And I Had to Wonder …  
Dear USG,  
We usually have a copy of USGlass  
at work. I just read Lyle Hill’s column,  
And I had to Wonder” from the April  
017 issue. I was wearing both of my  
shoes and I wanted to point out that  
not only would I not walk around an  
airplane without shoes, I would never, Obnoxious got what he deserved and hour) switched all the breakfast, do not  
ever go barefoot in a restroom—espe- obviously didn’t know with whom he disturb and shoe shine instruction la-  
cially on a bumpy and jiggly airplane, was dealing.  
if you know what I mean. In fact, the  
first thing I thought of was going to the  
restrooms in Japan.My wife is Japanese  
and I have spent lots of time there. As  
bels on attendees’ hotel door knobs.  
I had always considered Lyle merely  
Standard Aluminum an acolyte of Damon Runyan, but now  
Blairsville, Ga. I see that he can continue to expand  
his range—James Joyce did so when  
Robert Smith  
you know,the Japanese take their shoes Dear USG,  
he reflected the streets of Dublin into  
I really enjoyed Lyle Hill’s column in the opacity of Finnegan’s Wake.You can  
off when entering their homes, tradi-  
tional restaurants and many public the April issue—noting that he has cut do it!  
places. But, outside the door of all re- loose the surly bonds of contract glaz-  
strooms you will find an assortment ing and entered the field of philosophy  
and varying sizes of house slippers— and retribution. The loafer manipula-  
because no one ever goes into the re- tion reminds me obliquely of a glazing  
—John Wakefield  
Artistry in Glass Inc.  
stroom barefoot.  
My feeling is that Mr. Smelly and nile sales rep (after an exuberant happy  
conference in Los Angeles where a juve- Dear USG,  
I am the office manager at a window  
installation company, and read USGlass  
magazine every month. I just read Lyle  
Hill’s article “And I Had To Wonder...”  
from theApril 2017 issue.I really enjoyed  
the story on the obnoxious lawyer and I  
especially loved the end. Great story and  
very amusing!  
Big Glass Logistics  
Dear USG,  
I just finished reading the ar-  
ticle, “Moves that Matter” in the  
March USGlass. Great read! It re-  
ally shines a different light on the  
logistics that go into the shipping  
And I had to wonder ... how to  
brighten up an ordinary work day with  
this amusing story!  
—Janet Ithen  
and installation of jumbo glass  
after the glass is manufactured.  
So much has been previously  
Thermal Quality Window and Door  
Broomall, Pa.  
discussed about the manufacturing of the glass itself, it was nice to see a  
different educational approach taken on the subject. For those who didn’t  
know why large glass is so expensive, now they do—custom shipping con-  
tainers, specialty equipment, renting out warehouses, etc. A lot goes into  
getting that glass on site and installed.  
This was much appreciated.  
Dear USG,  
I always knew Lyle Hill was a man  
after my own heart. His article in the  
April issue was very well written, keep-  
ing me in suspense all the way. I hope  
he put the shoe on the back porch.  
—Kerry Soat  
Brian Kress  
Quanex Building Products  
Cambridge, Ohio  
Chandler,Ariz. s  
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