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Guardian Glass Announces Plans to  
Install Jumbo-Sized Glass Coater  
uardian Glass is installing a  
jumbo coater in North America.  
With the ability to coat jum-  
bo-sized glass,the company will be able  
to supply larger lites of coated glass to its  
customers for fabrication into finished  
sizes for glass facades and windows.  
Guardian plans to announce the maxi-  
mum size capabilities at a later date.  
“We are very pleased to hear that  
Guardian will soon be introducing jum-  
bo-sized coated glass capability in the  
U.S.,”says Sameer Kumar,director of en-  
closure design at SHoP Architects.“The With its new jumbo coater, Guardian will be able to serve the architectural  
need for jumbo-sized glass cannot be industry’s increasing demands for over-sized glass.  
overstated and, as a result of Guardian’s  
initiative, designers will no longer have allowing them to reduce inventory and  
to rely on overseas suppliers to meet the waste,” adds Rick Zoulek, vice presi-  
needs of our domestic projects. This dent, Americas, Guardian Glass. “Ul-  
positive development means greater timately, increasing capabilities in the  
flexibility and a wider material palette commercial segment with these jum-  
briefly ...  
Chemetall opened a new research  
and development facility in Fremont,  
Calif. The Precision Microchemicals  
group develops and produces cool-  
ants, lubricants, abrasive slurries  
and cleaners.  
to choose from, which we welcome.”  
bos supports our customers through-  
create value for Guardian customers by  
The new jumbo coater will also out the design and supply chains.”  
Guardian will announce the jumbo  
increasing their product offerings, and coater location in the near future.  
Tempco Expands in New York  
ueens, N.Y.-based Tempco Glass Fabrication announced that  
it acquired 25,000 square feet of additional industrial space.  
The space adjoins the company’s existing 20,000-square-foot  
facility in Flushing, N.Y., which has been in operation since early 2013.  
Tempco is located in the heart of the New York metro area, con-  
venient for all our glazing, fenestration and curtainwall trade custom-  
ers,” says Johnson Chen, general manager. “This expansion allows  
us to meet the ever-growing demand for our quality glass fabrication  
services while remaining in our current location.”  
In addition to new production and warehousing space, the ex-  
Tempco has acquired an additional 25,000 pansion includes a loading dock and added customer parking. Sev-  
square feet of space, which will accommodate eral new pieces of glass fabrication equipment are on order and  
new production and warehousing, among other are scheduled to be delivered and brought online over the next six  
months, according to the company. n  
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