Expansion Plans Underway for  
Northern Virginia Glass Business  
ulles Glass and Mirror will in- president of operations and CFO of experiencing technological change to  
vest $7.5 million to consolidate Dulles Glass and Mirror.  
its corporate headquarters,  
The company will receive a $100,000 according to the governor’s office.  
research and development, manufac- grant through the Economic Devel-  
Founded in 1972, Dulles Glass and  
support employee training activities,  
turing and warehouse operations in a opment Opportunity Fund to put to- Mirror is a privately held company  
renovated 84,010-square-foot facility ward building renovations and new that delivers nationally and installs  
in Manassas, Va. It also plans to retain equipment purchases. It is also being glass and mirror in Northern Virginia,  
its 96 employees and create 40 new jobs supported by the Virginia Economic Maryland and Washington, D.C. It also  
over the next five years.  
Development Partnership’s Virginia offers customizable glass and mirror  
“Our workforce is the core of our Jobs Investment Program.The program products through its online store.  
operation and allows us to achieve provides consultative services and fund-  
our goal,” says Dr. Bahram Nasehi, vice ing to companies creating new jobs or  
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Kinestral Advances Toward Dynamic Glass Launch  
inestral Technologies Inc., de- investor Hermes-Epitek, as well as sell Halio jointly.  
veloper of Halio “smart-tint- existing investors 5AM Ventures, Al- “For over 100 years, AGC has pio-  
ing” dynamic glass, closed a exandria Venture Investments, Cap- neered some of the most important  
65 million Series C equity funding ricorn Investment Group, Mitsubishi breakthroughs in glass and coatings  
round. It will be used to launch Halio UFJ Capital and Versant Ventures. for our customers,” says Heris. “We  
in North America this year and glob- Jean-François Heris, senior exec- see Halio as the natural next step for  
ally in 2018, according to a release utive officer of AGC, has joined the glass to really connect people to their  
from Kinestral. Kinestral board of directors. Last environment while neutralizing all the  
The investment was led by AGC year, AGC and Kinestral forged a negative aspects of heat and glare  
Asahi Glass (AGC) and included new strategic relationship to market and from the sun.”  
Kinestral recently received funding that will help the company launch its dynamic glass in North America this year.  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | March 2017  
Saint-Gobain Extends  
Partnership with  
Greentown Labs  
Gobain will provide product dona- novation began in October 2016 and  
tions to support the construction of completion is anticipated this fall.  
Greentown Labs’ expansion site, the Greentown Labs plans to showcase in-  
Saint-Gobain has extended its Global Center for Cleantech Innova- novation in construction through the  
partnership with Greentown Labs, a tion, in Somerville, Mass.  
clean technology incubator, through Construction on the 55,000-square- family of companies. Through the  
019. Through the partnership, Saint- foot Global Center for Cleantech In- partnership, Saint-Gobain provides  
use of products from Saint-Gobain’s  
building science expertise and in-  
kind building materials from two  
of its subsidiaries, SageGlass and  
H`gf]2ꢀ 0.*!ꢀ/()%-+*(  
SageGlass will be installed on the  
third floor of the Center. The mem-  
bers occupying the office space will  
participate in occupant comfort and  
acceptance studies. Member feed-  
back will allow building scientists to  
measure the impact SageGlass has  
on occupant comfort. The data col-  
lected and subsequent analysis will be  
used for future product and business  
Industry Manufacturer  
Gets Visit from  
Florida Governor  
When Florida Gov. Rick Scott  
announced his “Fighting for Flor-  
ida’s Future” initiative, which is fo-  
cused primarily on business and job  
growth, he looked to a glass industry  
company as an example. Scott visited  
the 100,000-square-foot facility of  
Tampa-based Sun Metal Systems, a  
manufacturer of commercial glazing  
systems, including curtainwall and  
architectural windows.  
The company currently has 80 full-  
time employees and hopes to add to  
that total. “We’re growing, and we  
want to continue to grow over the next  
several years and into the foreseeable  
future,” adds Price.  
