Announcing the 2017 USGlass Readers’ Choice Award Winners  
hen it comes to glazing industry  
products, 2017 was packed with  
options. Companies introduced  
or highlighted a variety of glass products,  
tools, equipment, hardware and so much  
more. Which ones stood out to you? It was  
tough to decide, but the results of the 2017  
Readers’ Choice Awards are in, and we’re  
bringing you a look at this year’s winners.  
We asked readers to vote for their fa-  
vorite products in a variety of categories.  
The products listed in the survey were  
featured in the USGlass Showcase de-  
partment, New Products Guide or other  
news section, various show previews  
and/or advertisements in the magazine.  
Product submissions are welcome through-  
out the year. Please email releases to Ellen  
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USGlass, Metal & Glazing | December 2017  
Adhesives and Sealants  
Dow Corning, Transparent  
Structural Silicone Adhesive  
Sunshades and  
Light Shelves  
Schuco-USA, Sun  
Shading Systems  
A variety of sun shad-  
ing systems are avail-  
able from Schuco-USA,  
including a range of  
louver blades. According  
to information from the  
company, the different  
louvre blade options pro-  
vide design freedom for  
individualized architecture. The louver blades in landscape or portrait orien-  
tation can be mounted passively as well as installed as an active system. The  
louver systems can provide benefits such as protection against overheating,  
optimized natural light and increased comfort.  
This year PPG has been celebrat- terial in reveals between each panel,  
ing the 50th anniversary of its Dura- which results in a more uniform ap-  
nar polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) pearance, according to the company.  
coatings. According to company in- The panels are designed to meet all  
formation, advances of Duranar have the same building construction code  
One of the newest developments from included the addition of metallic and specifications as other SAF 4000 Rain-  
Dow Corning is the company’s Trans- mica flake for expanded appearance Screen Panels.  
parent Silicone Structural Adhesive options; the incorporation of Ul- yy➤  
drill and bolt through glass façades. to reduce building-cooling loads; and Components  
TSSA), designed to negate the need to tra-Cool infrared-reflective pigments  
TSSA is a bonding option for clear, the development of ultra-low-VOC Ensinger, Insulbar Thermal  
point-fixed glass façades that elimi- powder formulation techniques.  
nates the potential for gas leakage and yy➤  
thermal bridging, according to the  
Barrier Technology  
company. It is suitable for façade con- Architectural Panels  
struction, as well as for glass walls and and Systems  
interior decorative applications.  
Southern Aluminum Finishing,  
Series 4000 Rain Screen  
As an addition  
Architectural Metals  
and Coatings  
PPG, Duranar  
to its ADAPT  
Panel and Col-  
umn Cover Sys-  
tems Accessories  
Line, South-  
ern Aluminum  
Finishing Co.  
Ensinger’s insulbar thermal barrier  
technology offers an effective way of  
breaking aluminum, and provides  
insulation of metal windows, doors,  
storefronts and curtainwalls,according  
to the company.  
SAF) offers its  
RainScreen panels. According to the of profiles from 10 mm to applications  
company, the product is a modified exceeding 100 mm, and it allows com-  
000i Insulated  
The product is available in a range  
000 Series RainScreen ACM build- mercial fenestration systems to meet  
ing panel with insulation adhered or exceed ICC thermal and CRF per-  
by silicon sealant that meets use ‘G’ formance requirements, according to  
and ‘O’ of the ASTM C1184 standard. the company.  
The screens are drained and back-ven- yy➤  
tilated panel systems that incorporate  
strips of composite or aluminum ma-  
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December 2017 | USGlass, Metal & Glazing  
RconetianudedefrromspCaghe 7o7ice  
Curtainwall and  
Window Wall  
Kawneer Curtainwall Products  
Dynamic Glazing Products  
SageGlass, Electrochromic Glass  
SageGlass, which is designed to control sunlight and glare, can be tinted  
by traditional wall switches, or the company’s mobile app, allowing building  
occupants to create specific lighting effects and tint the glass as needed,  
according to the company.  
