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The 2017 BEC Conference will offer a packed agenda that covers some of the most important topics for contract glaziers.  
he 2017 BEC Conference is fast to modernize the content and acknowl- manually graded. We want to create an  
approaching, and the program edge the technology used in today’s es- online learning tool that allows the user  
planning committee has taken timating processes. Updates to content to easily digest the content and receive  
special care to develop an agenda that is will include new technologies, and a instant feedback on the quizzes.”  
packed with excellent topics—ones rec- more current CAD drawing will replace  
ommended specifically by fellow contract the traditional blueprint used as an edu- Forward Thinking  
glaziers. The event will take place Febru- cation tool in the current course.  
The division is working on a Building  
ary 6-8, 2017 at Caesars Palace in Las  
“I am very excited about the new up- Information Modeling (BIM) Glass In-  
Vegas. Sessions such as virtual construc- dates to the Blueprint Reading and Labor formation Bulletin (GIB). The BIM GIB  
tion,technical and commercial aspects of Estimating Course,”says Ted Derby, LCG will offer a useful introduction to those  
glass compliance,and complex glass fab- Facades, chairperson of the committee interested in the subject and explore  
rication and installation are a sampling of of the same name. “The updates will how it can be implemented.  
what you can expect.The event will even address new glass and glazing technol-  
Efforts to publish a revised Project  
feature glazing contractor panelists from ogies as well as estimating software and Manager’s Reference Manual are also  
small, mid-size and large companies bidding techniques, keeping the course underway. Sections of the manual have  
showcasing a diverse approach to com- relevant for years to come.”  
been distributed to a volunteer commit-  
The committee working on the re- tee, and revisions are nearly complete.  
source is eager to publish the timely Glazing contractors can hear a more  
mon challenges. (Turn to page 52 for our  
special BEC Conference event preview.)  
and relevant updates included in the detailed update on BEC activities at the  
soon-to-be Glass and Glazing Estimat- division’s technical meeting during the  
The BEC Conference may be big, but ing Essentials. The long-term goal is to conference on the afternoon of Feb-  
In With the New  
it isn’t the division’s only focus in 2017. provide the course via an online (and ruary 6. To learn more and to register,  
Committee chairs and volunteers con- on-demand) learning platform.  
tinue to work on technical resources “We want to ensure this course,which  
visit n  
that address important issues and addresses modern technology,  
provide guidance to the industry. For is delivered in a modern way,”  
instance, the GANA Blueprint Reading explains Chuck Knickerbocker,  
and Labor Estimating Course is cur- Technical Glass Products, BEC  
rently under review.A revised version is Technical Division chairperson.  
set to be published in mid-2017 under a “Currently, this resource is more  
new title, “Glass and Glazing Estimating of a textbook and the reader sub-  
Essentials.” The new title reflects efforts mits answers to a quiz, which is  
S a r a N e i s w a n g e r is  
the account executive of the  
Glass Association of North  
America in Topeka, Kan.  
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