Apple to Make Significant Investment  
in Corning’s Glass Production  
pple announced it will invest  
200 million in Corning Inc.’s  
Harrodsburg, Ky., Gorilla Glass  
plant. It is Apple’s first use of its new  
Advanced Manufacturing Fund “as  
part of the company’s commitment  
to foster innovation among American  
Apple’s investment will support  
Corning’s research and development,  
capital equipment needs and glass  
processing at the 65-year-old facility.  
The companies have collaborated since  
the first iPhone was introduced ten  
years ago.  
“Corning’s longstanding relationship  
with Apple has not only led to signif-  
icant glass innovations that have en-  
abled new capabilities for consumers,  
it has also helped create nearly 1,000  
American jobs and allowed us to con-  
tinue growing and expanding in the  
U.S.,” says Corning chairperson Wen-  
dell P.Weeks.“This investment will en-  
sure our plant in Harrodsburg remains  
a global center of excellence for glass  
Apple is no stranger to glass,making  
architectural structural glazing a staple  
in the design of its many flagship stores  
throughout the world. It has also in-  
Corning is a great example of a sup-  
plier that has continued to innovate Apple’s new campus will include stalled more than 800 oversized facade  
and they are one of Apple’s long-stand- more than 800 oversized lites lites spanning nearly 46 by 10½ feet  
ing suppliers,”says Apple COO Jeff Wil- of glass spanning nearly 46 by each at its new Apple Campus 2, which  
liams. “… and today every customer 10½ feet.  
that buys an iPhone or iPad anywhere  
is a focal point of the structure’s design  
and construction.  
in the world touches glass that was de- years and we are investing further with  
veloped in America. We’re extremely Corning, who has such a rich legacy of  
proud of our collaboration over the innovative manufacturing practices.”  
While Apple’s investment into Corn-  
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fter months Pof rPejeGctionEs, PnPGdsmoAre okppzorotunNitieos abndeprloviTdeamokreeopavnyeorverBitsidrefusal to discuss a  
has withdrawn its $27.6 billion benefits for our collective customers, possible deal with PPG. AkzoNobel  
proposal to combine with Ak- employees, shareholders and society previously turned down three increas-  
zoNobel and says it will not pursue a in general.”  
public offer for all the issued and out-  
standing shares of the Dutch company. gagement with AkzoNobel in late May,  
ingly larger offers, refusing to enter  
PPG made a final attempt for en- negotiation talks.  
“We continue to focus on our busi-  
We were hopeful throughout this but AkzoNobel’s boards did not re- ness, pursuing our strategy of ac-  
process that AkzoNobel’s boards spond to outreach efforts. celerating sustainable growth and  
would see the merits of our com- “As a result, we believe it is in the profitability and creating two focused,  
pelling proposal to combine our two best interests of PPG and its share- high-performing businesses—paints  
great companies and create signifi- holders to withdraw our proposal to and coatings and specialty chemi-  
cant shareholder value and a more AkzoNobel at this time,” McGarry cals,” says Ton Büchner, AkzoNobel  
sustainable business for the future,” says.  
CEO. “We believe this will lead to a  
says Michael McGarry, PPG chairper- In May a group of AkzoNobel share- step change in growth and long-term  
son and CEO. “We strongly believe holders, led by activist hedge fund value creation for our shareholders  
a combined company would create Elliott Advisors, sued the Dutch com- and all other stakeholders.”  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | July 2017  
New President for  
ing production of Gorilla Glass is likely  
focused on electronics,Gorilla Glass has  
been making its way into architectural  
applications and for other larger-scale  
uses. SnapCab uses the product on its  
interior wall panels, and at this year’s  
CES Show,Corning showcased a vehicle  
using the material for its windshield,  
sun roof and rear window.  
Regarding the widespread potential  
uses of Gorilla Glass across many in-  
dustries, Corning’s chief strategy off -  
cer Dr. Jeffrey Evenson said at the time,  
FRENER & REIFER America, a company specialised  
in the construcꢀon oꢁ complex building envelopes  
is now led by its new President Marc Zimmer.  
silicon components have been for the  
last 50 years.”  
Glass can be to the next 50 years what  
arc Zimmer joined FRENER & REIFER this year as the new  
President for the American subsidiary in New York. He has  
more than 15 years of experience in managerial posiꢀons in  
the glass building and construcꢀon industry. Marc will provide strate-  
gic direcꢀon of the globally acꢀve company, specialized in highly com-  
plex building envelopes in glass metal and other materials for high-end  
clients and projects. Further informaꢀon about FꢁRERꢁ ꢂ ꢁRꢃFRꢁ can  
Graboyes Gains Minority  
Business Certification  
Graboyes Commercial Window  
Company has established minority  
business certif cation through the East-  
ern Minority Supplier Development  
Council, the State of New Jersey, and  
Pennsylvania Department of General  
Services. These certif cations equate to  
MBE status for states where Graboyes  
conducts business including Pennsyl-  
vania, Delaware, and New Jersey.  
be found under  
“I look forward to expanding our  
business relationships through our  
MBE status while continuing the stan-  
dard of excellence Graboyes Commer-  
cial is known for among its customers  
and communities,” says president Ellis  
Guiles, who assumed 55-percent own-  
ership of the company earlier this year.  
briefly ...  
Lauren Manufacturing is launching  
a tuition-assistance program to offer  
production department employees  
the opportunity to earn funds toward  
their education at either Kent State  
University Tuscarawas or Buckeye  
Career Center. The program is avail-  
able after 90 days of employment,  
and the company does not require a  
long-term commitment on behalf of  
the employee once an educational  
goal is met. n  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | July 2017  

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