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Gby ElllenaRozgeris ers Streamline Jobsite Efforts  
oday’s jobsite is becoming in- Lasers on the Jobsite  
high-definition survey company that  
Salt Lake City-based Steel Encoun- is using photography and triangula-  
goes beyond the use of tablets ters is one contract glazing firm that’s tion of points for surveying buildings,”  
and smart phones.As construction proj- been using some of these technologies he says, adding that they recently used  
ects become more and more complex, for a number of years. President Tom this technology to survey a ten-story  
the use of new technology such as 3-D Jackson says his company has used building and are using another survey  
scanning and drones is becoming more light detection and ranging (LiDAR) company to verify results.  
creasingly high-tech—and that  
common. These devices can be used to laser scanning technology for survey  
better streamline the process, helping and layout for several years.  
contract glaziers save time and money.  
Jackson says laser scanning can be  
beneficial when it comes to verifying  
“We’re also working with an aerial information in the field. He gives a  
recent project his  
company worked  
on as an example,  
explaining that Steel  
Encounters was re-  
sponsible for installing  
the flashing around the  
base of the building. That’s  
when they found a problem.  
“We just installed a very  
complex stainless steel  
flashing that required a ta-  
pered fit to a concrete curb.  
Every corner had a differ-  
ent mitered angle that had  
to be cut and welded to-  
gether in the shop. It would  
have taken our men days  
to field-verify dimensions  
due to the complexity of  
this work,” says  
Jackson. “We  
chose to hire  
an engi-  
f i r m  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | May 2017  
uses LiDAR laser technology to scan Looking Better  
the concrete curb and transfer the di- in Pictures  
Technologies such as  
mensions into a layout drawing from  
In addition to laser  
drones are being used on jobsites  
to help contract glaziers streamline  
and improve labor and production  
which we created the customized fab- scanning, there are other new  
rication tickets for all of the stainless technologies emerging on jobsites.  
steel parts.Everything fit together with These include the use of drones and efficiencies.  
little additional effort for my installers.” other photographic measuring tools.  
The process in total cost Jackson Photogrammetry, for example, is a  
As Jackson explains, “Many contract  
about an hour of drive time, two hours technology that involves creating mea- glaziers field-verify every job, but many  
on site to get six scans and a couple days’ surements from photographs. Jackson projects require materials with long  
work of data entry into a model that his says his company has worked with this lead times that must be ordered from  
engineering department could then use as well. The project involved a drone the dimensions shown on the contract  
to create the fabrication drawings.  
equipped with a high-definition cam- documents.Since‘time is of the essence,’  
The accuracy [of the work] and the era.As the drone circles the building— the sooner you identify and notify the  
amount of time this would have taken in this case a ten-story building—it general contractor of a dimensional,the  
otherwise was well worth the invest- takes high-definition photographs of better the outcome is for everyone.”  
ment,” he says.  
Bob Linford,vice president of the Gi- nition pixels of different points of the Making it Work for You  
roux Glass operations in Los Angeles, building structure can be triangulated He adds that surveying early on before  
each building elevation. The high-defi-  
is also interested in what laser scan- to at least ¾-inch accuracy. Jackson the work begins allows the contract gla-  
ning technologies can offer contract says this may be useful for contract gla- zier to give that report to the contractor.  
glaziers. While Giroux’s California lo- ziers working with unitized curtainwall  
“And if you use one of these services,  
cation hasn’t used these technologies, to survey embed placements used for they are trustworthy and have credibil-  
the company’s LasVegas team did work the attachment of curtainwall before ity. We can tell the contactor of these  
with a subcontractor on the Dolce and the concrete slabs are poured.  
Gabbana signage project there. “If the embeds are in the wrong credibility to get the contractor to fix  
I find it impressive that with these place, it’s expensive to fix,” says Jack- the problem before they’re on site,” says  
scanning technologies, it’s possible to son.“With this device,the drone can fly Jackson,who also adds a word of advice.  
pinpoint with such precise accuracy around, take a survey and then overlay “Don’t rush to buy the equipment,  
cases, and that gives glaziers power and  
the exact locations of such things as onto drawings to see if embeds are in hire an engineering firm that has the  
cables or anchor points. That’s so im- the correct location before the concrete right technology to help you with your  
portant when you consider that an is poured.”  
first job before making the investment.  
anchor in the wrong place could poten- He adds, “The costs to fix an incor- That way you can make sure you’re get-  
tially destroy the entire structure with rect embed placement can be very ting what you want.” n  
post-tension slab,” he says. “It’s amaz- expensive. With this technology, a  
ing that they can even scan concrete to drone fly-by survey can be overlaid  
identify and locate rebar, and to record onto embed layout drawings to ver-  
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what you’ve scanned. Lasers provide ify correct placement before con-  
extremely accurate lines that can be crete is poured.”  
used as plumb lines, andnd you won’t be  
Regardless of the system, these  
off by more than /32 of an inch. It’s technologies can offer a lot of ad-  
pretty remarkable.”  
vantages for contract glaziers.  
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