Trump Launches Investigation into  
Foreign Aluminum Security Issues  
n lateApril,the Trump administration ated by the Secretary of Commerce.”  
nificant increase in transhipment and  
The Aluminum Extruders Council circumvention of our antidumping and  
countervailing duty orders.The massive  
ordered a Commerce Department in-  
vestigation into aluminum inundating (AEC) praised the investigation.  
the U.S.from countries such as China.  
“As is the case with other core indus- amount of Chinese excess aluminum  
The investigation is being launched tries identified by the president, unduly capacity has also crashed aluminum  
under a provision of law called low prices caused by excess aluminum prices, decimating our U.S. supply base  
Section 232. The purpose of 232 inves- capacity in China, government subsidi- and putting U.S. extruders at an even  
tigations is “to determine the effect of zation, and dumped imports have and greater disadvantage to their unfairly  
imports on national security,”according continue to negatively impact domestic subsidized foreign competitors.”  
to the Commerce Department’s Bureau aluminum extruders and their workers,”  
In January, the United States filed a  
of Industry and Security. “Investiga- the AEC wrote in a statement.“U.S. alu- new trade enforcement complaint against  
tions may be initiated based on an minum extruders continue to be threat- China at the World Trade Organization  
application from an interested party, ened by the massive surge in Chinese (WTO), alleging the country is skirting  
a request from the head of any depart- aluminum extrusion exports flooding WTO rules by providing subsidies to cer-  
ment or agency, or may be self-initi- the global market, resulting in a sig- tain producers of primary aluminum. n  
Superior Meter, Mix,  
Dispense Equipment  
Featuring H&G Industries’ portable two-  
part meter, mix, dispense systems. All are  
pneumatic. All offer 403Z disposable mixer  
dispensing gun and automatic pail shut-offs.  
437LB model features 20-ft. long swivel  
boom with retractable gunning hose  
437 portable comes with 6-ft. swivel boom  
and standard 22-ft. gunning radius  
Lil’ Bear 5-5 field model for jobsite features 29-  
in. wide X 4-ft. long cart. Standard hose length is  
5 ft, but can come in increments of 25 ft or 50 ft  
Model 437 with  
long boom  
1 •  
Model 437  
Lil’ Bear  
775/246-3031 or 800/528-7303  
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