A Space of Your Own  
New Spaces Can Bring New Opportunities  
b y S t e v e S u d e t h  
or last year’s words belong to  
last year’s language  
And next year’s words await  
another voice. —T.S. Eliot  
The new year can be all about wip-  
ing the slate clean and getting a fresh  
start. Why not take the turning of the  
calendar as an opportunity to open a  
new door or find a new voice? This is  
exactly what companies are doing right  
now with their corporate identities and  
spaces. These branding facelifts and  
tenant improvement projects send in- While white is typically the most sought-after color, the key is showing clients  
terior design firms into a frenzy.This is new and fresh ways it can be used.  
the season of trying to woo clients, win  
projects and eventually set the design ents who aren’t afraid of color,but most the delicate balance of privacy and  
wheels in motion to help your client often it comes down to which shade of visibility for its offices and conference  
find their new voice.  
white they like best.  
spaces. They originally wanted a clean  
This gives the designer a tough splice of 65 percent white with transpar-  
question: how do you give an old color ent lami or a simple white frit dot gradi-  
A Perfect Match  
You would be shocked at the hours a new voice? The main way we are ent.When I explained that we could take  
pored over color decks and paint chips seeing designers do this is by combin- the gradient idea and make it custom to  
trying to find the “right” color for a ing monotone textures and patterns. their project, the designers immediately  
new space. Color communicates a lot We see many more requests for frit- grabbed their sketchbook, and we de-  
about what a company does and what ted patterns on painted glass that are signed the partition wall to compliment  
it stands for.Black can be sophisticated both in the same color family. A white the textiles used on all the workstations.  
and powerful—if done right; it can linear pattern on the front surface of  
The new year rings in a fresh set of  
also feel sinister and deathlike. Green white painted glass gives a very subtle clients looking for a new voice. It also  
stands for life and growth, but the shadow that moves as someone walks means that designers are looking for  
wrong shade can look sickly.  
past. This type of application rarely innovative ways to translate that voice  
Designers constantly try to communi- scares clients away while allowing the in pleasing and appropriate ways.  
cate the voice of the client, which is why designer to breathe new life into some- As material specialists in the design  
they want so many options.Some clients thing that can feel tiresome.  
are more outgoing and want bright pur-  
world, it’s our responsibility to look  
continuously for the next inventive way  
of bringing life into our glass. n  
ples, blues and pinks, but most clients Color Tune-Up  
are afraid of rocking the boat and end  
up using whites and grays.  
Another way that white glass  
is getting a new voice is through  
We recently finished a large tenant advances in printing capabilities.  
improvement job that had three dif- Now that we are able to print dig-  
ferent types of decorative glass: white itally in different translucencies,  
translucent lami, white backpaint and clients can have a white laminated  
a white laminated gradient. The space glass that is graphic and fluid.I de-  
looked clean and refined,though rather signed a set of partition walls re-  
sterile in my opinion. You hope for cli- cently for a company that wanted  
S t e v e S u d e t h is the  
creative director for Glas-Pro  
in Santa Fe Springs, Calif.  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | January 2017  

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