machinery and equipment  
A Cutting-Edge Solution  
A Vertical Alternative  
tions for the front electrospindle and  
The Denver Advance is a compact, ten positions for the rear. The Advance  
high-tech universal vertical CNC work has a small footprint and is capable  
center now available from Salem Flat of edging, notching, countersinking  
Glass & Mirror. According to com- and polishing (optional). It’s ideal for  
This patented Intermac electronic  
corner rounding option on F Series  
double-edger machines allows com-  
panies to fabricate polished rounded  
corners or polished chamfered corners,  
and eliminates the additional steps re- pany information, the Advance is an production of doors, shower boxes,  
quired by manual or semiautomatic all-in-one, true vertical alternative staircases, balustrades and partitions,  
machines. The corner rounding option to horizontal work centers. It fea- furniture components, such as tables,  
is ideal for doors,shower doors,cabinet tures a hot, zinc-coated structure, a display cabinets and mirrors, as well  
doors and tables along with balustrade user-friendly software interface and as laminated glass and components for  
glass, interior partitions and office double fan-cooled electrospindles, the home appliance and automotive  
front and rear. It also has automatic industries.  
rotating tool magazines with 12 posi- ƒƒ®  
A Customized Approach  
Bavelloni’s new vertical drilling and  
milling machine the VDM 1636 CN is  
fast,easy to use and accurate.According  
to the company, these double edgers are  
strong and flexible machines,customiz-  
able in many configurations and avail-  
able with cup or peripheral wheels.  
Vertical Lines  
The Erdman High Speed Dura line produces insulating glass vertically,  
nearly doubling the speed of traditional vertical lines, according to the com-  
pany. Vertical production eliminates the need to tip a unit up to four times in  
the production sequence. This saves time, eliminates injury potential, qual-  
ifies more operators for service and minimizes breakage, according to the  
Automatic Adjustments  
Adelio Lattuada has integrated a  
Kuka robot with two Lattuada 11-wheel  
edging machines. This was possible  
thanks to the partnership with German  
Total labor for the Dura high speed line is three to four operators per  
,000 units per shift, versus eight to ten operators per 1,000 units on a  
traditional line.  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | December 2017  
company Knittel Glass. The system au-  
tomatically measures the glass and in-  
tegrates the measurements online. The  
working speed automatically adjusts in  
accordance with the glass size.The ma-  
chine provides continuous production  
for higher productivity. It’s possible to  
turn the glass 90 or 180 degrees.  
Lattuada can now offer new, flexible  
and customized integration solutions  
with an increase in automation levels,  
flexibility, productivity, production op-  
timization and cost reduction.  
Making Spacers  
with Less Space  
Glasslam’s WorldSpacer production  
line machinery is designed to help  
IGU fabricators reduce flexible spacer  
IGU cost and spacer inventory issues.  
Featuring a new ZIGzag conveyor ad-  
dition, the line now eliminates 60 feet  
of length, allowing fabricators to make  
their own FS WorldSpacers in a just-in-  
time fashion.  
WorldSpacer is a stainless steel-  
backed, flexible polyurethane spacer  
system, specifically designed for IGU  
durability and warm-edge performance.  
A 2-mm corrugated stainless steel  
vapor barrier offers guaranteed adhe-  
sion with all insulating glass sealants.  
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velopment in the field of tempered glass quality measurement.  
The online system automatically scans the anisotropy of  
all tempered glass. It includes a monitor at the unloading  
end where an anisotropy scan is shown for all processed  
glasses. All scanned glasses are saved automatically in the  
iLooK anisotropy can be installed on all tempering lines  
and can also be purchased as an upgrade for a current  
Glaston iLooK online quality measurement system.  
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