Steps Toward Success  
Work with Your Team to Achieve Plans and Goals  
b y R i c h a r d V o r e i s  
action plans to work so you can  
improve the performance of your  
m continuing my series of putting  
employees, your company and your  
profitability. As I’ve said before, estab-  
lishing goals that are specific, mea-  
surable and time-oriented will make  
it happen. When your employees are  
focused on their own personalized ac-  
tion plans in support of the company’s  
annual goals, then everyone is work-  
ing toward the same thing. It compli-  
ments employee empowerment and  
ensures the whole team works on the  
right things. Everyone—not just the  
owner—is accountable for the success  
of the company.  
DeciDe TogeTher  
With respect to establishing action  
plans for employees,my advice is to de-  
velop them jointly.In other words,don’t  
force yours on employees; instead, en-  
courage them to develop their own in  
support of the company’s top priorities.  
This basic commitment acts as a they must say how the employees will  
self-motivator and immediately es- accomplish those goals.  
tablishes buy-in on the part of the em-  
This basic commitment acts as a  
self-motivator and immediately establishes  
buy-in on the part of the employee.  
and what will be accomplished?  
• “Contribute to improved internal  
communications.” Again, how will  
this be done?  
ployee. If it’s their idea, then the power  
of human nature will take over and  
Be Specific  
Keep in mind, though, generalities  
Remember, whatever goals you set,  
things will be accomplished. This “fact don’t get the job done. Here are some these need to be specific and concise.  
of life” is extremely important. examples that are too general. The As I said, generalities don’t get the job  
As a manager, you can, and in some problem with these is they don’t ex- done and don’t contribute to the suc-  
instances should, influence and fine- plain how the plans will be met:  
tune employee action plans.Ultimately, “Increase sales.” Revenues  
cess of the company. n  
though, it’s best if the ideas are theirs  
rather than yours. Always discuss  
them, though, with each employee in a “Finish projects on schedule.”  
face-to-face, private meeting, because That’s expected anyway.  
mutual commitment is important, too. “Improve the project manage-  
could increase by a dollar and  
the goal has been met.  
R i c h a r d V o r e i s is the  
founder and CEO of Consulting  
Collaborative in Dallas. His  
column appears bi-monthly.  
Action plans are what employees  
do in support of the company’s top  
priorities. They help make employees “Contribute to improved team-  
accountable for achieving success.And work.” How will this happen  
ment process.” There’s no ex-  
planation of what will be done.  
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