Get Involved  
Being Proactive Can Bring New Opportunities  
b y C r a i g C a r s o n  
was recently invited to sit in on a  
meeting about one of our projects  
(a 32-story residential tower) to  
discuss an issue that had arisen. It  
was about building a 34-foot-tall me-  
chanical screen where the sill starts  
inches above the parapet, but is in  
alignment with the exterior wall and  
very difficult to reach.  
The general contractor reached  
out to the subcontractors and archi-  
tect to see if we could collaborate on  
some solutions. The structural steel  
fabricator, steel erector, metal panel  
contractor and our company were all  
there to review options and enact a  
workable plan.  
Collaborative ideas  
We started to talk about the means  
and methods that might be the best  
way to finish this screen. The original  
details were field stick-built, but there  
was no way to get equipment or hang Speaking out and sharing ideas can help build a successful project.  
a swing stage to the perimeter catwalk  
unless it was left for future window speak Up  
from the major aluminum manufac-  
Frankly, I think that the hands-off turers. Our culture was to be proactive  
cleaning maintenance. There were a  
lot of questions. Could the walls be approach is harmful to your busi- and find solutions. This mindset of  
panelized? How would the details ness. I appreciate the fact that if you being proactive produces opportuni-  
need to be modified? Any other ideas? don’t know something then it’s best to ties as the customers are looking for  
As the glazier, we were there because keep quiet—sort of like the old adage advice and help. It frequently results in  
the architect wanted to consider strip “better to keep your mouth shut and getting in early on new projects and al-  
windows of spandrel glass to break up be thought a fool, than to open it and lows you to have some influence in the  
the mass of the wall.  
remove all doubt.” But even if you detailing and design, as well as a leg up  
I noticed that there was very little don’t know, it’s better to participate on negotiating the project. n  
really almost none) participation and say you’ll examine the issue and  
from the other trades in the discus- get answers, than to take a hard  
sion. I’ve seen this before—either you line and look at the issue as “the  
get involved or you don’t. There are two architect’s problem.”  
C r a i g C a r s o n is the  
regional preconstruction  
manager for Alliance Glazing  
Technologies Inc. in Littleton,  
schools of thought. One is that if you  
In my early years, I worked for  
offer any ideas and they get utilized, a large contract glazier that pro-  
you’re on the hook if problems occur. duced, fabricated and installed  
The other is to get involved, offer sug- their own custom curtainwall  
gestions and use your expertise.  
systems as well as other products  
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