The glass is available in a variety of shapes and sizes up to 5- by 10-feet.  
Additionally, cost savings from the product can reduce overall energy loads by  
up to 20 percent and peak energy demand by up to 26 percent, according to  
the company.  
system. The system has a strong stain- Glass - Primary  
less steel hinge that, according to the Guardian Glass,  
company,provides high weight capacity, UltraClear Glass  
Kawneer offers a variety of curtain- strength, durability and performance.  
wall products designed to address ther- The doors are weather-resistant and  
mal performance, energy efficiency, are available in-line and/or with multi-  
hurricane-resistance, blast mitigation, ple panels. Custom configurations are  
natural daylight and LEED compli- also available.  
ance. These include high-performing yy➤  
windows that provide natural venti-  
lation, window walls for multifamily Fire-Rated Products  
buildings, curtainwalls that enhance Safti First, SuperLite II-XLM  
daylight in offices, and entrances that  
keep facilities safe and secure.  
Guardian UltraClear low-iron float  
glass is designed to deliver maximum  
clarity and color neutrality.Without the  
green tint of standard glass, it elevates  
light transmission and presents views  
that are true-to-life, according to com-  
pany information. It can be combined  
with many Guardian SunGuard low-E  
coatings to achieve aesthetics and en-  
ergy-saving performance.  
Doors and Windows  
PRL, Aluminum Bi-fold and  
Sliding Door Systems  
SuperLite II-XLM is a 45- to 120-  
Applications include facades, walls  
minute, hose-stream-tested, fire-re- and partitions, entranceways, display  
sistive, multi-laminate glazing that cases, tables, railings and more.  
meets ASTM E-119/UL 263/NFPA 251 yy➤  
and CAN/ULC S101 and CPSC Cat. II  
impact safety. It is available in large Glass Decorative  
sizes and can be used in fire-rated GGI, Satin Line Etched Glass  
General Glass International (GGI)  
The Accordion aluminum bi-fold including clear fire-resistive, butt- has expanded its Satin Line of etched  
door system from PRL is designed to glazed applications up to two hours glass with three new products: Illusion  
0/45/60/90/120-minute applications,  
be thermally broken and provides dual without vertical mullions or spacers.  
function as both a sliding and bi-folding yy➤  
Lines, Crystal Light and Satin Mirror.  
Illusion Lines glass features a dou-  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | December 2017  
Glass – Fabricated/Specialty  
AGNORA, Jumbo Glass  
Architectural Glass North America (AGNORA) produces jumbo-size glass  
products in sizes up to 130 by 300 inches. The company’s capabilities in-  
clude insulating, laminating, tempering, heat-soak testing, and digital print-  
ing, among many others.  
The company has been involved with a wide variety of architectural glass  
projects, including one in Miami where it produced a high-performance glass  
curtainwall to serve as an enclosure to Damien Hirst’s “Gone but not Forgot-  
ten,” a gilded skeleton of a 10-foot-tall woolly mammoth. The largest glass  
unit measured 129 ¾ inches wide x 246 inches long.  
ble-sided pattern that is applied to  
both sides of the glass. According to  
the company, this creates a permanent  
scratch- and fingerprint-resistant de-  
sign. The product is ideal for interior  
applications such as walls and office  
partitions, table tops, doors and door  
insets, railings and shower enclosures.  
Crystal Light is translucent,  
scratch-resistant and emits low glare,  
making it ideal for marker boards. tional stone-cutting tools for custom on the ANSI A137.1 2012 Section 9.6  
Likewise, Satin Mirror creates a soft edging, cutting and carving, honing or Procedure for Dynamic Coefficient of  
reflection with a surface that is mir- polishing surfaces.  
Friction (DCOF) test.  
The Traction products have a full  
ror-bright, yet produces the diffusion  
effect of a satin finish.  
