PRIMA G gives you accuracy and consistency at an exceptional  
price point. Go from manual spray applications to automated results.  
It is the lowest-cost, reciprocating spray machine capable of  
handling 60” wide glass and is suitable for any water, solvent or frit  
based coating. With the capacity for four spray guns, the PRIMA  
also includes automated part detection for accuracy, an advanced  
filtration system for improved surface quality, an excellent coating  
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Look up.  
What do you see?  
We see FeneVision  
Controlled production  
Precision and consistency  
Configurable solutions  
State of the art software  
Designed and built by world class manufacturing engineers for  
flexible process control and shop floor integration, featuring  
FeneVision CORE | FeneVision OPTI | FeneVision CAD |  
FeneVision Shower Door Designer  
Learn how FeneVision ERP can improve your operations.  
Contact us at info@fenetech.com.  
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