vision frames, lou-  
vers, door edges and astragals and  
privacy options. n  
Pearl Valley Designs, founded  
Motiwala, based in Seattle, was formerly a  
by Brandon Duvall (left) and senior designer at Benson and Walters and  
Junaid Motiwala, will focus Wolf. Duvall, based in Cincinnati, has served  
on preconstruction services as a senior manager with Benson, National  
for the glazing industry.  
Enclosure, Harmon and Enclos.  
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