The material is produced without  
resins, has no volatile organic com- surface coverage, which offers privacy  
pounds and is recyclable. It’s available to the users while favoring light flow.  
in pure black or solid white in three yy➤  
Pulp Studio, Stoneglass  
Glass Railings  
C.R. Laurence, GRS Taper-Loc  
Glass Flooring  
Walker Glass, Force Anti-Slip  
Full-Surface Acid-Etched Glass  
New from Pulp Studio, Stoneglass  
is a glass product that offers the look  
of stone. The product can be used for  
both interior and exterior applications  
on walls or as cladding for countertops  
and floors.  
C.R. Laurence (CRL) received an  
ICC-ES Evaluation Report (ESR-3842)  
for its GRS Taper-Loc laminated glass  
guardrail system.  
According to the company, the pat-  
an anti-slip, full surface acid-etched ented dry-glaze Taper-Loc system  
Walker Glass has launched the Force,  
While the material aesthetically re- glass without a pattern. Force was cre- reduces installation time by as much  
sembles stone or quartz, it can also be ated after many years of research and as 50 percent and simplifies glass ad-  
bent and formed,and produced in spe- development for an acid-etched that justment or replacement. Its base shoe  
cific thicknesses to reduce waste and can be used safely for pedestrian areas. features a multiple hollow design that  
cost, according to the company.  
Force is added to the two existing makes it 30 percent lighter than stan-  
It has a crystalline silicone structure patterns, 406 and 407, of the Walker dard base shoes for easier handling  
that’s hard like granite, and it allows Textures Traction product line. Ac- and lower shipping costs, according to  
light to reflect evenly across the sur- cording to the company, all three op-  
face. It can be fabricated using tradi- tions were successfully tested based  
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December 2017 | USGlass, Metal & Glazing  
RconetianudedefrromspCaghe 7o9ice  
Insulating Glass Spacers and Components  
J.E. Berkowitz,  
JEB 3 Seal HM+  
the company, adding that a patented  
safety seal can be installed in the base  
shoe before the glass, allowing glaziers  
to avoid reaching over the railing to roll  
in the outside gasket.  
Warm Edge  
Spacer System  
JEB 3Seal HM+ warm-  
edge spacer system for  
insulating glass units  
(IGUs), which enables  
bold and energy-effi-  
Handling and  
Lifting Equipment  
Wood’s Powr-Grip, Intelli-Grip  
cient architectural glass  
solutions, is available  
from J.E. Berkowitz, part  
of Consolidated Glass  
Designed to meet the  
toughest commercial  
glazing demands, the  
new spacer features triple-seal technology, including an improved secondary  
seal made out of high-modulus silicone, as well as a hot-applied captive poly-  
isobutylene (PIB) primary seal and a pre-applied acrylic adhesive for spacer-  
to-glass bonding.  
According to the company, while traditional metal spacers are highly con-  
ductive, this new offering is made from thermoset structural silicone with  
integral 3A desiccant, which allows for minimal thermal conductivity, higher  
edge-of-glass temperatures, and an improved condensation resistance factor.  
With its T-shaped design, the spacer also offers shock-absorbing properties  
that counteract glazing stresses caused by wind, snow, driving rain, fluctuat-  
ing temperatures, and barometric pressure.  
Designed to add a greater margin of  
safety to vacuum lifters, Intelli-Grip,  
from Wood’s Powr-Grip Inc. (WPG) is  
a newly developed computer-operated  
control system.  
The technology features proprietary  
software,a color display screen and ergo-  
nomic controls. It helps prevent human  
error; alerts users of slow leak rates or a commodate doors up to 10 feet tall and  
low battery before they become dangers; have been tested to 2 million cycles of ernfold is an automated self-driving  
manages power to extend lifter run time operation. panel system that provides the ability  
The new ComfortDrive from Mod-  
and auto-tests the vacuum system, ac-  
cording to the company.  
The devices are also available in to simply press a button and automat-  
different finishes including stainless, ically divide a space into a variety of  
brass and custom.  
pre-programmed layouts correctly and  
efficiently, according to the company.  
