fire-rated glass  
Bring on the Heat  
Do Me a Solid  
Mapes-SPS infill panels for  
storefront and curtainwall  
applications are the latest  
development from Mapes Panels.  
These panels use a solid plastic substrate that offers moisture-resistance similar  
to the company’s Corelite panels, but with significantly improved durability, rigidity,  
versatility and impact resistance, according to the company. They are available with  
any of the company’s standard or custom finish options with R values up to 30.  
Expanding its line of fire-resistive  
glazing products, Safti First has added glass  
SuperLite II-XLM, a fire-resistive, Take Your Pick  
multi-laminate glazing. The product  
is available in large sizes and can be  
used in all fire-rated 20-, 45-, 60-, 90-  
and 120-minute applications. This in-  
cludes clear, fire-resistive, butt-glazed  
applications up to two hours without  
vertical mullions or spacers, allow-  
ing designers to incorporate trans-  
parent designs while also meeting  
unit (IGU) with clear glass, the product  
has a solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC)  
of 0.23, which is a 15-percent improve-  
ment over Solarban 70XL glass. When  
coated on performance-tinted glasses by  
VitroArchitectural Glass,the product can  
achieve SHGCs as low as 0.17 in a 1-inch  
IGU,according to the company.  
handling & lifting  
Vitro Architectural Glass, formerly equipment  
fire and impact safety requirements.  
The product can be used for interior PPG Glass,offers Solarban 90 solar con- Safety in Mind  
and exterior applications with the ben- trol, low-E glass on a variety of perfor-  
efit of insulation and sound reduction, mance-tinted glasses.  
according to the company. It can also  
Solarban 90 uses proprietary coating  
be incorporated into the company’s technology to deliver robust solar con-  
GPX Architectural Series Framing, trol and high visible light transmittance  
GPX SnapCap or GPX Builders Series (VLT) on clear glass, and also provides  
Temperature Rise Framing for a com- color neutrality needed to complement  
plete fire-rated assembly.  
a range of performance-tinted glasses.  
In a standard 1-inch insulating glass  
Designed to add a greater margin of  
safety to vacuum lifters, Intelli-Grip,  
from Wood’s Powr-Grip Inc. (WPG), is  
a newly developed, computer-operated  
control system.  
The technology features proprietary  
software, a color display screen and  
ergonomic controls. It is designed to  
prevent human error; alerts users of  
slow leak rates or a low battery before  
they become dangers; manages power  
to extend lifter runtime and auto-tests  
the vacuum system.  
decorative glass  
Double Vision  
General Glass International (GGI) has expanded its  
Satin line of etched glass with three new products:  
Illusion Lines, Crystal Light and Satin Mirror.  
Illusion Lines glass features a double-sided pattern  
that is applied to both sides of the glass. According to  
the company, this creates a permanent scratch- and  
fingerprint-resistant design. The product is ideal for a  
range of interior applications such as walls and office  
partitions, table tops, doors and door insets, railings  
and shower enclosures. The interplay of the double-sided pattern and  
the thickness of the glass creates a sense of depth.  
Crystal Light is translucent, scratch-resistant and emits low glare, making it  
ideal for marker boards. Likewise, Satin Mirror creates a soft reflection with a  
surface that is mirror-bright, yet produces the diffusion effect of a satin finish.  
According to the company, Intel-  
li-Grip will eventually be standard on  
most WPG vacuum lifters, but will first  
be available on the most popular bat-  
tery-powered lifters.  
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