A New Golden Age  
Advances and Developments Take Us Into the Next Era  
b y C r a i g C a r s o n  
any of you are too young  
to remember singer-song  
writer Mac Davis or his hit  
song “Stop and Smell the Roses.” The  
premise of the song was that our lives  
are hectic and busy and we need to take  
a timeout and reflect on what we’ve  
I think about this in relation to our  
work lives, as construction is feast or  
famine: we’re either busy because we  
have lots of work or we’re busy chasing  
work when the market is down.Always  
working hard! It becomes difficult in  
this cycle to see how we’ve grown in the  
quality and sophistication of the prod-  
ucts we now offer customers,from new  
coatings on glass and new designs to  
I remember reading a book pub-  
I like to say that our job is to take ar-  
products that make framing systems lished by Kawneer many years ago chitects’dreams and make them reality.  
more thermally efficient.  
outlining their history from roll-form- I think that having the opportunity to  
ing brass sheet into a sash stop to accomplish this is a great source of sat-  
providing extruded aluminum. I’m isfaction. Sure it can be frustrating at  
Constant Evolution  
Much like the government regu- sure the process of roll-forming to times, but at the end of the day, know-  
lations that the auto industry had to extruding was pretty heady stuff be- ing that you’re part of a team that’s ca-  
work through (which seemed over- tween 1906 and the beginning of pable of making dreams come true is  
whelming at the time), our industry World War II.  
has accepted the challenge of energy  
efficiency and found ways to meet DrEam makErs  
the new energy requirements. This  
special, am I right?  
I digressed … my point is that we  
work so hard on the current project or  
Today, however, may just be the upcoming projects that we forget about  
included the evolution of insulating Golden Age of curtainwall design. Day the progress we’ve made as companies  
glass airspace materials, taking us after day, week after week we are pre- or individuals during our working  
from aluminum to stainless steels to sented with absolutely gorgeous build- life. Take a minute to reflect on your  
warm-edge technology. Coatings tech- ing designs that incorporate faceted successes and accomplishments and  
nology started with silver and gold, panels,jumbo glass sizes,or some other enjoy that moment.You deserve it.Now,  
then titanium and low-E, and now we innovative product or technology. Stop let’s get ready because there’s more  
have durable, fourth-surface low-E for a moment and look at what you’ve to come. n  
coatings. Thermal and electrochromic accomplished, as well as the chal-  
coatings are also being developed and lenges you’ve met that helped you  
refined for even more glazing choices. grow in knowledge and perspec-  
Aluminum designers have been work- tive of our trade. Over the last 60  
ing with a combination of gaskets,pour years, curtainwall has evolved  
and de-bridging and other high-tech from simple pressure-plated de-  
products such as polyamide to help signs to detailed and complicated  
C r a i g C a r s o n is the  
regional preconstruction  
manager for Alliance Glazing  
Technologies Inc. in Littleton,  
with thermal efficiency as well.  
unitized walls.  
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