The system includes Compactline  
glass panels that can be moved to a va-  
riety of individually pre-programmed  
positions under fully automatic con-  
trol. According to company informa-  
Hardware - Doors, Windows  
PRL, Panic Devices  
Interior Glazing Products  
Modernfold, ComfortDrive  
Automated Self-Driving  
Panel System  
PRL Glass Systems offers several dif-  
ferent panic devices for all glass and  
full-framed clad doors. According to  
company information, the devices ac-  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | December 2017  
tion, it features a user-friendly control  
interface in the form of a touch pad  
that can be programmed to maximize  
the space in different applications.  
mens Programmable Logic Control  
(PLC) that features touch screen inter-  
face.These PLC bevelers can adjust per-  
tinent settings from data entered on a  
touch screen interface or recalled from  
a memory of up to 1,000 programs.  
cient, and economical coating device  
for easy implementation. The machine Machinery –  
is designed and built by EnduroShield CNC Equipment  
based on customer-driven design to Salem Flat Glass and Mirror,  
streamline the coating application, Denver CNC Work Centers  
allowing scalability to any size opera-  
Interlayers and  
Laminated Glass  
Kuraray, Brilliant Black and  
Diamond White Interlayers  
tion, according to the company.  
Machinery – Bevelers,  
Edgers, Polishers  
Salem Flat Glass & Mirror,  
Bovone Mini Maxi 471  
The Denver Digit 3350 CNC work  
center offers five digital interpolated  
axes designed for hi-tech performance,  
carries seven patents and features a  
12.8 kW air-cooled electro-spindle  
specifically designed for lifetime effi-  
ciency. With an up to 28 available po-  
The Bovone Mini Maxi 471, a straight sition ISO40 tooling capacity, the work  
line beveling machine for cerium pol- center can perform routing, shaping,  
Trosifol, part of the Kuraray Group,  
has introduced Brilliant Black and Di-  
amond White opaque PVB interlayers  
for laminated glass interior and exte-  
rior applications.  
These opaque interlayers expand ished bevel and pencil edge grinding, is  
the Trosifol portfolio of translucent available by Salem Flat Glass & Mirror as  
white PVB and ionoplast interlayers, part of the Bovone 400 Series Bevelers.  
continued on page 82  
which are used in a variety of archi-  
The 400 series has three models: the  
tectural applications. Trosifol now 471,462 and the 461+1 and is designed  
offers a broad portfolio of innovative for high production environments, ac-  
glass-laminating solutions, including cording to the company. The 471 pro-  
structural and functional interlayers duces bevels up 2.25 inches at speeds  
for safety and security applications, up to 5.4 meters/minute.  
sound insulation and UV protection.  
The series is equipped with a Sie-  
Inspection Equipment  
Viprotron, Quality Scanners  
Viprotron Quality Scanners inspect  
glass for defects such as bubbles,  
seeds and scratches, using up to  
three viewing channels. Accord-  
ing to the company, customer tests  
show that by using three channels,  
the scanner is able to see more in  
comparison to using one direct view.  
Scanners are available for insulat-  
ing glass units (IGU) and laminated  
Low-Maintenance Coatings  
and Equipment  
EnduroShield, X-Line  
Automatic Easy-Clean Glass  
Coating Machine  
The X-Line from EnduroShield is  
the company’s fully automated verti-  
cal coating machine, which applies its  
easy-clean glass treatment coating.Ac-  
cording to the company, the X-Line is  
a high-speed machine that combines  
uncomplicated design and smart tech-  
nology to deliver a user-friendly, effi-  
December 2017 | USGlass, Metal & Glazing  
RconetianudedefrromspCaghe 8o1ice  
TIE - Machinery - Drilling, Milling, Etching, Sandblasting  
HHH Tempering Resources,  
Automatic Glass Drilling  
edging, polishing, drilling, beveling,  
writing, grooving, straight cuts with  
saw blades and flat edging with cup  
wheels to process a large variety of  
HHH Tempering Resources (HHH) has  
added an automatic glass drilling machine  
to its product line-up, which offers industrial  
glass drilling. Features include a built-in  
laser, self-feeding drill capabilities, hydro  
speed feed controls, and multiple motor  
drive options.  
