Straight Down the Line  
Two is Better than One to the company. The machine then au-  
Benteler is now offering its custom- tomatically moves the glass pieces to  
ers an optimized drill and transport the correct position for processing.  
concept. In commercial glass produc-  
tion lines, the glass to be processed duction line that incorporates two drill-  
drilling or milling) directly affects the ing portals working independently of  
The company has developed a pro-  
upstream grinding line output.Accord- each other. With this duplex configura-  
ing to the company, the new Benteler tion, the machine can produce double  
system increases the output capacity.  
the drilling and milling output capacity.  
The Bovone Mini Maxi 471,a straight  
line beveling machine for cerium pol-  
ished bevel and pencil edge grinding,  
is available by Salem Flat Glass & Mir-  
ror as part of the Bovone 400 Series  
adhesives and sealants  
Sealing the Deal  
The 400 series has three models: the  
71,462 and the 461+1 and is designed  
The drilling and milling transport  
for high-production environments, ac- concept allows a piece of glass to by-  
cording to the company. The 471 pro- pass the drilling machine via an “over-  
duces bevels up 2.25 inches at speeds take lane,” while the drilling machine  
up to 5.4 meters/minute.  
continues to process an existing piece  
The series is equipped with a Sie- of glass.Glass that doesn’t require drill-  
mens Programmable Logic Control ing can be ground without waiting for  
The 2400 Silicone Assembly Seal-  
(PLC) that features touch screen inter- the drilling process on the previous ant from Dow Corning is a one-part,  
face.These PLC bevelers can adjust per- piece to finish, allowing for minimum 100-percent silicone, moisture-reac-  
tinent settings from data entered on a down time of the drilling machine. tive hot-melt sealant that’s designed for  
touch screen interface or recalled from Even with fully automated loading, easy use, offers instant green strength,  
a memory of up to 1,000 programs.  
each piece of glass is recognized as as well as primer-less adhesion and  
needing to be drilled or not, according creep resistance. It can be used with  
standard hot-melt XY glazing and dis-  
pensing equipment.  
Designed for both standard and  
Get Organized  
To add glass transport capacity while  
helping glaziers organize and store tools  
and supplies, has in-  
troduced a new glass rack-shelf combo  
unit for van cargo bays. These three shelf  
storage units feature a 5-degree sloped  
front surface with padded slats for trans-  
porting glass. The slats also serve as a  
front fence on the shelves to keep con-  
tents in place during transport, according  
to the company. The units are fabricated  
impact glazing, this sealant has been  
successfully used in high-velocity  
hurricane zone (HVHZ) designs and  
can be applied in window assemblies  
requiring forced-entry resistance,  
according to the company.  
Say Hello to Exchange by ISC  
ISC has released the Exchange by  
ISC. It’s an online marketplace allow-  
ing users to reach the largest online  
audience of suppliers and fabricators  
in the door, window and glass indus-  
tries.Sellers can generate revenue from  
excess inventory and equipment, while  
buyers can capitalize on great deals of-  
from aluminum, utilizing Huck aircraft-grade fasteners. Side panels are curved  
to follow the angle of the van’s outer wall and offer hook points for strapping  
down glass. Models are available for driver and passenger sides of high- and  
low-top vans in 3-, 4- and 5-foot widths with shelves ranging in depth from 7.5  
to 10.5 inches.  
Units may be placed side by side to add width. They ship fully assembled with  
all mounting hardware required for installation.  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | February 2017  
Azon Saves Energy  
fered in one convenient online location.  
ISC offers support to create and man-  
age product listings while giving the  
seller control over desired sale prices,  
minimum bids, and length of auction.  
The Exchange by ISC is a component  
of ISC’s recently released IQ Cloud suite  
of services.  
glass marker boards  
Color Magnet  
Galaxy Glass & Stone offers custom  
colored magnetic glass marker boards.  
They are highly customizable and com-  
bine the company’s proprietary custom  
color matching system with Starphire  
low-iron glass for a variety of design  
The boards have a highly polished  
glass writing surface for easy mainte-  
nance, increased privacy and reduced  
sound transmission, according to the  
company. The product is available in  
magnetic or non-magnetic, single- or  
double-sided, one color or different  
colors on each side. According to Gal-  
axy, standard dry-erase markers leave  
no ghosting or permanent stains.  
Daylighting systems produced with Azon structural  
thermal barrier technologies—the MLPor Dual  
Cavity—for aluminum windows and curtain wall,  
along with high performanceglazing components  
for insulating glass, will yield a fenestration system  
capable of upholding the highest efficiency and  
sustainability standards  
Diamond Bright  
Opaque white  
PVB interlayers  
are available  
from Kuraray’s  
Trosifol PVB  
division for the  
Contact us to learn about the  
role of Azon thermal barriers in  
energy conservation.  
1-800-788-5942 |  
fabrication of new technologies  
laminated glass Portable Window Energy Meter  
white boards,  
Scientists from Lawrence Berkley National Labora-  
interior glass partitions, shelving and tory (LBNL) and Brazil’s Federal University of Santa  
other interior and exterior applica- Catarina have developed a device that could be used  
tions. Identif ed as Trosifol Diamond to measure the energy performance of installed win-  
White, this interlayer is a rich, strong dows. The portable meter, which is still a prototype,  
shade of white with high ref ectivity measures the thermal and optical properties of win-  
and zero light transmittance, accord- dows. It’s part of an effort funded by the U.S. Depart-  
ing to the company. It’s available in a ment of Energy’s International Program of the Office  
variety of thicknesses, which includes of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy (EERE).  
The portable window  
roll widths of 39 inches, 62 inches and  
8 inches.  
The performance of the meter was tested accord- energy meter was  
ing to procedures established by international stan- developed by U.S. and  
dards widely used in the industry. n  
Brazilian researchers.  
February 2017 | USGlass, Metal & Glazing  

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