Mergers Acquisitions  
Apogee Enterprises Announces  
Completion of EFCO Acquisition
pogee Enterprises completed its  
acquisition of EFCO Corp. from  
family, and feel Apogee is an ideal parent  
Pella Corp. for approximately  
195 million.  
We are excited to begin the process  
of integrating EFCO into the Apogee  
family and realizing the benefits the ence across the United States.”  
company for EFCO and our employees.  
Cameron McGinley, EFCO  
ideal parent company for EFCO and  
acquisition will bring …,” says Apogee  
Apogee funded the recent acquisi- our employees,” says EFCO president  
CEO Joseph F. Puishys. “Our acquisi- tion through expansion of its existing Cameron McGinley. “We are looking  
tion of EFCO, with annual revenues of credit facility. EFCO is the ninth inde- forward to working with Apogee to  
more than $250 million, will accelerate pendent operating unit in the Apogee capitalize on product, market and op-  
Apogee’s growth strategies,and expand portfolio and will be part of the archi- erational opportunities … We will be  
our presence in mid-size commercial tectural framing systems segment.  
buildings, broaden our product offer- “We are pleased to be joining the plans to grow EFCO and continuously  
ings and increase our geographic pres- Apogee family, and feel Apogee is an improve operations.” n  
collaborating with Apogee on strategic  
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