technology to deliver a user-friendly,  
efficient and economical coating device  
for easy implementation, according to  
the company.  
machinery & equipment  
Record Speed  
trol System (DCS), which guarantees  
performance and drill life, according  
to the company.  
The Erdman High Speed Parallel  
Process insulating glass line is the first  
high-speed line that can produce an in-  
sulating glass unit in less than 19 sec-  
onds, according to the company. The  
Parallel Process Line derives its name  
from shuttling the topping lite to a back  
The vertical system utilizes single  
lane so the two glass lites run parallel piece in-line flow for effortless assem-  
to each other. bly line integration. It can process a  
The length of the line is under 100 2-m piece of glass in under 20 seconds,  
feet, and cycle time is lower than the 30 helping to reduce labor costs signifi-  
to 35 seconds of a traditional line, ac- cantly, according to the company.  
cording to Erdman. It also requires only yy➤  
one grid application instead of two.  
An Easy Transition  
Prima, offered by Cefla, is engi-  
neered to make switching from man-  
Not Just a Drill  
The Neptun Quickdrill T8, now of- ual to automatic spraying an easy  
fered by Matodi, is a vertical drilling process. According to the company, it’s  
Coating Simplicity  
EnduroShield now offers its X-Line machine that can stand alone or be in- user-friendly reliable, and cost-effec-  
automatic easy-clean glass coating tegrated into the company’s Quickline. tive to purchase and maintain.  
machine. Designed and built by the  
The machine features an automatic  
The machine is suitable for water- or  
company,the high speed machine com- eight-position tool changer, automatic solvent-based coatings and has a work-  
bines uncomplicated design and smart redressing and Neptun’s new Drill Con- ing width of 1300 mm.As a result, pro-  
ductivity is higher than manual spray  
booths and narrower than automatic  
systems, according to the company.  
It’s also equipped with a paper con-  
veyor, which results in no overspray  
on panel undersides and a consistent  
panel face/edge coating.  
Low Rider  
designed the Patriot  
truck body around the  
017 Chevrolet low  
cab forward chassis  
to create a maneuver-  
able, easy-to-load glass  
delivery truck, which is  
available in 12- through  
dynamic glass  
Tinting on Demand  
SageGlass, which is designed to con-  
trol sunlight and glare, can be tinted by  
traditional wall switches, or the com-  
pany’s mobile app, to allow building  
occupants to create specific lighting  
effects and tint the glass as needed, ac-  
cording to the company.  
18-foot lengths.  
The T6 aluminum body and racks are fabricated with Huck aircraft-grade  
fasteners and supported by a welded steel sub-frame to maximize strength  
and rigidity, according to the company. The body features a walk-in 84-inch-  
tall interior, and its 108-inch-tall exterior racks provide cargo space, with all  
surfaces that contact glass fully-padded with rubber.  
The exterior glass support ledge is 5-feet deep with rubber block pads  
every 12 inches to protect the bottom edge of glass. All lighting is LED, and  
the wire harness is sealed for reliability. For securing glass, T6-Adjust-A-Poles  
are included and an optional e-track is available.  
The glass is available in a variety  
of shapes and sizes to help architects  
achieve their designs and is available  
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USGlass, Metal & Glazing | April 2017  
in sizes up to 5- by 10-feet. Addition- low-iron glasses such as Atlantica, panel systems  
ally, cost savings from the product can Optiblue, Pacifica and Starphire Ul- Rain, Rain, Go Away  
reduce overall energy loads by up to tra-Clear glasses.  