Scott and his staff met with com-  
pany ownership and did a brief tour  
of the facility. “I don’t think he was  
very familiar with unitized curtain-  
wall systems, so he learned about  
that,” says Price. Scott then gave a  
brief speech to the media, discussing  
his new budget plan, which proposes  
$618 million in tax cuts “to help Flor-  
mddqꢀaf\]h]f\]flꢀkljm[lmjYdꢀ^jYeaf_ꢀ ꢀ.(.+%L.ꢀ]pljm\]\ꢀYdmeafmeꢀ[gfkljm[lagfꢀ  
L`]jeYddqꢀZjgc]fꢀ^jYe]kꢀ ꢀꢀKl]hh]\ꢀ\]ka_fꢀ^jYe] ꢀKlYf\Yj\ꢀꢁꢀ[mklgeꢀkar]kꢀ  
Hj]%]f_af]]j]\ꢀkqkl]eꢀ ꢀKfYh%gfꢀk]llaf_ꢀZdg[ckꢀ ꢀNYjagmkꢀl]kl]\ꢀYfla%kdahꢀkmj^Y[]kꢀ  
Afl]_jYl]\ꢀD=<ꢀda_`laf_ꢀ ghlagfYd!ꢀ ꢀM%NYdm]ꢀl]kl]\ꢀ ꢀ@mjja[Yf]ꢀaehY[lꢀl]kl]\ꢀ  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | March 2017  
Shape Beveling  
Shape Beveling  
Shape Poli  
Shape Polishing Shower Door Design  
ne Beveling Tempering / Heat Strengthening Up To 86” x 150”  
mpering Furnaces Two New Forvet High Speed Drilling & Milling Mach  
rns, Textures and Thicknesses in Stock X-Ray Glass Over 100 Glass Patterns, Textures and Thick  
usly Short Lead Times Fire Rated Glass / Schott All Glass EntrancesCustom Patterned Show  
ss Ceramic Printing Custom Sandblasting Dip-Tech Digital In-Glass Ceramic Printing Custom Sa  
rGlaassgNoetchoinguNselwy SSthanodratrLdseoafdExTciemlleenscePFatternlCauttitng NPo JobotoolBiigsorhSmaillng  
Glass Notching  
New Standards  
ida families and small businesses,”  
Outrageously Short Lead Ti  
according to a release from his of-  
fice. “The Governor’s recommended  
budget also invests record fund-  
Plate Grooving Pencil Polishing Patterned Glass  
Plate Grooving  
Pencil Po  
Shape Beveling Shape Polishing Superb Customer Service Two MAPPI Tempering Fu  
X-Ray Glass  
ing in Florida’s education system,Cgl&eMaillirngsMhachiienelsd  
Showerguard Clearshield X-Ray G  
TempOering / Heat Strengthening Up To 86” x 150” Two New Forvet High Speed Drilling  
strengthens environmental protec-  
Two MAPPI Tempering F  
atinodn efffiogrhttss, sufpopr orFtlsolraiwdaens fogrrcoewmienngt Beveled Mirror  
job market.”  
Hole Drilling  
nesses in Stock Custom Backsplashes Over 100 Glass Patterns, Textures and Thicknesses in Stock Custom Bac  
m Patterned Shower Doors All Glass Entrances Custom Patterned Shower Doors  
Price adds, “We’re blessed to be in  
a location with 12 months out of the  
year that lend themselves to manu-  
facturing. We don’t have to shut down  
operations due to snow or cold win- shing  
ital In-Glass Ceramic Printing  
Dip-Tech Digital In-Glass Ceramic Printing  
Flat P  
Beveled Mirror  
New Standards of Exc  
Glass Notching  
usly Short Lead Times  
Pattern Cutting  
Patterned Glass  
Superb Customer Service Shape Beveling  
Pencil Polishing  
Straight Line Beve  
Custom Sandblasting All Glass Entrances Custom Backsplashes Custom Patterned Shower Do  
ter weather, nor do we have the high  
ss Entrances  
Flat Polishing Glass Notching Dip-Tech Digital In-Glass Ceramic Printing Fire Rated Glass / Schott Flat Polishing  
energy bills that come with it. …  
Obviously in Florida we periodically  
deal with hurricanes and storms, but  
being in Tampa, we’re in a good geo-  
graphical location in terms of that  
as well.  
