The Time is Now  
Are You Ready To Meet Your Next Customer?  
b y P a u l B i e b e r  
ou’re finishing up a shower door  
installation at Mrs. Bieber’s  
house,and her next-door neigh-  
Write out a hundred-word description and  
capabilities statement about your company.  
Practice it until you have it down pat and  
can speak it naturally. Give this same  
description to your key players.  
bor comes to visit and look at the new  
bathroom. She says she wants one just  
like it.Are you ready to speak with her?  
You’re gassing up your glass truck,  
and the guy at the next pump asks you  
if you can put a new storefront on his  
baseball card shop.Do you make an ap-  
pointment to see him,or do you imme-  
diately ask him to have a cup of coffee an appointment for you on that first right-now world.Your page has to open  
with you before he changes his mind?  
contact.If they wait to call back and set within five seconds, showing links to  
You donated a new door for a home- the appointment, that customer will the part of your business the customer  
less shelter. The local TV station hears already have two appointments with is interested in.  
about it and drops in with a camera your competition.  
crew, unannounced. You don’t need  
Many potential clients won’t make a  
In the backseat of your car or in a phone call today. They’ll click to your  
make-up; just a 30-second description briefcase in your truck, have a nice “contact us” page and send an email.  
of your business for the six o’clock news. snapshot book of your recent instal- Make sure you and your key people  
lations. Show this to your potential check email at least every half hour  
Be PrePared  
customers whenever the opportunity when possible. Business hours are no  
Customers come from everywhere: pops up. Include copies of recent ads, longer 9-5. The email customers may  
your advertising, your web page, your screenshots of your digital presence be looking at your web page at any  
social media and the front door of your and one or two key recommendations. time. Check your email a couple of  
shop. In my conversations with suc- Give these, stapled together with your times in the evening and again in the  
cessful businesses, the owner and key business card, to that potential cus- morning before you leave the house.  
people are always ready to speak with tomer to cement the fact that you’re a You’ll get one more job next month if  
potential customers.  
Write out a hundred-word descrip-  
tion and capabilities statement about What Customers Need  
your company. Practice it. Practice  
reliable installer.  
you’re the first responder to their glass  
Bottom line: there is plenty of busi-  
Train your installers so that they can ness out there right now. Your job is  
it until you have it down pat and can give that 30-second pitch. Ensure they to make sure that you get it before it  
speak it naturally. Give this same de- have a copy of your selling book to give passes by. n  
scription to your key players.They may details to someone who stops by  
alter a word or two to fit their speaking a commercial job you’re doing.  
style, but you’ll have the same message. Give a $100 bonus to the installer  
Train the folks who answer your who creates the first contact that  
phone. Instead of saying that you’re becomes a sale.  
P a u l B i e b e r has 41  
years’ experience in the glass  
industry, with C.R. Laurence  
and as executive vice president  
of Floral Glass in New York. He  
on the road, make sure your phone  
Is your Facebook page easy to  
people can speak intelligently so that a find? Does your web page open  
potential customer is looking forward easily? A fancy web page that  
to your phone call. Leave your weekly takes 20 seconds to open because  
schedule at the front desk so your re- of too much information won’t be  
ceptionist or office staff can confirm seen be people in today’s have-it-  
is now the principal of Bieber  
Consulting Group LLC and can be reached  
at Read his blog on  
Tuesdays at  
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