Talk About Tempering  
A Close Look at Process Improvements and Changes  
b y G A N A M e m b e r C o m p a n y M a p p i I n c .  
lass has unique material  
Everybody talks about how energy efficiency  
properties, has been used for  
thousands of years and is still  
and operational measures, such as the use of  
sensors and IT technology, can turn good  
considered a superior synthetic mate-  
rial. It has seen constant improvement  
in both functional characteristics and  
production efficiency. Its growth path intentions into reality. Energy efficiency is a  
involves everyone interested in explor-  
consideration for companies  
when choosing a glass  
ing its boundaries, including archi-  
tects, designers, fitters, manufacturers  
and fabricators, as well as machinery  
companies. Let’s consider tempering  
tempering machine they’ll  
as an example.  
use for the next ten years.  
A Closer Look  
Tempering is a heat-treatment much and what to produce, and how  
technique that requires absolute con- to do it. These will help the company  
trol over both the temperatures and successfully access higher added-value  
handling of glass, and is crucial for market areas.  
high-quality production. At our com-  
pany, we have learned that improve- What’s Next?  
ment is always possible. For example,  
Using modern technology is essen-  
the use of sensors and IT technology to tial to produce high-quality glass. Our  
manage and control the furnace tem- company,for example,has increasingly  
perature can help ensure a level that’s applied the principles of Industry 4.0.  
close to the optimal threshold value. This provides a greater cross-inte-  
As a result, enhanced energy efficiency, gration between people, the machine,  
both in terms of consumption and net company, product and the client, ac-  
installed power, is guaranteed by re- cording to a coordinated system that’s more reliable and precise.  
GANA offers a number of resources  
duced energy waste.  
able to gain self-awareness. It’s based  
Everybody talks about how energy on the needs of those involved, and focused on the tempering process.  
efficiency and operational measures, provides step-by-step, significant im- These include various Glass Infor-  
such as the use of sensors and IT tech- provements to all parts.  
mation Bulletins, as well as the “Con-  
nology, can turn good intentions into The designer and the architect, cepts for Analyzing Glass Tempering  
reality. Energy efficiency is a consid- for example, can share their particu- Problems” video series and compan-  
eration for companies when choosing lar needs with the glass company to ion education tools. This series offers  
a glass tempering machine they’ll use achieve products of constant and certi- diagrams, detailed photographs, tem-  
for the next ten years. Other consider- fied quality. In an Industry 4.0 factory, pering demonstrations and real-world  
ations include not only price, but also components and systems,following the case studies to serve as a guide to both  
costs related to the production and the guidance of the employees,will provide fundamental concepts and trouble-  
structural requirements of the facility. management with more insight into shooting tactics. Visit www.glassweb-  
High-quality standards throughout the status of the factory by perform- to learn more.  
the manufacturing process can in- ing diagnosis, measurements, alerts  
Mappi America Inc. is a member of  
fluence some decisions, such as how and presets that will become more and the GANA Tempering Division. n  
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