Drilling No Job too Big or SmallHole Drilling New Standards of Excellence No Job too  
Lead Times Patterned Glass Pencil Polishing Plate GroovingOutrageously Short Lead Times Pattern Cutting Patterned Glass Straight L  
ne Beveling  
ht Line Beveling  
ShaTepmpeeriPng /oHleaitsSthrenignthegning USp Tho 8o6xw150e r Door Design  
Flat Polishing  
Two MAPPI Tempering Furna  
empering Furnaces X-Ray Glass  
Mirror & Beveled Mirror  
New Standards of Exce  
We pride ourselves in what we do, ss Entrances  
Custom Backsplashes All Glass EntranceFsire Rated Glass / S  
Custom Sandblasting  
Glass Notching No Job too Big or  
ss Ceramic Printing  
especially in today’s very competitive  
market,” says Price. “There are not Glass Notching New Standards of Excellence  
a lot of high performance unitized rageously Short Lead Times  
façade manufacturers around, and a  
lot of our competition goes overseas.  
One thing we stress is that we are a  
made-in-the-USA company. We try to  
do things the right way and partner  
wiPthrigcoeosda,yssolSicdoUtt.St.ocookmtpimaneietso.”take Beveled Mirror Pattern Cutting Glass Notching Fire Rated Glass / Schot  
No Job too Big or Small Outrageously Short Lead Ti  
eling Plate Grooving  
Pencil Polishing Patterned Glass  
Plate Groovi  
Shape Beveling Superb Customer Service Shape Beveling Shower D  
empering / Heat Strengthening Up To 86” x 150” New Standards of Excell  
ng / Heat Strengthening Up To 86” x 150” Showerguard Two New Forvet High Speed Drill  
hicknesses in Stock  
Custom Sandblasting Over 100 Glass Patterns, Textures and Thicknesses i  
photos with all of the company’s em- m Patterned Shower Doors Fire Rated Glass / Schott Shower Door Des  
ployees during his visit, noting that  
it was not only a great experience for  
them but a positive for the industry as  
a whole.  
New Standards of Excelle4nc0e 1-762-5953 |WWW.WOONGLASS.COM  
New Standards of Excellence  
ously Short Lead Times Pattern Cutting Patterned Glass No Job too Big or Small Outrageously Short Lead Times Pattern Cutting  
Hole DrillingGlass Notching  
Patterned Shower Doors Showerguard  
Shower Door Desig  
briefly ...  
HHH Tempering Resources Inc. relo- Systems PA in Benton Township, Pa., ment manager Dan Goodman, and rep-  
cated its west coast division offices, ef- celebrated its first full year in Northeast resentatives Rick Hillesheim and Matt  
fective March 1, 2017. The new address Pennsylvania with an anniversary open Tschida of Hillesheim Architectural Prod-  
is 3004 NE 112th Avenue, Suite A; Van- house on October 5, 2016 … Tubelite ucts Inc. … reached  
couver, WA 98682. Its fax and phone Inc. is now an NFRC Manufacturer Ap- $50,034 in donations to the Central and  
numbers remained in place … Architec- proved Calculation Entity (ACE) orga- South Jersey Affiliate of Susan G. Komen  
tural Sales of Colorado (ASC) will rep- nization. In addition to the company’s through its “‘Nice Rack’ Campaign to  
resent SC Railing in Colorado, Utah and ACE-certified individuals in both the en- Fight Breast Cancer.” The company do-  
Wyoming. ASC’s team, including Scott gineering and marketing departments, nates a set amount to the organization  
Smith, Todd Reynolds and Beth Hock- three Tubelite representatives earned a for every glass rack, glass truck and  
ett, combines for more than 70 years of certificate of approval for completing the trailer sold. $50,000 is enough to pay  
experience … Crystal Window and Door ACE training workshop: client develop- for 324 mammograms. s  
March 2017 | USGlass, Metal & Glazing  

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