A Free Lunch … You Better Believe It!!!  
b y L y l e R . H i l l  
he hostess seated them at a table tea. But then, something unusual … if tentially large order for me and that prov-  
about ten feet away from my indeed not strange … happened. The idence itself put us together at the same  
booth, which was against the new arrival looked my way at the exact time and in the same place.Bankers love  
window in a small restaurant just up second that I was looking his way. Eye it when you’re with them and bump into  
the street from the office. I assumed contact was made,and he quickly waved a customer. Makes them think you’re  
that they were meeting someone be- and started to make his way toward me. kinda connected and out there shaking  
cause the table was set for three and  
I think I have an above-average every bush.You look like a businessman  
there were only two of them. Bankers, I memory for facts and figures and an yourself, so I hope you understand. You  
thought … dressed way too nice to be excellent one for things I consider to know,we’re all in this together and maybe  
working-class people … maybe insur- be historically significant. On the other I can help you out one day. So I’ll let you  
ance guys … but I’d bet bankers.  
hand,faces will sometimes confuse me, go back to your meal there and thanks for  
I rarely eat lunch and, if I’m alone, so my first instinct was to believe that understanding.”  
I usually don’t even consider going I knew this man, or should have, but I  
He then turned and went back to the  
into a restaurant for a meal. I’ve just couldn’t figure out how or why at that table where the bankers were seated. I  
always felt a little strange sitting in moment.And then, as he made his way sat down and glanced at the business  
a restaurant alone. But today I was a toward me, a twinge of panic started card I’d been given.It read Arthur Lasky,  
bit depressed and not all that anxious to set in because I was now quite con- President of Lasky Packaging Products.  
to get back to the office. I was on my vinced that I really should know who  
How creative … how clever … how  
way back from a bid opening and, once this nicely dressed and pleasant man bold this Lasky was.I was truly impressed.  
again, the results were neither positive was. I quickly slid out of the booth and And he was right, of course. Bankers, like  
nor encouraging. There were eight bid- stood to receive his hand, which he mosteveryoneelse,liketobelievethatthey  
ders on a project that would have had a extended toward me. Then, in a semi- are dealing with someone who has con-  
hard time attracting even three bidders hushed tone, he began to speak as he tacts … who might bump into a customer  
a year and a half ago.Six of the bidders, handed me his business card.  
including us, were bunched together “Listen, friend,” he said, “you don’t known and involved with promoting their  
within what one might consider to be know me,but I could really use your help.” business. I determined right then and  
a reasonable zone of competitive pric- Feeling relieved that perhaps my there that not only would I remember  
at any moment because they are so well-  
ing. However, two of the bidders were memory was not as bad as I had mo- what had just happened, but might even  
substantially under the group and one mentarily imagined, I asked him how I try it one day myself if the opportunity  
in particular was ridiculously low. I felt could be of service.  
arose. I took my last swallow of coffee,  
that we had a good number and that we “Well,you see,the two guys I’m meet- picked up the bill that the waitress had  
were going to be awfully hard to beat. ing here are a couple of bankers,and I’m  
So I decided to use a plate of scrambled hoping to get a sizeable loan from them.  
eggs and wheat toast along with a few Now, I don’t know what you do  
minutes of newspaper-perusing to help for a living, but I can tell you first  
me get over the events of the morning. hand that times are tough and so  
After the two were seated at their are the bankers these days. So you  
table, they ordered drinks, and it didn’t gotta do whatever it takes to keep  
take long for my suspicions to be con- things moving along.”  
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firmed. Within five minutes, another  
well-dressed gentleman entered the does this have to do with me?”  
restaurant and was escorted to the same  
“It’s really quite simple.I’m going  
table where the two men were now to tell them that you’re one of my  
sipping on what appeared to be iced customers and that you have a po-  
“Okay,” I replied, “but what  
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