Distribution Production  
J.E. Berkowitz LP Launches  
Fabricated in the USA” Program  
E. Berkowitz LP (JEB), a Pe- labeled so that end users can confidently be difference-makers in the American  
dricktown, N.J.-based glass know they are directly supporting the economy, leading by example. As we  
J.fabricator and a division of American economy and American implement this initiative throughout all  
Consolidated Glass Holdings (CGH), workers who receive world-class tech- six CGH companies in the near future,  
launched a “Fabricated in the USA” nical and safety training, competitive our hope is that the proactive promotion  
initiative. The program promotes the wages and comprehensive benefits.”  
use of American-made products in the  
of American-made products becomes a  
Bob Price,vice president of CGH,an- growing trend in more industries.”  
production of the company’s architec- ticipates rolling out similar programs  
tural glass solutions. across its family of brands.  
J.E. Berkowitz is a proud company  
Glass Vice Earns  
“With the myriad of glazing prod- ICC/ES Certification  
with a long history of working with do- ucts available from companies around  
mestic manufacturers up and down the the world, design professionals, build-  
supply chain,” says JEB executive vice ing owners and everyday people are—  
president Arthur Berkowitz.“The ‘Fab- more often than not—unaware of  
ricated in the USA’ initiative is a way to where the products they see and use  
ensure that glass products and compo- every day are made,” Price says.  
nents passing through our facility are  
“J.E. Berkowitz has a long history of  
sourced, manufactured and fabricated innovation, and Arthur has always been  
in the United States. All finished prod- a respected voice in the glass industry.  
ucts and communications will be clearly Now, J.E. Berkowitz is doing its part to  
GGI Expands Warehouse Space,  
Distribution Capacity  
Glass Vice supplies stainless steel  
hardware for a variety of commercial  
and residential applications.  
eneral Glass International (GGI)  
opened a new 95,000-square-  
New-Zealand-based Glass Vice,  
which recently opened a new ware-  
house in San Diego, earned ICC/ESR  
3563 certification for its hardware.  
The company supplies marine-grade  
stainless steel hardware for frameless  
glass balustrades, windscreens and pool  
fencing.Its new certification covers com-  
mercial and residential applications.  
According to the company,Glass Vice  
is the first and only ICC/ES-certified  
residential product that allows for a  
frameless glass railing system without  
a handrail or a top cap.  
foot warehouse and distribu-  
tion center in Avenel, N.J., for its range  
of specialty, laminated and float glass  
GGI has also expanded its fleet of spe-  
cialized glass delivery trucks, which will  
enable expedited deliveries throughout  
The opening of the warehouse,  
the increased level of stock on hand,  
GGI’snewwarehouseanddistribution and the additions to our fleet of trucks  
space will be an asset to the ensures our customers get fast and  
company as it continues to expand timely delivery of the glass they need,  
its range of specialty glass products. when they need it,” says GGI execu-  
tive vice president Richard Balik.  
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USGlass, Metal & Glazing | March 2017  
Shower Doors & More  
Makes Machinery Purchase  
Fort Lauderdale, Fla.-based Shower  
Doors & More Inc. acquired a new Tri-  
ulzi horizontal washer to improve its  
product and production of glass man-  
ufacturing and fabrication, according  
to a release from the company.  
Company president Larry Giacin  
made the purchase after shopping for  
machinery last September at glasstec.  
“Triulzi is family-run, like our com-  
pany, and I knew the attention to detail  
and customer service would be their  
priority,” he says. “…We pride our-  
selves on quality, and I believe the in-  
vestment in each piece of equipment is  
an investment in our future.”  
Call us today at  
and let us build you the  
best glass racking system,  
body or trailer.  
The company also recently acquired  
a new tempering furnace that allows it  
to supply custom glass products to a  
range of business sectors. s  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | March 2017  

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