Distribution Production  
Hartung Increases IG Operations  
with New Commercial Facility  
artung Glass Industries opened a  
new plant in mid-February,ded-  
icated to commercial insulating  
glass fabrication, located in Tukwila,  
Wash. The new facility includes inline  
inventory, cutting, tempering, insulat-  
ing, crating and shipping capabilities  
specifically designed for large and over-  
sized insulating glass units. The com-  
pany is also expanding its capabilities  
to fabricate larger sizes of glass.  
The company has a new Glaston Hartung’s new plant is focused on IG production and features a new Forel line  
FC500 oversize furnace that tempers that can produce units as large as 110 by 189 inches.  
glass 5- to 19-mm thick and up to 110  
by 189 inches in width and height. It  
Adjacent to the furnace is a Forel com- to be applied with extreme accuracy in  
also features “intelligent quenching” mercial IG line, capable of producing both short and long spans,” says Tim  
that minimizes roller wave and distor- units up to 110 by 189 inches.In addition Kroha, vice president and general man-  
tion, and includes Glaston’s iLooK On- to traditional aluminum spacer capabil- ager of Hartung’s Washington State op-  
line Measuring System where all lites are ities, the line is equipped for the TriSeal erations.“Less hands touching the most  
measured and stored in a data library warm-edge structural silicone spacer.  
critical steps reduce touch points and  
for quality control and traceability. “Precision robotics allows the spacer opportunities for failure or defects.”  
Linetec Announces Thermal Services Expansion  
inetec is investing $3 million to double  
the capacity of its thermal services de-  
partment, adding new equipment and  
In the last 24 months, we expanded ca-  
pacity in both our paint and anodize lines,  
and added more than 200 new jobs,” says  
Jane Kessel, vice president of human re-  
sources. “This year, we already have an im-  
mediate need to fill 70 positions, particularly  
in the paint and thermal services depart-  
ments. We’re looking for more to join our  
team of good, hard-working people across  
all production areas.”  
Linetec president Rick Marshalls says upon  
filling these positions, the company will have  
Three-year associate Scott Yang (left) and 30-year associate Rodney “well over 600 employees—some of which  
Sloan prepare a Linetec flat sheet order for customer delivery.  
have been here 30 years.”  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | April 2017  
Azon Saves Energy  
YKK has expanded its direct freight  
shipping program to the southeast.  
YKK AP Expands  
Shipping Program  
YKK AP America customers in the  
Southeast U.S. now have access to the  
company’s direct freight shipping pro-  
gram, which is already established in  
the Northeast, Midwest, Southwest,  
Gulf Coast, and Central U.S. regions.  
The program uses a dedicated lo-  
gistics system with YKK AP-branded  
trucks to handle transportation and  
deliveries. Each shipment is moved by  
hand, limiting the possibility of dam-  
age, according to the company.  
Daylighting systems produced with Azon structural  
thermal barrier technologies—the MLPor Dual  
Cavity—for aluminum windows and curtain wall,  
along with high performanceglazing components  
for insulating glass, will yield a fenestration system  
capable of upholding the highest efficiency and  
sustainability standards  
Cardinal Implements  
SmartMelter at Float Plant  
In rebuilding its Durant, Okla., float  
glass furnace, Cardinal Glass worked  
with PaneraTech to incorporate Smart-  
Melter technology.The technology com-  
bines two patented sensors with digital  
mapping to collect precise data about  
furnace health, according to informa-  
tion from PaneraTech. The technology  
measures the actual residual thickness  
of walls and helps manufacturers de-  
termine the timing of overcoat, identify  
rebuild dates.  
Contact us to learn about the  
role of Azon thermal barriers in  
energy conservation.  
1-800-788-5942 | www.azonintl.com  
Melter requires a one-time mapping plant was able to continue operations  
It was imperative that we keep of specific areas of the furnace to en- through January 2017, the scheduled  
operations on schedule to fulfill our able proper tracking of each refractory date for rebuilding.  
orders,” says Kelly Busch, vice presi- inspection, according to the company.  
briefly ...  
dent of technology at Cardinal Glass. Advanced radar technology was then  
However, we had to do this safely. We used to take accurate measurements of  
were able to operate with confidence the residual furnace bottom thickness.  
because we were sure of the condition After this initial set-up and training,  
of the furnace bottom through Smart- the sensor was shipped to Durant for  
Melter mapping.”  
regular monitoring. Beginning in June  
The first measurements were taken 2016, the Cardinal team took monthly  
in April 2016 by the PaneraTech team measurements to monitor the progress  
on-site in Cardinal’s plant. Smart- of glass infiltration at the bottom. The  
Renlita Custom Opening Solu-  
tions, a door and window manu-  
facturer for the commercial and  
residential segments, acquired a  
101,000-square-foot facility in Bon-  
ham, Texas. The company plans to  
relocate this summer. n  
April 2017 | USGlass, Metal & Glazing  

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