Vitro Architectural Glass Celebrates  
0 Anniversary of its Fresno Plant  
he Fresno, Calif., float glass man- reduce its carbon footprint, according glass furnaces. The Fresno plant is one  
ufacturing plant of Vitro Archi- to the announcement. In 2000, Fresno of only six flat glass production facili-  
tectural Glass, formerly PPG became the company’s first flat glass ties worldwide to use this process in its  
Glass,is celebrating its 50 anniversary. manufacturing plant to install and op- manufacturing operations.  
The milestone comes as the facility erate an oxy-fuel float tank.At the time,  
The clear glass and Starphire glass  
implements new technology to enhance the facility was the lowest NOx-emit- produced at the Fresno plant meet the  
the environmental performance of the ting plant in the U.S.  
requirements of the Cradle-to-Cradle  
glass-manufacturing process for Star- In 2014, the float glass tank was re- Certified Products Program, a globally  
phire ultra clear glass and other residen- lined and a new furnace was installed. recognized standard for environmen-  
tial and commercial flat glass products. That summer, the plant started manu- tally progressive, high-performance  
The process, which involves injecting facturing Starphire glass with oxy-fuel products, according to the company.  
ammonia into the facility’s oxygen-fu- furnace technology.  
The Fresno plant,which employs ap-  
eled (oxy-fuel) glass furnace,will reduce Operated with Vitro-owned and proximately 150 people, produces 600  
nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions, mak- patented technology, the furnace uses tons of standard clear and Starphire  
ing it one of the lowest NOx-emitting oxygen to combust sand, silica and glass per day, ranging in thickness  
float glass plants in the U.S.  
other raw materials. It reduces natural from 2.5 to 12 millimeters, for the res-  
Using clean, environmentally ad- gas consumption by 15 percent, car- idential and commercial construction  
vanced processes in its operations has bon emissions by 10 percent and NOx markets.  
been a hallmark of the plant’s efforts to emissions by more than 50 percent  
manufacture glass more efficiently and compared to traditional gas/air-fired  
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YKK AP Employees Help Puerto Rico Hurricane Victims  
hen Hurricane Maria dev- gathered at a rented warehouse in across the country find ways to aid  
astated Puerto Rico in Norcross, Ga., to sort, organize, label disaster relief, homelessness, and  
September, it hit close to and pack donations for delivery to struggling families and children.  
home for two employees at YKK AP families in Puerto Rico. After learning about YKK AP’s ef-  
America’s Austell, Ga., headquarters. “To have the opportunity to help our forts, Baez’s sister, who lives in Puerto  
Angel Baez and Veronica Acosta were friends and families, and to have man- Rico, wrote to him.  
among the employees whose families agement recognize our initiative and “As a Puerto Rican living closely  
were affected by the storm. pay us for the day of volunteer work, to this sad situation and knowing  
Those first few days of not being was incredible. I was so proud to know the need of thousands of other  
able to communicate with anyone that we were doing something to help Puerto Ricans that still don’t have  
on the island were incredibly stress- the cause,” said Acosta. anything, I feel more than grateful  
ful,” said Acosta, an office admin- Employees came together to help. and happy that there are hearts full  
istrator. “My grandfather’s home The wellness committee took the lead of love and willing to share,” she  
requires extensive repairs to make it and raised funds from colleagues to wrote. “I know it will be a great help  
fully livable. Thankfully it was not a donate to relief efforts. It also con- to each person that receives these  
total loss and they are able to make nected with the Atlanta-based orga- goods. I’m more than grateful that  
it work.”  
nization Serve the World, which helps all of you have come forward to help  
On October 30, YKK AP employees people, businesses and churches my island.”  
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Jumbo Size Glass up to 300”  
Sika Announces Price Increases  
Sika Corporation, Industry Division will raise prices on  
all of its products between 3 percent and 5 percent starting  
January 1, 2018.  
Instead of a blanket percentage increase, Sika says it ad-  
justed products based on the added material and produc-  
tion costs associated with each technology range to reduce  
the impact of the price increases.  
According to the company, raw material costs continued to  
rise rapidly throughout 2017, largely due to price increases  
for critical major items such as propylene, polyols and other  
petrochemicals,as well as energy and transportation charges.  
Sika says its procurement team has been working with  
suppliers to manage costs and secure supply for its custom-  
ers. Over the past year, Sika’s suppliers continued to com-  
municate the need for increased pricing and in some cases,  
their inability to supply due to either signif cant interruption  
to their key materials and/or their own operation facilities.  
The company says it will keep working to keep costs  
California’s Premier Glass Fabricator  
Jumbo High-Performance IG + Jumbo Tempered & Laminated Glass  
Entrance Systems + Custom Mirrors + Bent Glass + Shower Doors  
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For information, call 888.789.7810 visit us at down in its supply chain through manufacturing eff cien- Follow us on Twitter & LinkedIn cies and other measures.  
Tempco Earns Minority  
Insulating Glass/Window Fabrication Business Certification  
Queens, N.Y.-based Tempco Glass Fabrication has re-  
Equipment and Supplies  
ceived certif cation from New York State’s Empire State  
Development Corporation (ESDC) as a Minority Business  
Enterprise (MBE).  
The ESDC certif cation covers all New York State agencies  
and will be used to obtain reciprocal MBE certif cations with  
New York City as well as other municipalities and states.  
“Since Tempco Glass Fabrication is relatively new to the  
industry, this certif cation is an important designation that  
helps level the playing f eld with larger, more established  
glass suppliers,” says Johnson Chen, general manager for  
Tempco.“It will also assist our commercial glazier custom-  
ers competing for New York State contracts and New York  
State-f nanced projects.”  
The MBE Certif cation process involves submitting ex-  
tensive documentation on ownership,f nancing,operations,  
assets, contracts, and other detailed information related to  
the business.To qualify for New York State certif cation as an  
MBE,a f rm must be more than 50-percent minority owned,  
in business for three years and with demonstrable opera-  
tions and revenues in the state, among other criteria.  
Muntin Notching  
Spacer/Muntin Saw  
Spacer/Muntin Bender  
Gass Filing Equipment  
Computerized Notcher  
Weather Stripping  
Gas Filing Rivets and  
Glazing Tapes  
Setting Blocks  
Breather Tubes  
Foam Jam Liner  
Extrusion Saw  
Computerized Gauge Bar  
Contour Equipment  
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