ProjectSpotlight: INTERIOR GLASS  
Glass Lets the Sun Shine in  
Nashville’s 21C Museum Hotel  
ribbon-cutting in May signaled  
the opening of 21C Museum  
Hotel in Nashville, Tenn., one of  
eight 21C Museum hotels in the coun-  
try. Located in a building more than  
00 years old, the museum hotel is  
just that; both a museum with 10,500  
square feet of new and contemporary  
art exhibition, and a boutique hotel  
that has 124 guest rooms with its own  
interpretations of the traditional ac-  
commodations, as well as a restaurant  
to match it all.  
And, as with many large hotels, it of-  
fers meeting and event space.  
1C Nashville is the hotel chain’s  
fourth collaboration with Pitts-  
burgh-based executive architect Per-  
fido Weiskopf Wagstaff and Goettel.  
This particular museum and meeting  
space has a second-story glass floor  
that also acts as a light well. The total  
area for the design feature was 240  
square feet, divided into two areas,  
each 12 by 10 feet and expected to  
carry a 100-pounds-per-square-foot  
Project: 21C Museum Hotel in Nashville, Tenn.  
Architect: Perfido Weiskopf Wagstaff and Goettel  
Glazier: Wall Brothers Glass LLC  
psf) load. And, it had to comply with  
fire-rated code requirements, neces-  
sitating the glass floor to meet a one-  
hour fire-resistive rating. On top of all  
of that, it had to be affordable.  
Product: GPX FireFloor System by SAFTI FIRST  
Application: 60 minute fire-resistive floor  
When SaftiFirst came on board the compassing non-slip rated Starph1ire steel framing grid is installed, unlike  
project, the original design had 30 lites tempered laminated glass with some fire-resistive floor systems that  
/ -  
of 2-by-2-foot individual glass panels inch non-skid white dots from Old- require two separate installations for  
in each area. The company’s sales and castle BuildingEnvelope®, insulated to the glazing, which reduced labor costs  
engineering teams proposed a design custom SuperLite II-XL fire-resistive and time. It also eliminates condensa-  
comprising four lites of 6-by-5-foot glazing. The white dots on the walk- tion that may occur when the walkable  
individual glass panels for each area ing surface also obscure views of those surface is separate from the fire-resis-  
that still met the required 100-psf load. on the first floor who might look up tive glass.  
Using larger glass sizes reduced the cost through the glass, while still allowing  
The overall glazing thickness was  
of the system as well as the field labor light from the second floor to pass 4 1  
16-inches, and the architect went  
with a statuary brown finish framing.  
Because the GPX FireFloor system Both the glass units and structural steel  
to install, and it was this design that be- through, as required by the architect.  
came the final look for the project.  
The company supplied a GPX Fire- includes a single glass unit, it can be framing grid were manufactured by  
Floor System single glass unit en- loaded from the top once the structural SaftiFirst at its Merced,Calif.,facility. n  
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