Taking the  
Stage in Milan  
The Worldwide Glass  
Industry Unveils  
New Innovations at  
Vitrum 2017  
Foursome for Bavelloni  
Bavelloni SpA will highlight four machines. First is the  
Bavelloni NRG 330, a CNC working center available with  
three or four axis, engineered to enhance accessibility, re-  
liability and set-up times. It features the operating head  
fitting Bavelloni electro-spindle,designed and assembled in-  
house,for an accurate quality control and a faster after-sales  
service. It also has a patented PowerJet device that enables  
operators to direct and keep the water jets for the tool’s re-  
frigeration exactly on the contact point with the glass profile.  
This helps ensure longer life and improved consumption of  
tools, increased working speed and minimum set-up times.  
The company will also feature the Bavelloni VDM 1636 NC,  
a new NC vertical drilling and milling machine for automatic  
complex working cycles.It is equipped with one double-drilling  
head (1+1 opposing spindles), each provided with a rotating  
tool storage (eight positions each). Milling is performed while  
the glass is in a fixed position,to achieve what the company calls  
better grinding quality and higher grinding speed.The control  
device combines a professional NC with the convenience of a PC  
operating in a Windows (Microsoft) environment.  
The Bavelloni VE 500 V10 is a straight-line mitering ma-  
chine to process flat edges with arrises and chamfers that  
have variable angles from 0 to 45 degrees. Its patented con-  
veyor allows the processing of thicknesses and glass sizes up  
to 350 kg/m. The machine can be customized with a range  
of options for a variety of application requirements, such  
as higher and longer racks or the jumbo mode function for  
loading big glass sheets while the machine is running.  
Finally,the Bavelloni HE500 11 3000 is a stand-alone dou-  
ble edger with cup wheels to grind flat edge with arrises.  
This series features oversized spindles,transmission-driven  
by brushless motors, and ball screws.  
he international glass industry  
is gearing up for the 20th edi-  
tion of Vitrum 2017. Compa-  
nies from around the world will be at  
the Fiera Milano exhibition complex  
in Rho October 3-6 showcasing their  
latest glass processing and fabrica-  
tion machinery and equipment.  
Exhibitors from 18 countries will  
offer a broad range of products for all  
glass-industry sectors—building and  
construction, industrial glass, furni-  
ture, home furnishings, automotive  
and hollow. Machinery and equip-  
ment will again have a significant  
presence at the show. Here’s a look  
at just some of what companies will  
have to offer. To learn more about the  
upcoming show, or to register, visit  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | August 2017  
Salem Stumps for Bovone  
Salem Flat Glass & Mirror is promoting its line of equip-  
Schiatti Angelo has Solutions 4.0  
Schiatti Angelo Srl, represented in the U.S. by DeGorter, is  
ment, beginning with the Bovone BRS integrated robotic promoting its Industry 4.0 solutions, focusing on the ver-  
system that features two robots and two ELB 12 edgers.This tical drilling/milling machine model TFV 2000. The ma-  
robotic solution is designed to reduce labor costs and risks chine’s drilling capacity is up to a maximum diameter of 85  
while increasing production, according to the company.  
mm,while milling shapes on glass sheets range in thickness  
In addition, Salem represents Denver CNC work centers from 3 to 19 mm.  
and water jets, all of which offer fast production, less mate-  
The machine consists of three independent sections:  
rial waste, ease of use and are eco-friendly, according to the an entry conveyor, an enclosed open top central chamber  
company. Salem will also be representing Bovone Diamond where the glass is processed, and an exit conveyor. It is  
Tooling (BDT), Zafferani drills, mills and vertical washers, completely automated by a dedicated program installed  
Fratelli Pezza sandblasting markers and the Zanetti Bis- in the internal PLC, which manages all the machine func-  
matic 2 by Bellfort Glass during the show.  
tions. A PC, based on Windows XP, with a 15-inch touch-  
screen is the user interface, on which it is possible to load  
CAD CAM for drawing handling such as .dwg, .dxf and  
others. The program coding can be done by the machine  
either directly from ISO editor or with graphic interface  
drag and drop,” which allows users to select the needed  
processing from the library and modify it.  
The working programs stored in the PC memory can be  
downloaded onto a USB key or by the net interface and new  
programs can up uploaded.  
