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Divisions Release Five New or Updated Resources  
b y S a r a N e i s w a n g e r  
s I write this on May 12, GANA  
is now five for five—five new  
or updated resources have been  
published in the first five months of  
the year. The credit for this impressive  
track record goes largely to the many  
member volunteers who choose to  
funnel their time and efforts toward  
ensuring GANA’s resources are as cur-  
rent and useful as possible. In case you  
lost track of one or two of our newest  
five releases, here’s a brief synopsis of  
what you can now find on GANA’s Pub- GANA members have been busy this year, working to develop or update five  
lications webpage.  
glass informational bulletins.  
Building Energy Performance Cri-  
teria Terms and References Related was developed by the Decorative Divi- by the Laminating Division specifically  
to Glass and Glazing is a new addi- sion. Given the number and diversity of to update and align content with recent  
tion to the Glass Informational Bulletin materials and components that may be IBC code changes. Glass railing systems  
GIB) library. This document was pub- used in a glazing system, it’s challeng- are used in a variety of residential and  
lished by the Energy Division and pro- ing to test every possible combination commercial settings for safety and aes-  
vides a list of applicable energy-related against every conceivable factor. This thetics. Laminated glass offers a sig-  
terms used in the glass and glazing in- document serves as a guideline to con- nificant benefit over monolithic glass  
dustry.If you’re seeking clarification on duct performance testing on specific used in railings. Specifically, if breakage  
what constitutes the“center of glass”or configurations, ultimately leading to occurs, glass particles will adhere to the  
if you need to clarify between “shading more effective consideration of the fac- laminate interlayer increasing the like-  
coefficient” versus “solar heat gain co- tors involved in compatibility testing of lihood of glass retention in the system.  
efficient,”this GIB is an ideal source for glazing materials. This GIB is intended  
quick-glance definitions such as these. for industry professionals or anyone in- Learn More  
The Flat Glass Industry Standards terested in evaluating the compatibility  
Each of these GIBs is available on  
GANA’s Publications webpage, www.  
Guidelines for the Production of, along  
GIB was first issued in 2004 by the Flat of glazing materials and components.  
Glass Manufacturing Division, and the  
recently published document marks the Heat-Treated Architectural Flat Glass with the entire library of resources.  
seventh edition of this highly referenced is another new addition to GANA’s GIB This includes more than 50 GIBs that  
resource. This GIB provides a list of the library, thanks to the Tempering Divi- are free to download, as well as techni-  
current editions, as of July 2016, of in- sion’s efforts.Heat-treated glass is used cal manuals and test methods available  
dustry consensus and federal flat glass in many of today’s architectural glaz- for purchase. n  
standards frequently specified and ref- ing applications where increased  
erenced for use in residential and com- strength to resist glass breakage  
mercial construction applications in the is desired. This bulletin offers  
United States. This is another guide to guidelines for producing heat-  
attain the information you need on flat- treated glass.  
S a r a N e i s w a n g e r is  
the account executive for the  
Glass Association of North  
America in Topeka, Kan.  
glass-specific standards in short order.  
Finally,Use of Laminated Glass  
Assessing the Compatibility of in Glass Railing Systems is in its  
Glazing Materials and Components third rendition, and was re-issued  
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