Know Your Goals  
Putting Action Plans to Work  
b y R i c h a r d V o r e i s  
stablishing annual company that support the company goals is rela- internal customers, it’s easier to serve  
goals is the first step toward en- tively easy,but it doesn’t always happen the external ones. That message needs  
hancing the success of your busi- that way. In some cases, action plans to be conveyed to all employees.  
ness. These need to be supported by aren’t as effective as they need to be.  
employee objectives, or action plans as Developing effective action plans that acTion Plan Guideline #2  
we call them at my firm. The goals say are results-oriented and motivational  
Always focus on meeting the wants  
what” the company wants to accom- takes some work. (Pay close attention and needs of the customers.  
plish, while the action plans say “how” to my next series of articles because they Listen to your customers through  
the employees will make it happen.  
will get you on track to improve the per- client satisfaction surveys. If I asked  
your employees if the customers were  
happy, most would have a definite  
opinion. They’d say either “yes” or “no.”  
If I asked your employees if the  
customers were happy, most would  
However, if your company doesn’t con-  
duct customer satisfaction surveys,the  
answers are based upon personal feel-  
ings that may not represent how cus-  
tomers really feel.  
Conducting formal customer sur-  
veys is essential and should be done on  
a consistent and continuing basis. Sur-  
veys allow the customer to speak and  
can be done over the telephone by a  
knowledgeable representative from the  
company. Phone surveys and as many  
in-person surveys as possible are the  
formance of your employees, company best way to ensure input is received.  
Mailed surveys will result in less than  
a 10 percent return rate, while phone  
or in-person surveys will essentially be  
have a definite opinion … However, if your  
company doesn’t conduct customer  
satisfaction surveys, the answers are  
based upon personal feelings that may not  
represent how customers really feel.  
Take acTion  
Everyone needs to be held account- and profitability.) Let’s get started.  
able for the company’s success—not  
just the owner. Establishing effec- acTion Plan Guideline #1  
tive action plans is the secret to how  
it’s done.  
Always focus on meeting the wants 100 percent.  
Our clients receive a one-page cus-  
tomer satisfaction survey form they can  
and needs of both external and internal  
Everyone from the top to the bottom customers.  
of the organization—management  
Hopefully,everyone at your company use. They like it because it’s easy to use,  
and staff—has a role in supporting recognizes the need to serve external fast and effective. It really works. n  
the annual goals with their individual customers, such as general con-  
action plans.If employees have specific tractors. If not, you’ve got some  
and personalized action plans support- basic educating to do.  
R i c h a r d V o r e i s is the  
ing the goals, then everyone is working  
What may not seem as obvi-  
founder and CEO of Consulting  
Collaborative in Dallas. His  
column appears bi-monthly.  
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toward the same purpose. It compli- ous is serving “internal custom-  
ments employee empowerment and ers.” These are fellow employees  
makes sure everyone is working on the and the various departments  
right things and that everyone is on the within the company.Serving this  
same page.  
group is just as important as the  
Establishing employee action plans external customers. By serving  
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