Glaston Offers Much Insight  
Glaston recently introduced its IoT smart technologies,  
its Insight platform, which allows machines to be intercon-  
nected with each other, its operators, site managers and  
Adelio Lattuada Partners with Holonix  
Adelio Lattuada Srl is now working with Holonix, a Milan  
business owners, for greater ease of following performance, Polytechnic spin-off with more than a decade of experi-  
output, maintenance and online reporting. ence dealing with the manufacturing processes’ efficiency,  
The company also has renewed its RC and FC Series featur- analysis, consultancy and implementation of an Internet of  
ing built-in intelligence with Glaston Insight Assistant. This Things solutions.  
gives operators their own assistant to adjust furnace settings  
Adelio Lattuada will install the PLM IOT i-Like Machines  
automatically based on measured glass size and loading pat- software to collect machinery data that tracks use from both  
tern information to determine the best production heating the producer and the user. The software includes a monitor-  
setting.It also serves as a scanner to verify uniform glass heat- ing module, which provides real-time tracking of the ma-  
ing,especially for low-E coatings.Glaston Insight Reporting is chine’s production cycle and alerts in case of malfunctioning;  
a reporting system,which brings smart tools to improve glass a maintenance module that controls activity planning and  
processing machinery productivity, uptime and profitability scheduling optimization and monitors malfunctions and  
by monitoring heat treatment machinery online and getting downtime reduction; an analysis module that provides KPI  
immediate feedback from anywhere.  
and alarms history visualization and access to the machine’s  
Any existing Glaston flat tempering furnace heating usage reports statistics; and a fleet management module with  
chamber can now be upgraded to an FC- or RC Series-based an interface for the machine’s geolocation.  
heating chamber and includes the Glaston iControL auto- yy➤www.adeliolattuada.com  
mation platform.  
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Taking the Stage in Milan  
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Fenzi Group Unveils Luxver Range  
Fenzi Group is unveiling its Luxver range of mirror-back-  
ing paints.Luxver is part of a family of products that covers  
Matodi’s New Milling Options  
Matodi, which represents Neptun in the U.S., will feature the entire mirror manufacturing process.  
the Neptun Quickline T8, a solution for notching, milling  
and drilling that features eight tool positions.  
Fenzi will also feature its Tecglass technology for digi-  
tal printing on glass. The machines were developed by the  
According to Stefano Bavelloni of Neptun, the Quickline Spanish firm that joined the Fenzi Group in 2016, and offer  
T8 is able to process glass with holes and notches at accel- the combination of ease of use, high resolution and print  
erated speeds. The Quickline can also be integrated with speed, as well as production cost optimization, according to  
Neptun’s LVTOP series vertical washers for an efficient, la- the company. The F-Type line can be adapted to all types of  
bor-saving solution, according to the company.  
applications, from architecture to interior design, and from  
automotive to yachting. The Fast Frame tool, available on  
every model in the range (with ideal X and Y movement of  
the printhead),speeds the production of glass frames by fol-  
lowing their perimeters.  
A Date with the Future  
With an eye toward 4.0-ready machines and digital man-  
ufacturing, Intermac will unveil what it calls “the factory of  
the future, accessible to everyone.” The company will pres-  
ent solutions for all manufacturing companies, from busi-  
nesses engaged in large-scale production to those dedicated  
to batch-one manufacturing and small artisan producers.  
According to Intermac,its 4.0 Ready solutions can help all  
On the Mappi  
Mappi has unveiled more innovations in its tempering  
companies become smart factories. All of its technologies furnaces, with three goals for every furnace, from the Fox  
will be on display,in an area spanning more than 800 square Series to ATS series.  
meters, from the new Master machining centers to the Ge-  
Each furnace now has what the company calls a us-  
nius range of cutting solutions, the Primus and Vertmax er-friendly approach, in which the machine deals with  
waterjet range, and the vertical machining centers designed repetitive activities while people focus on the relevant deci-  
for maximum versatility. The company will offer integrated sions; increased productivity, both in quality and in quan-  
machines that enable production processes to be optimized, tity; and significant time, energy, and cost savings due to  
cutting costs and improving the daily work by helping cus- a “perfect” temperature control during heating and cooling  
tomers launch into the era of digital manufacturing.  
and optimal thermal insulation.  
ƒƒ®mappi.us s  
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