Sliding Door System  
design is  
TG 138  
49” Ladder Pulls  
Powhatan, VA  
You can trust dormakaba glass systems for contemporary design solutions  
that give clarity to open workspace design. Our solutions comprise essential  
specialty hardware for swing and sliding glass door applications and  
operable glass wall systems to create collaborative work environments.  
Smart design begins at dormakaba.  
For comprehensive project support, call 844-773-2669.  
DORMA and KABA are now dormakaba.  
Going Abroad  
Take a Look at How Architectural  
Styles Vary Around the World  
by Ellen Rogers  
rchitectural designs and  
There are still more differences.Ben- with Colombia-based Tecnoglass, says  
aesthetics vary from coun- edict Tranel, a principal with Gensler’s South America is very different com-  
try to country and region San Francisco office, points to working pared to the U.S., as well.  
to region. Supertall build- in Asia as an example.  
ings, for example, soar “Without sacrificing quality, the struction as well as design codes and  
primarily in Asia and the speed of the project is usually faster standards,” he says.  
Middle East. Architecture is often a in Asia,” he says. “Also, owners are If you’re wondering what some re-  
“The major differences are in con-  
bit more unconventional in Europe often willing to experiment more and cent projects around the world look  
compared to the more conservative take a bit more risk on the innova- like, we’ve got a glimpse right here.  
designs in the U.S. This is partly due tion front because it’s a different en- Over the next few pages you can read  
to the highly litigious nature of the vironment in terms of underwriting, about several global project highlights,  
U.S. construction industry, which funding and leasing.”  
spanning Europe,Asia, South America,  
tends to be more risk adverse.  
Carlos Amin, vice president of sales the Middle East and more.  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | May 2017  
Antwerpen, Belgium  
Port House  
any architects bring a unique vision, 1/  
aesthetic to their work; Zaha thermally broken and has a U-Value the project’s completion.  
Hadid was one of the most of 0.23.  
“The architectural intent required  
recognizable. The work of the late  
“The Port House is another archi- the development of a custom system  
opaque). The system is volved from schematic design through  
Iraqi-British architect, who passed tectural masterpiece by Zaha Hadid consisting of segmented triangular-  
away last year,can be found around the Architects. It’s a bold statement com- shaped panels with very intricate cor-  
world. Many of her futuristic shapes, bining an existing building with a ner conditions connecting the wavy  
curves and geometric designs are contemporary extension, which can north with the flat south elevation,” he  
jaw-dropping—and many use glass be seen for miles around,” says Attila says. “The artful mix between trans-  
and glazing products as dominant ma- Arian, president of Schuco USA. “Its parent and opaque glass panels in  
terials. One example is the Port House signal-like effect is a reference to An- combination with the angle and shape  
in Antwerpen, Belgium.  
twerp as the ‘city of diamonds’ and its of the individual panels changes the  
The project, completed in 2016, shape, resembling the hull of a ship, appearance of the building envelope  
features a freeform custom glazing symbolizes the maritime trade in the with varying intensity of daylight.”  
system with triangular panels and port of Antwerp. The new building ap-  
Arian adds that the project was  
a flexible knot system allowing out- pears to float above the old one,and the modeled entirely in BIM.  
board adjustments up to 2.5 inches. austere angular solidity of the existing  
“For the estimating, design and  
The gaskets are designed to accom- building with its four equal facades fabrication, Grove+ used the Schuco  
modate different angles and the glaz- contrasts with the dynamic curved integrated software platform called  
ing system is tied to a steel backup surface of the new building,which rep- SchueCal, which allows a seamless  
structure. Schuco was the system resents the principal of a single flowing transition from design to the fabrica-  
provider and glass was supplied by façade like an organic object.”  
Saint Gobain. The total enclosed area  
tion process utilizing Schuco machin-  
The fabricator and installer on the ery,” he adds.  
is 42,000 square feet. It includes 452 project was Groven+ based in Puurs,  
panels and 1,967 panes of glass ( /  
Belgium. Arian says Schuco was in-  
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May 2017 | USGlass, Metal & Glazing  
Super Spacer TriSeal  
Structural silicone, warm edge spacer system  
takes on the toughest commercial glazing demands,  
including Silicone Structural Glazing.  
provides proven  
for common  
glazing stresses,  
including wind loads,  
snow loads, driving rain  
and widely fluctuating  
reduces edge  
seal stress  
failure over  
rigid spacer  
• Approximately 40,000 sq. meters  
double silver low-e argon filled IG  
made with Super Spacer® TriSeal™  
Gran Seoul Tower, Seoul, S. Korea  
IG fabricator Samwoo  
Structural Strength for heavy laminated glass in floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall sizes  
Proven Durability with triple edge seal construction to maximize IG life  
Thermal Performance with extremely low U-factor to reduce energy costs  
Get the best in aesthetics, energy efficiency, strength and durability  
for your next architectural glazing project with Super SpacerTriSeal.  
