A New Generation  
Solarban 90 Makes Good  
Pilkington Architectural Glass North  
America has launched Generation 2  
on Performance  
Vitro Architectural Glass, formerly Pilkington MirroView and Pilkington  
PPG Glass,announced that Solarban 90 MirroView 50/50.  
solar control, low-E glass is now avail-  
able on performance-tinted glasses,in-  
cluding Atlantica®, Azuria®, Pacifica®,  
SolarBlue®, SolarBronze®, SolarGray®  
and Solexia® glasses.  
pounds and 750 pounds in the glass  
mode.It has a reach height of 9 feet and  
weighs only 2,000 pounds.  
In addition, it is only 34 inches wide,  
The product is a reflective mirror so it can go virtually anywhere, such as  
coating on a clear substrate and can be through a standard doorway or elevator  
used as a digital display cover glass that without having to remove components.  
the company says is ideal for conceal- yy➤  
Introduced in 2015,Solarban 90 uses ing digital displays and video screens  
proprietary coating technology to de- in commercial and residential applica- Barkow’s Big Trailer  
liver solar control and high visible light tions. MirroView has low ambient light  
F. Barkow Inc. now offers a cus-  
transmittance on clear glass,while pro- while MirroView 50/50 is better used tom-made, heavy-duty 14-foot trailer  
viding color neutrality that the com- in conditions with high ambient light. to increase glass-carrying capacity.  
pany says works well with a range of yy➤  
It offers 96 inches of usable height,  
eight stainless steel stakes with Bar-  
kleats and hardware, Stake-Loc  
self-locking stakes and 8-inch usable  
Bailey Specialty Cranes & Aerials has ledgeboards with a double row of  
performance-tinted glasses.  
In a standard, 1-inch insulating glass handling & transportation  
unit with clear glass, Solarban 90 glass Small, but Mighty  
has a solar-heat-gain coefficient of 0.23,  
a 15-percent improvement over Solar- introduced a new versatile lifting ma- stake slots. The trailer has baseplate  
ban 70XL glass.  
chine. Called the Brandon MINI, the pads every 12 inches on center, a step  
new lifter has a hoist capacity of 1,000  
machinery & equipment  
Dura Speeds Up  
The Erdman High Speed Dura line produces insulating glass vertically and  
in a fashion that the company says nearly doubles the speed of traditional  
vertical lines. Introduced last year, the High Speed Dura is first for the line’s  
vertical automation, and is designed to eliminate the need to tip a unit during  
the production sequence, saving time, eliminating injury potential, and mini-  
mizing breakage, according to the company.  
bumper,front load stops to help prevent  
damage to glass,“B” load-holding slats  
for straps (included) for added secu-  
rity,a 7,000-pound crank down (center  
mount) front stand and back-up audio  
alarm, among other features.  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | August 2017  
Strap In for the Ride  
The Strap-In glass rack by  
MyGlassTruck can be installed  
temporarily in any box truck for  
occasional or overflow glass deliveries.  
When not in use, the rack can be  
removed and stored quickly. Full-  
length horizontal and vertical rubber  
padding protects glass, and E-track is  
included so cargo straps can be used  
to secure glass in place. The glass  
racks are available in 6-, 8- and 10-foot  
lengths with heights of 6, 7, and 8 feet.  
Unruh Introduces New  
Self-Leveling Jacks  
Unruh Fab has custom-built a  
self-leveling, 23-foot stainless steel  
truck body on a Freightliner M2 Chas-  
sis.The project was designed for a cus-  
tomer who  
wanted to  
improve the  
safety of load-  
ing and unloading glass when parked  
on an uneven surface.  
The self-leveling system has four  
electric-over-hydraulic leveling jacks  
that Unruh says will level the truck  
with the touch of a button.  
yy➤ n  
August 2017 | USGlass, Metal & Glazing  

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