A Pretty Proposition  
Decorative Glass in Kitchens and Baths  
b y S a r a N e i s w a n g e r  
rchitectural glass products play  
a major role in the comfort of  
the living and working environ-  
ment of today’s homes and workplaces.  
The use of glass in these settings  
doesn’t end at function, however. Dec-  
orative glass products are being used  
increasingly in areas such as kitchens  
and baths to provide interesting solu-  
tions for countertops and backsplashes.  
GANA’s Glass Information Bulletin  
(GIB) Assessing the Durability of Deco- While glass is used frequently for decorative purposes in kitchens and baths,  
rative Glass is a must-read when consid- it’s important to understand the durability issues these products can encounter.  
ering decorative glazing products and  
ensuring the most appropriate choice pact of letting products such as these adhesives may be susceptible to degra-  
for long-lasting use. Exposure to certain go uncleaned.  
cleaning solutions, abrasive materials  
and heat are just a few considerations ScratcheS  
dation from the use of products such as  
ammonia or some types of soap. Clean-  
ing decorative countertops and back-  
when it comes to helping your customers  
make a selection.  
Scratching is another thing to con- splashes is important.Let your customers  
sider.“Scratch hardness”is a measure of know that choosing a compatible clean-  
This GIB looks at a number of import- the material’s scratch resistance.In other ing solution will ensure the products last.  
ant durability properties. For each prop- words, to what degree will it be affected  
erty, it includes an overview of factors in permanently, whether by deformity or learn More  
some technical detail,and gives examples fracture? Materials for countertop ap-  
The Assessing the Durability of Dec-  
of where a glass product might encounter plications should have been subjected orative Glass GIB was created by the  
such a situation.It also suggests test meth- to appropriate ASTM test methods, or GANA Decorative Division. To learn  
ods that can measure material or product to the Mohs Scratch Hardness Test.  
more about the wide range of dura-  
bility properties associated with dec-  
orative glass, be sure to download the  
Finally, the types of cleaning products complete GIB. This and all the GANA  
durability against each consideration.  
For instance,you may know that acid cleanlineSS  
will corrode glass if left unaddressed.  
In your own refrigerator, you may have used on countertops and backsplashes Glass Information Bulletins are avail-  
products such as tomato sauce,lemons, should be carefully considered. Sol- able via instant download and free of  
soft drinks and even vinegar. While vent-resistance describes the degree a charge.Visit  
most people appreciate a tidy kitchen solvent will dissolve another material. tions to learn more. n  
space, glass corrosion is a negative im- Materials such as sealants and  
What is Mohs Hardness Scale?  
S a r a N e i s w a n g e r is  
the account executive of  
the Glass Association of  
North America (GANA) in  
Topeka, Kan.  
The Mohs Hardness Scale is a test for identifying mineral specimens.  
The test compares the resistance of a mineral to being scratched by ten  
reference minerals. According to, “the test is useful because  
most specimens of a given mineral are very close to the same hardness.  
This makes hardness a reliable diagnostic property for most minerals.”  
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