Distribution Production  
Aldora Aluminum and Glass  
Establishes New Atlanta-Area Facility  
ldora Aluminum and Glass  
Products is opening a new lo-  
cation in Austell, Ga., and plans  
to be operational by this October.  
We believe that it’s an excellent time  
to enter the Atlanta market,” says Leon  
Silverstein, CEO of Aldora.“Lead times  
on key products have been extending  
well beyond normal, which indicates  
that there is room for another provider.”  
The new 43,000-square-foot loca-  
tion will be fully renovated. It previ-  
ously was a glass fabrication facility for  
Tempered Glass Inc. (TGI). It will also  
operate a new 96- by 196-inch HHH/  
Northglass full convection tempering  
“We are in a great location,” says Bill  
Stone,president of Louisville Plate Glass,  
a division of Aldora.“I have had an ex-  
cellent history with this property when  
I was with TGI and am very excited for A new 96-by 196-inch HHH/Northglass full convection tempering furnace is  
Aldora to be in the Atlanta market.”  
being installed in Aldora’s Atlanta-area facility.  
SAF Opens Midwest Branch  
Southern Aluminum Finishing Co.  
SAF) opened a new Midwest branch.  
We see commercial construction  
Clarity Moves to Larger Facility  
growth potential in Indiana and sur-  
rounding states,” says SAF project  
manager and co-CEO Penn McClatchey.  
“Indianapolis is a major hub in which  
we will expand our aluminum sales,  
fabrication services and architectural  
building products.”  
ouston-based glass  
fabricator Clarity Glass  
Wholesalers relocated  
from a 15,000-square-foot fa-  
cility to a 55,000-square-foot  
plant, according to owner Chris  
The company made the move  
Clarity Glass Wholesalers has invested $2 to meet customer demand and  
million in new machinery, including a new increase its capabilities. It re-  
cently invested $2 million in  
new equipment, including a  
tempering furnace, CNCs and polishers, a cutting table and an aerial loader.  
Sezonov says Clarity plans to double in size within the next 18 months, and  
has hired new staff in preparation. The company currently employs 46 people  
in its office and production departments.  
Forel NA Expands  
Forel has remodeled and expanded  
its North American headquarters in St.  
Paul,Minn.,to accommodate additional  
employees and spare parts inventory.  
This is the company’s second expan-  
sion in the last 18 months,including its  
new service branch office that opened  
in Vaughan, Ontario, in 2016. n  
polishing line.  
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