As an addition  
to its ADAPT Panel  
0 percent and peak energy demand yy➤  
by up to 26 percent, according to the  
and Column Cover  
Systems accessories  
line, Southern Alu-  
minum Finishing  
sunshades & light shelves  
Here Comes the Sun  
Co. (SAF) has intro-  
duced its 4000i In-  
sulated RainScreen  
panels. According  
to the company, the product is a mod-  
ified 4000 Series RainScreen ACM  
building panel with insulation adhered  
by silicon sealant that meets use ‘G’  
Harmonious Design  
Solarban 90 glass from Vitro Ar-  
chitectural Glass (formerly PPG)  
combines solar control performance  
with the neutral reflectivity of clear  
glass, which allows architects to spec-  
ify larger expanses. The quad-silver-  
coated glass has a high solar heat gain  
Architectural Grilles & Sunshades and ‘O’ of the ASTM C1184 standard.  
coefficient (SHGC) compared to tri- Inc.’s (AGS) light shelves help re- The screens are drained and back ven-  
ple-silver coated solar control low-E duce the need for artificial lighting tilated panel systems that incorporate  
glasses, according to the company.  
in buildings. The horizontal shelf is a strips of composite or aluminum ma-  
high-functioning architectural element terial in reveals between each panel,  
that contains a highly reflective surface which results in a more uniform ap-  
used to shine daylight onto the ceiling pearance, according to the company.  
of a building’s interior,according to the The panels are designed to meet all the  
company. This allows the daylight to same building construction code speci-  
penetrate within the building.  
fications as other SAF 4000 RainScreen  
In addition,the product also provides Panels.While Florida Building Code and  
shading near windows and, therefore, High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ)  
reduces window glare. This reduction testing has not been performed with  
in both glare and heat gain leads to a the insulation, SAF says the addition of  
Since the product doesn’t display a productive energy use and LEED points insulation does not materially change  
noticeable reflected color, it also har- toward energy-efficient building con- structural, air or water handling prop-  
monizes in insulating glass (IG) units struction, according to the company.  
with the company’s other tinted and yy➤  
erties of the panel system.  
Bring on the Heat  
Railings for Strength  
and Style  
Ensinger’s insulbar  
thermal barrier tech-  
nology offers an effec-  
tive way of breaking  
aluminum, provides  
insulation of metal  
windows, doors, store  
fronts and curtain-  
walls, according to the  
SC Railing offers architectural rail-  
ing systems designed to provide both  
strength and aesthetics where the  
safety of a guardrail is necessary.These  
pre-engineered railing systems can be  
used in a variety of public spaces, such  
as hospitals, corporate offices, hotels,  
education, retail, and sports facilities,  
among others.  
The product is available in a range of profiles from 10 mm to applications  
exceeding 100 mm, and it allows commercial fenestration systems to meet  
or exceed ICC thermal and CRF performance requirements, according to the  
According to the company, standard  
railing designs are offered with options  
to accommodate different projects.  
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USGlass, Metal & Glazing | April 2017  
They can be used for styles ranging  
from a classic and elegant wood top  
rail combined with sleek stainless  
components and glass infill, to mod-  
ern and minimalist stainless cable and  
rod infill choices. Each architectural  
railing system combines the beauty of  
highly engineered railing components,  
the flexibility of a modular system and  
is engineered to SC Railing’s exacting  
standards, according to the company.  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | April 2017  
Easy Access  
The Insulating Glass Certification  
Council (IGCC) is introducing its Cer-  
tification Information Portal (CIP),  
designed to give users improved acces-  
sibility into the certification practice.  
The CIP allows users to track action  
items, view product certification and  
test status, retrieve product history  
and provide storage of audit and test  
reports. It also has strict login creden-  
tials to keep information private, ac-  
cording to the company.  
yy➤ n  
helping bring you home safe  
In an industry where one small mistake or  
equipment malfunction can result in  
serious injuries, it’s so important to know  
that your equipment won’t let you down.  
Regardless of the size of the job, I have  
trusted Wood’s Powr-Grip’s suction cups  
for my company and my employees.  
Dustin Anderson  
President, Anderson Glass, LLC  
Waco, Texas  
Wood’s Powr-Grip now introduces Intelli-GripTM Technology  
the smart solution to glass handling.  
For more information visit or call 800.548.7341.  
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