Machinery - Insulating Glass  
Lisec, Velocity  
Insulating Glass Line  
Matodi USA, Glassmaster  
000 Sandblasting Machine  
The Glassmaster 2000 sandblast-  
ing machine by MHG is a complete  
system, with standard features such  
as blast shot recovery, efficient dust  
recovery, multiple guns, and an au-  
tomatic shadowing function. Built in  
Germany by MHG, it also features heavy duty construction throughout.  
production of double insulating glass Machinery -  
units up to 900- by 600-mm with hot- Painting/Coating  
melt sealing. Triple glass units are done Fenzi, Tecglass Digital Printers  
The newVelocity Plus insulating glass in 26 seconds.The Velocity Plus has two  
line is one of the newest innovations spacer applicators that apply the spacers  
from Lisec. With the standard version, onto the glass sheet.In paired operation,  
the Velocity spacer applicator has a the gas-filling press allows the simulta-  
cycle time of 24 seconds for double in- neous assembly of two insulating glass  
sulating glass.The Velocity Plus line has units with different sizes.  
a cycle time of 16 seconds, managing ƒƒ®  
The Vitro Jet F Type from Spanish  
firm Tecglass, part of the Fenzi Group,  
is designed for real-time, ultra high-  
speed reproduction of any graphic  
design, even on the most varied sizes.  
Suited to all kinds of applications,  
from architecture to interior design,  
automotive to industrial products, the  
entire line of F Type machines is geared  
toward printing graphic patterns and  
Machinery – Tempering Lines  
Glaston, RC and FC Series with Insight Assistance  
The RC and FC Series tempering furnaces from Glaston now feature built-in photographic images on large sheets  
intelligence with the Glaston Insight Assistant. According to the company, this of glass, up to 3,300- by 18,000-mm,  
gives operators their own assistant to adjust furnace settings automatically while ensuring durability over time.  
based on measured glass size and loading pattern information to determine  
the best production heating setting. It also serves as a scanner to verify uniform tool, which is available on all models in  
glass heating, especially for low-E coatings. Glaston Insight Reporting is de-  
the range. With optimal X and Y move-  
The company also has a Fast Frame  
signed to bring smart tools to improve glass processing machinery productivity, ment of the print head, the machine is  
uptime and profitability by monitoring heat treatment machinery online and able to speed the production of glass  
getting immediate feedback from anywhere.  
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USGlass, Metal & Glazing | December 2017  
RconetianudedefrromspCaghe 8o2ice  
TIE –Machinery – Miscellaneous  
Erdman Automation, Semi-Automatic Sealant Application  
Erdman Automation’s latest intro-  
frames by following parameters of ad-  
vanced technology settings capable of  
increasing the machine’s versatility and  
print speed, according to the company.  
duction to the curtainwall market is a  
semi-automated sealant application  
system. Machine operators have in-  
creased visibility of the sealant ap-  
plication through the cameras and  
monitors, ensuring greater accuracy  
of the sealant. The operator can also  
apply the structural sealant or the  
cap bead at one station, rather than  
two. According to the company, con-  
solidation into one system reduces  
waste in time, floor space and resources.  
Machinery – Washers  
Jordon Glass, Heavy Duty  
Horizontal Washing Machine  
Salem Glass & Mirror, Bovone  
BRS Robotic System  
Salem Flat Glass & Mirror now offers  
the Bovone Robotic System (BRS). It is de-  
signed to increase production and reduce  
labor costs and risks in glass fabrication  
facilities. The BRS provides automatic  
loading and unloading of vertical glass  
edgers, and is available in an array of con-  
figurations. The system can be custom-designed to fit most any application.  
