Actions Speak Louder  
A Good Company Needs More Than Good Business  
b y C r a i g C a r s o n  
ike some of you, I arrive to work  
early in the morning for an hour  
or two of quiet time to answer my  
emails or read an article that I didn’t  
get to the day before. While I’m doing  
this, one of our executives will some-  
times send a motivational and encour-  
aging email to all employees. The note  
may awaken something we’ve known,  
but had placed well into our memo-  
ries. Maybe someone from within your  
company or friendship group sends  
these to you, too.  
When I read these, I sometimes  
think, hey, that’s me. I’m all of those  
things and more. And, there are more  
times than not that I see where I can  
improve. Not everyone embraces these  
notes the same way; some are too busy  
to read and some view them as a waste  
of time. But, take a moment and see  
if the inspiration may just hit close  
to home. It might make you uncom-  
fortable, but might also release you to  
move forward.  
Contrasting this, I’ve seen other in that office. Of course, they’re all very  
companies that are successful and well nice people. They just work in an office  
We have others who go all in and run, but are missing the fellowship and where there’s little or no encourage-  
even add to the daily note. I love the commitment that they’re all in this ment shown.  
enthusiasm from this group. They’re together to make the company even  
I’ll take the office where people  
not trying to win favor with the exec- better than its current standing. They take the time to send inspirational  
utive. They’re just honest, hardworking survive,but everyone just goes through and encouraging emails, and stop by  
employees who are trying to make the the motions. Some of them just get co-workers’ desks to see if they need  
world they work in a little better and burned out and leave.  
anything or help on a project; the office  
more competent.  
As an example, I have a friend (I’m where you’re treated as part of a family.  
going to call him Ed) who reached re- I believe that these actions forge the  
tirement age and could not wait to re- bonds of support that make companies  
Its All About PeoPle  
Notes and messages don’t make the tire.We asked some people he’d worked successful. n  
company. The people do. And what with for more than ten years what  
they do to make our work environment he liked to do in his time off.Does  
enjoyable also makes it productive. It’s he have any hobbies? No one  
C r a i g C a r s o n is the  
been said before, we see our co-work- knew. The sad part, as they told  
ers more hours a day than our families. us, “We really don’t talk to each  
Our workplace is another home and other. Everyone just wants to get  
our teammates are an adopted family. their work done and go home.”  
At least that’s how it is in our building. We heard this from many people  
regional preconstruction  
manager for Alliance Glazing  
Technologies Inc. in Littleton,  
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