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s this issue of USGlass magazine is being distributed at the Annual AIA  
Conference in Orlando, Fla., we’ve focused it on the intersection of glass  
and architecture—sometimes it results in a chaotic collision and other  
Stephen Niedzwiecki  
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times a cacophony of innovative design.  
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The glass and glazing community loves to grouse about architects—heck we’ve  
even written articles about all their faults and foibles—but we secretly love them.  
I am breaking the glass industry code to say this, but we do. Here are the top five  
reasons we love architects:  
Art Director Saundra Hutchison  
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We love architects for what they create with glass. We love architects for  
their ability to merge art and science into exquisite and functional shapes  
that we could have never imagined.We work with glass every day, but re-invent it  
anew every day and fashion it into orbits we never dreamed.  
Director DeAnna Marcotte  
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We love architects for how they push us into new applications. We love  
2.architects for how they use our product and how they push us into new  
applications. Glass stairways, glass backsplashes, glass marker boards, moveable  
glass walls and too many more applications to count all began because an archi-  
tect said “wouldn’t it be nice if glass could do this?”  
Jen Mugridge  
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We love architects because they chal-  
3.lenge us. Architects challenge the glass  
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industry every day to create new products and  
to add properties to glass that it doesn’t yet  
have.And they don’t let up. The innovative new  
Apple campus features new types of glass,bent  
to new radii that only came about because ar-  
chitects kept pushing the glass industry to new  
manufacturing heights.  
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We love architects because they do not  
4.compromise.Okay,some days,we really  
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hate you for this.But most days we admire your  
commitment to quality and your “willingness”  
to reject product if it is not right.  
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We love architects because they have as much respect for glass as we do.  
Architects understand what glass is and what it can do.Together,we have given  
birth to some of the most memorable offspring in the world of construction.We create  
buildings you can’t forget or ignore.You work to understand the different types and  
characteristics and we both admire glass as a building product like no other.  
Sure we have our differences, and there are days we think the relationship can’t  
be saved. But in the end, we always, joyously, meet in the glass.  
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