Heavy duty horizontal washing ma-  
chines for laminated glass and tem-  
pering lines are available from Jordon  
Glass Machinery. Made with an ex-  
truded aluminum base and stainless Software  
Things (IofT) and Industry 4.0, allow-  
ing machinery, software and suppliers  
to “talk” the same language.  
steel wash sections, the “clam” style FeneTech Inc., FENml Fenestra-  
washer comes equipped with three tion Manufacturing Language  
independent wash sections, each with  
FeneTech Inc. recently introduced its  
The Internet of Things devices and  
their own tank, f lter and water pump. FENml, fenestration manufacturing protocols can enable systems to com-  
A high-capacity blower powers the language. FENml is a baseline com- municate. Equipment can capture and  
drying air knives at the glass exit.  
munication standard that uses the relay data such as alarms, tempera-  
concepts of the Industrial Internet of tures, power consumption, vibration,  
TIE - Shower Doors, Hardware and Tools  
Aldora Aluminum and Glass Products, Murano Shower Door Hardware  
Shower door hardware products in a range of styles and finishes are available from Murano  
Hardware, part of Aldora Aluminum and Glass Products. Available products include glass-to-  
wall hinges—full plate; heavy duty glass-to-wall hinges—full plate; glass-to-wall hinge beveled  
H plate; glass-to-glass hinges; handles with washers, clips, sleeves, pivots and much more.  
According to company information, the products have undergone rigorous durability testing,  
including accelerated salt tests.  
Alumax, Prism Pro Shower  
Door Configuration Software  
Online configuration software for shower enclosures called  
Prism Pro is available from Alumax Shower Door. The program  
helps users configure prices and quotes, as well as generate  
drawings and material lists.  
According to information from the company, the program al-  
lows users to build multiple types of enclosures that fit within a  
range of specifications.  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | December 2017  
operating modes, cycle times and  
more. These data points can then be  
analyzed to provide information that  
influences future business decisions.  
The devices using IofT communicate to  
the user and,according to the company  
are generally simple and less costly  
than others because the heavy lifting is  
done by servers operating in the cloud.  
Storefronts and Entrances  
Tubelite, ForceFront  
Storm Products  
Tubelite Inc.’s  
ForceFront Storm  
products, which in-  
clude curtainwall,  
storefront and en-  
trances, provide a  
complete, easy-to-  
install, hurricane  
impact-resistant sys-  
tem. The products  
are designed to meet  
Onassis Cultural Center, 5th Avenue, New York City.  
the Florida Building Code’s High Veloc-  
ity Hurricane Zone requirements, and  
are also approved through the Florida  
Product Approval and Texas Depart-  
ment of Insurance review processes.  
This all-glass staircase is an engineering marvel of standing tension.  
Extraordinary in Every Interaction  
The curtainwall (FFS-CW) systems  
feature a 2- /  
-inch face pressure bar  
system for use on single- and twin-  
span applications, with a shear block  
construction available in captured or  
structural glazed options.  
Please visit to see more projects like this  
Fabricators of the largest glass in North America  
The storefront systems are designed  
for use on first floor, single-span appli- in use, the rack can be removed and  
cations, and the entrance doors com- stored quickly. Full length horizontal  
plement the company’s curtainwall and and vertical rubber padding protects  
storefront products.  
glass and E-track is included so cargo  
straps can be used to secure glass in  
place. The rack’s posts and slats are  
fabricated from custom aluminum ex-  
trusion, and the rack is held together  
with Huck aircraft-grade mechanical  
Trucks and Carriers,  
Strap-In Glass Rack  
The Strap-In glass rack by MyGlas- fasteners that the company says won’t can be installed tempo- crack like welded aluminum or loosen  
rarily in any box truck for occasional, from vibration such as bolts, nuts and  
or overflow glass deliveries. When not screws. The glass racks are available in  
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December 2017 | USGlass, Metal & Glazing  
RconetianudedefrromspCaghe 8o5ice  
TIE - Tools and Supplies  
Bohle, Aqua Drill Power+  
EDTM, Glas-Check Elite  
or fire-rated glass, reflective/mirrored  
EDTM’s Glass-Chek Elite measures commercial glass, dark glass, sus-  
glass and air space thickness, iden- pended film and quad pane windows.  
tifies laminated glass in a window, ƒƒ®  
and measures the thickness of the  
laminate interlayer. A graphical dis- Horseshoe Shims, Grove  
play shows the window drawn ap- Products Inc.  
