AEC and Curtain Wall Coalition Applaud  
Recent Commerce Dept. Decision  
he Aluminum Extruders Coun-  
cil (AEC) and the Curtain Wall  
Coalition (CWC) are applauding  
the U.S. Commerce Department’s deci-  
sion in the U.S. Court of International  
Trade (CIT) relating to the Shenyang  
Yuanda Aluminum Industrial Eng’g Co.  
v. United States scope case.  
According to a joint statement, com-  
ments were filed on the draft Third  
Remand Decision on January 6, 2017,  
and the Commerce Department filed  
its Final Third Remand Redetermi-  
nation with the court on January 19,  
Aluminum Industry Engineering Co.  
Ltd.’s (collectively,Yuanda) curtainwall  
units that are produced and imported  
as complete curtainwall systems were  
within the scope of the orders.  
According to the statement, Yuanda  
has challenged the decision three  
times, each time noting that the cur-  
tainwall was“unitized and imported in  
phases pursuant to a sales contract” to  
supply complete curtainwall, and was  
not within the scope of the AD and  
CVD orders on aluminum extrusions  
imported from China.  
maintained its position that Yuanda’s Chinese unitized curtainwall sections the China tariffs remain in place while  
curtainwall unit imports are still cov- are covered by anti-dumping and our litigation is pending,” says David  
017. The Commerce Department The U.S. CIT upheld a decision that  
“It’s important to remember that  
ered by anti-dumping (AD) and coun- countervailing duty orders.  
tervailing duty (CVD) orders.  
Spooner,partner with Barnes & Thorn-  
burg LLP, and attorney for the Curtain  
The decision concerns the Commerce ders on aluminum extrusions from the Wall Coalition’s trade case. “These  
Department’s March 27, 2014, scope People’s Republic of China in which Yu- tariffs, which we are fighting to keep,  
ruling regarding the AD and CVD or- anda USA Corp.,and Shenyang Yuanda currently range from 49 percent to 229  
percent, depending on the identity of  
the Chinese exporter.”  
Jeff Henderson, AEC president,  
says the council is pleased with the  
Glaston Sells Tempering  
“If curtainwall extrusions are not  
Line to South America  
subject to the tariffs carried by our or-  
ders, they will simply overrun domes-  
tic production.”  
laston Corp. sold an FC Series flat tempering furnace to Comercial Di-  
alum, a glass fabricator in Santiago, Chile. The machine, which includes  
a Chinook connection system, is the largest flat tempering furnace  
Glaston has ever sold in South America, according to the company. It will be  
delivered to Chile this summer.  
In response, John D’Amario,  
northwest USA sales manager for  
Yuanda, sent USGlass a near 2,000-  
word commentary. D’Amario calls  
the CWC’s efforts, now spearheaded  
by the AEC, “an all-out, misinform-  
ing-of-the-public jihad on Chinese  
In South America, the glass processing market has been very slow during  
the past years,” says Moreno Magon, Glaston’s vice president of sales and  
service in South America. “However, some early signs of positive development  
are perceptible in Chile, Peru and Colombia and especially for high-quality  
tempered glass.”  
Technological innovation has enabled us to be leaders, delivering high-  
D’Amario states, “For some protec-  
tionists, tariffs are a means to prevent  
globalization. All I see from the CWC is  
attention to China and specifically Yu-  
anda. We are not ‘producers’ of curtain  
wall as you so often petition.We are your  
quality products to the South American market,” adds Fernando Diez, execu-  
tive president and owner of Commercial Company Dialum. “By incorporating  
an FC furnace, we will increase our production capacity, considerably reduce  
anisotropy and be able to process large glasses, which the local market does  
not currently offer.”  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | March 2017  
typical tortured curtain wall contactors  
struggling to make a buck and employ  
good, hard-working people. Sometimes  
our bids are too low and sometimes  
they’re too high. And what of the con-  
tinual increasing threats from Malaysia,  
many, Italy, Turkey, Poland, etc.? They’re  
coming to get you. And when they are  
gone, guess what? Someone else will be  
coming to get you.”  
To read D’Amario’s full response, visit  
Anyway-1.pdf. n  
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