Know Your Stuff  
Understand Your Products to Ensure Success  
b y C r a i g C a r s o n  
Exciting new  
much I like what we do, primarily  
for the variety of projects I get to  
ve mentioned several times how  
technologies include  
jumbo fabricated  
glass capabilities,  
electrochromic and  
products, or even  
ways to help the birds  
see glass so they  
don’t fly into it.  
work on, not to mention how stimu-  
lating it is to learn about new products  
and how they are incorporated into  
the building envelopes. Exciting new  
technologies include jumbo fabricated  
glass capabilities, electrochromic and  
thermochromic products,or even ways  
to help the birds see glass so they don’t  
fly into it.All of this can be heady stuff.  
But there’s a downside to these new  
products. That happens when a rep  
calls on architects without knowing  
enough to say whether it can meet cer-  
tain cost or performance requirements.  
True Costs  
I often hear after the fact that the  
architect or building owner doesn’t  
understand why, when an alternate is  
requested for a new glass type, it costs  
more than what the salesperson had that they don’t have the budget to use they’re designing the building. It’s our  
said they should expect. In some cases these glass types.  
the architect is told the glass will cost  
professional responsibility to know,  
and to help guide them to using prod-  
ucts that meet the code.  
a certain amount more per square foot Code Concerns  
over a standard low-E unit and offer  
They are not alone however. Where  
Over the years I’ve helped some very  
better performance.That might be par- I live and work in Colorado the adop- agitated architects who have spent  
tially true.Maybe the glass does costs X tion of the 2015 International Build- weeks or months on projects working  
dollars more than the product to which ing Code (IBC), which includes the to get that “look” only to find out that  
it’s being compared, but that’s usually International Energy Conservation the system they were designing around  
our cost to cost comparison without Code, is not universal. In fact, we still will not meet the IECC requirements.  
additional sales tax or markup.  
have cities and counties using the 2012 As I’ve said before … the devil is in  
Now, I don’t want to paint these fine IBC and even some with 2009 version. the details. n  
people who are trying to make a living It would be simplified if we had  
with a broad stroke of a paint brush mandatory statewide energy  
and say that they’re purposely mislead- code requirements,as many other  
C r a i g C a r s o n is the  
ing anyone. They’re not! But I would states have. The lack of statewide  
like them to check with the contract requirements can sometimes  
glazing community to ensure their cause problems early in the de-  
pricing reflects realistic cost differ- sign assist portion of the project.  
ences. This can help us avoid hearing This happens when architects  
from architects who are disappointed don’t know to what requirements  
regional preconstruction  
manager for Alliance Glazing  
Technologies Inc. in  
Littleton, Colo.  
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