proximately to  
scale and assigns  
numbers to each  
Grove Prod-  
ucts Inc. offers a  
range of shims in  
The Aqua Drill Power+, a cordless, surface of glass,  
wet-drilling machine for tiles and im- aiding in identi-  
pact drilling in masonry, is available fying the low-E  
from Bohle America. The combination coated surface.  
of the FESTOOL cordless impact drill- The meter stores  
ing machine and the company’s water the 28 most recent  
feed chuck enables safe drilling with- measurements  
a variety of sizes,  
with its 3- by  
4-inch horseshoe  
shims available  
in nine thick-  
nesses. They are  
available in eight color-coded thick-  
nesses and can be supplied bulk  
out risk of breaking the material.  
In the range of diamond drill-  
taken by the user.  
The Glass-Chek Elite has 12 dif- packed in boxes.  
According to information from the  
self-sharpening effect starting from a one that can identify which piece of company, the horseshoe shims are  
-mm diameter. The switchable axial glass has the low-E coating when the shaped to fit around a bolt or anchor,  
ing tools, the machine features a ferent operating modes, including  
run-out makes permanently changing low-E surface is placed against the and are often used during installa-  
between different drilling machines laminate interlayer. Other special op- tion of storefronts and in applications  
unnecessary when drilling masonry.  
erating modes include: multi-laminate where the shim is placed vertically.  
applications, such as bullet-resistant ƒƒ®  
Check us out for your new vinyl  
window manufacturing equipment  
Insulated Glass Manufacturing System  
Includes 62" vertical stainless glass washer loaded  
with features. 5' x 6'application table, great  
features. 72" 5-roller heated press, lots of extras.  
Sealed Unit Manufacturing System  
® ®  
For use with Super Spacer and EnerEDGE spacers.  
Includes 62" vertical stainless washer loaded with  
extras. 5' x 6' application table, 60" cold roll press  
and hot melt speed gunning system.  
-station argon gas filling station (sniffer type).  
Check Out Our Package Specials  
Check Out Our Package Specials  
Ameracan Equipment LLC  
Your Trusted Supplier for New and Used Equipment for the Glass and Window Industries  
55 669-9108 · 303/669-9108 · ·  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | December 2017  
-, 8- and 10-foot lengths with heights  
of 6, 7 and 8 feet. They can be installed  
using any box truck’s E-track and cargo  
straps, according to the company.  
Websites and Resources  
Guardian Glass,  
Sustainability Calculator  
The new Sustainability Calculator  
from Guardian Glass allows users to ef-  
ficiently evaluate SunGuard or InGlass  
glass products for compliance with  
green building rating systems. From  
LEED to the Living Building Challenge  
and theWELL Building Standard,results  
are compiled in easy-to-understand con-  
tribution summaries. According to the  
company, it generates a comprehensive  
report to help architects and designers  
in the specification process.  
SDC’s ADA Compliance and Access Control Products Package  
provides a multi-solution approach to meet compliance and  
functionality requirements for many door retrofit applications –  
like our Auto EntryControlTM Swinging Door Operator and  
QuietDUOTM LR100 Electric Latch Retraction Kits.  
Visit for more details.  
Auto EntryControlTM - Low Energy  
Swing Door Operator  
QuietDUOTM - LR100 Series  
ELR Field Retrof t Kits for Exit Devices  
602RFXUR-1 - 1 Amp, Class 2  
Power Supply with UR-1 controller  
Power Transfer Not Shown  
the lock behind the system  
In Stock at  
Ray-Bar Engineering,  
Protective Glass, Windows  
and Assemblies • 800.413.8783  
Security Door Controls  
and radiation shielding materials. The  
company also offers life and safety pro-  
tective glass, windows and assemblies.  
According to company information,  
its range of products complies with  
U.S. and international codes and spec-  
ifications for construction, material  
life, safety and radiation shielding. The  
products meet all the U.S. specifica-  
tions, codes and standards including  
ASTM, ANSI, U.L. and all applicable  
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Ray-Bar Engineering provides design NCRP reports.  
and manufacturing of x-ray protection ƒƒ® s  
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