Specialty Trade Segment Helps  
Lift Construction Employment  
How the Latest Glazing-Related Construction Employment Numbers are Trending  
Number of Jobs Per Sector  
May 17-June 17  
June 16-June 17  
% Change  
Job Category  
May 2017  
June 2017  
June 2016 June 2017  
Nonresidential specialty trades  
Nonresidential building  
2,412,300 2,466,600  
Residential specialty trades  
1,850,800 1,934,900  
Total construction  
6,690,000 6,896,000  
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics  
onresidential specialty trade exterior contractors, saw a 0.4-percent added 16,000 net new jobs on a sea-  
contractors, including contract decrease in jobs from May to June with sonally adjusted basis in June and ex-  
glaziers, led the charge for a 3,200 lost. However, it gained 3,600 panded 3.1 percent year-over-year. The  
construction employment increase in from the same time last year.  
nonresidential sector added 10,300 net  
Specialty contractors were also new jobs in June after adding 4,900  
heavily responsible for an increase in in May, while the residential segment  
June, according to U.S.Bureau of Labor  
Statistics data.  
The segment added 11,000 jobs residential construction employment, added 6,000 net jobs for the month.  
from May and 54,300 compared to boasting a 0.4-percent monthly in- According to Associated Builders and  
June 2016, for increases of 0.4 and 2.3 crease of their own and a 4.5-percent Contractors, the construction industry  
percent, respectively. Nonresidential jump from the year before. unemployment rate declined further in  
building, which also includes building Overall construction employment June and is now at 4.5 percent.  
third-party cerStictaatiogn einitiias- SheoldterfosegrmAentGs: gMlaziTers,Cgleazringtifitecchnaictiaino. Cnertication assessment,  
tive being developed for ar- contractors and the user community, through both written and physical  
chitectural glass and metal including manufacturers, suppliers, means, will give everyone from the  
technicians has moved another step architects, consultants and specifica- manufacturer of architectural prod-  
forward. The Architectural Glass and tion writers. ucts to the developer and building  
Metal Technician (AGMT) Certification “The program is being designed to owner impartial confidence that their  
Program, being developed by Admin- test those attributes that will most product and project will be installed  
istrative Management Systems Inc. likely reduce defects and failures— properly and in full accordance with  
(AMS) and sponsored by the Finishing an initiative that stands to benefit plans and specs.”  
Trades Institute (FTI) International, all stakeholders,” says Ben Beeler, Development of the fundamental  
has established a 27-member steer- the program’s co-designer and op- certification phase is estimated to  
ing committee that met for the first erations manager. “Currently the in- take 18 to 24 months, with advanced  
time in June.  
dustry has no consistent, third-party certification endorsements in specific  
The committee includes indus- administered means to validate the product categories and specialized  
try experts from three major stake- knowledge and skills of the glazing skill requirements to follow. n  
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