IGMA Pushes for Increased  
Industry Education and Training  
rom fabrication quality manage-  
ment to consumer and industry  
education, the Insulating Glass  
Manufacturers Alliance (IGMA) has  
had a busy year with its many commit-  
tee and task group activities.  
The group held its summer confer-  
ence, the second of the year, in Mon-  
treal in early August to address these  
issues and many more. [Editor’s note:  
This article went to press prior to the  
conference. For the most up-to-date cov-  
erage, visit]  
Education continues to be a major  
focus for IGMA, and its IG Fabricator  
Workshop series will continue later  
this year. According to executive di-  
rector Margaret Webb, the Education IGMA’s IG Fabricator Workshop provides classroom and hands-on education to  
Committee is tentatively scheduling industry members. They are held at testing facilities throughout North America.  
another event for mid-November that  
will be held at the Intertek/ATI facili- terial neutrality, before publishing to tems and shaped units.  
A joint task group between the Tech-  
ties in Plano, Texas.  
We will be making some changes to  
the program, including more informa- Committee continues to work on a is developing a test fixture to measure  
tion on spacers,” says Webb. four-document quality management edge seal pressure. The test fixture has  
The committee will also format the system standard, which it expects to been redesigned and returned to the re-  
both groups’ websites.  
Meanwhile, IGMA’s Certification nical Services Committee and AAMA  
Preventing IG Failures Education Sem- complete by the end of 2017.  
spondent test facilities for re-proposals.  
inar as an online program, which is  
scheduled to launch later this year.  
The first part, the “Quality Manual,” The committee is working on a doc-  
has been published.The“Quality Proce- ument containing voluntary guidelines  
While education within the industry dures”document is being finalized, and for IGU manufacturing tolerances, as  
is critical,the group has also recognized IGMA anticipates it will be published in well as a technical bulletin on IGUs  
the need to keep the public informed on September. The other two documents with unsupported edges. The latter  
its products.A joint task group between being completed are the “Quality Work bulletin is a joint effort between IGMA  
IGMA and the American Architectural Instructions”and the“Quality Forms.”  
Manufacturers Association (AAMA) is A task group in the Certification America’s Insulating Division.  
in the final stages of developing a “Con- Committee has also developed a test Also in the Technical Services Com-  
sumer Guide to Understanding Glass procedure for sealant-to-spacer ad- mittee, a group is developing a docu-  
Standards”web page. hesion, which is being finalized. Ad- ment on design considerations for IG  
The document has been through all ditionally, the group is developing a cavity compensation.  
and the Glass Association of North  
IGMA approval levels, and the joint technical manual on considerations  
Also in this committee, a task group  
task group planned to meet the week for IGUs with stepped edges,units with on vacuum insulating glass (VIG) is  
before IGMA’s summer conference to edge deletion variations, edge notches, monitoring the development of the In-  
resolve some ballot comments. The varying gap widths, different thick- ternational Organization of Standard-  
AAMA Marketing Steering Committee nesses, glass types, coatings, speedier ization (ISO) standard for VIG.  
will then review the document for ma- glazing, exposed sealants, support sys-  
—Nick St. Denis n  
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