The QUOTA 3350/4200 is a multi-  
functional CNC work center with 3/4 digital  
interpolated axes and features an 11 kW  
air-cooled electro spindle. It is driven by an  
OSAI digital control unit and run by a user-  
friendly software interface. The QUOTA can  
perform routing, edging, drilling, writing,  
edge-polishing, grooving, and cutting to  
process a large variety of products.  
SALEM delivers success with top of the line glass fabrication and finishing  
equipment. You can rest easy knowing that we have got you covered.  
The PRIMA is engineered to  
make switching from manual to  
automatic spraying easy. It is  
highly user-friendly, reliable, and  
cost-effective to purchase and  
maintain. Suitable for any water-  
or solvent-based coating, the  
PRIMA is the ideal machine for  
manufacturers seeking to increase  
productivity, reduce waste  
and improve finish quality and  
SALEM Flat Glass & Mirror  
BOOTH #302  
Going Abroad  
continued from page 44  
The Eye Of Qatar  
Regional Focus  
The Middle East  
he Middle East is not only becoming a construction  
hot spot, but one that’s embracing cutting-edge ar-  
chitecture. Troy, Mich.-based Intraco Corp. works  
with many U.S.-based glass companies as an interna-  
tional brand management and export agent. The com-  
pany has both sales offices and distribution centers in  
Middle Eastern countries and has been involved with  
many significant construction projects. For more than  
North America on a number of unique projects in the  
Middle East.  
0 years, Intraco has worked closely with Pilkington  
The Al Noor Tower in Doha,Qatar,for example,stands  
22.14 feet tall and has 24 stories above ground. It fea-  
tures Pilkington Eclipse Advantage EverGreen glass.Ac-  
cording to information from Pilkington, the glass offers  
good daylight transmittance to reduce the need for arti-  
ficial lighting, reduces UV transmittance to help protect  
the interiors of the building from harmful damage, and  
good solar control to aid in energy efficiency and help  
lower energy costs for building owners.  
Another project in Doha, Qatar, is a commercial  
building called the Eye of Qatar. The eye-shaped  
structure includes Pilkington’s Eclipse Advantage  
Gold, Solar E Grey, Optiwhite laminated with color  
PVB and Energy Advantage.  
And in the UAE,the Al Falahi Tower features Pilking-  
ton’s Reflite Arctic Blue with Energy Advantage.  
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USGlass, Metal & Glazing | May 2017  
SHELTER Magazine  
017 Glass  
and Glazing  
Industry Outlook  
What’s inside:  
Macro-Construction Outlook  
An overview of the overall construction economy.  
Glass and Glazing Outlook  
A look at the hottest construction segments for  
glazing contractors.  
Contract Glazier Outlook Index  
A breakdown of indicators on the confidence of  
the industry.  
Everything you  
need to know  
about the state  
of the industry  
and the year  
Manufacturer/Fabricator Outlook  
Perspective from glass manufacturers and  
fabricators on the year ahead.  
Top Contract Glazier Growth  
Sales growth trends of the nation’s top glaziers.  
Labor and Business Concerns  
Hiring plans, labor hurdles and business  
concerns among the industry.  
Employment Figures  
National, state and occupational wage data.  
Materials and Equipment  
An overview of material and equipment cost  
trends and plans for investment.  
And more!  
Purchase it for $135 at:  
References to research results are based on a survey of contract glaziers, glass manufacturers and fabricators throughout the U.S. A total of 184  
firms based in 35 states and the District of Columbia, as well as 32 metropolitan areas nationwide, participated. Every U.S. region (Northeast,  
South Atlantic, Midwest, South Central and West) was represented by firms of all sizes—from businesses of fewer than ten people to firms of  
00 people or more, and from companies with less than $1 million in annual sales to organizations that book hundreds of millions in sales yearly.  
Multiple Canadian-based fabricators that supply to the U.S. also participated.  
Report compiled and prepared by Nick St. Denis, Research Editor, USGlass magazine  
For more information, email Nick at, call 540/720-5584 or visit  

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