Ready for Rain  
Pyrobel protects  
against radiant heat  
The SAF Series 4000, by from 45 minutes up  
Southern Aluminum Finish- to two hours. Its in-  
ing Co. (SAF), is a drained and terlayer technology  
back-ventilated rain screen eliminates black  
panel system that incorporates spacers and sec-  
a strip of composite material ondary seals found in gel-filled units. This allows for vir-  
in a reveal between each panel, tually clear-edge butt-glazing similar to non-rated glazing,  
instead of caulk.This results in according to the company. The product’s interlayers have  
a uniform appearance, accord- about 40 percent less water content than gel interlayers for  
ing to the company. The system ships with fabricated panels optical stability even at extreme temperatures.  
and “track” extrusions ready to assemble on a jobsite. It’s en- PyroFrames are rated from 45 minutes up to two hours,  
gineered to allow moisture to permeate the outside wall, and and PyroDoors are rated from 20 to 90 minutes and limit  
then drain through weep holes on each panel frame. temperature-rise to 2,500 F at 30 minutes.Both offer narrow  
The system passes the TAS301 Test Protocol established for sightlines of roll-formed steel profiles and protection against  
Miami-Dade HVHZ, which includes TAS 201 (large missile); the spread of radiant heat.The products feature internal and  
TAS 202 (air, water and structure) and TAS 203 (pressure cy- external surface protection provided by Sendzimir galvaniz-  
cling).In addition,the Texas Department of Insurance’s (TDI) ing,in combination with high-performance painted finishes,  
Product Evaluation has also been completed. Certifications for maximum lifetime durability, according to the company.  
issued for the RainScreen system include panels from three yy➤  
major aluminum composite panel (ACM) manufacturers.  
Spaced Out  
fire-rated glass  
Playing with Fire  
Multitech, offered by Fenzi, is a rigid spacer made of rein-  
forced plastic with a special multi-layer barrier. Developed  
General Glass International (GGI) has added Pyrobel fire-re- at the Alu Pro and Rolltech laboratories, it is sold worldwide  
sistive glass, as well as PyroFrames and PyroDoors, to its cur- through the Glass Alliance network.As a result of the multi-  
rent fire-rated offerings that include Pyran Platinum,Pyroguard layer barrier, which is extremely thin yet strong, the new  
and new wire fire-protective glazing products.  
profile meets current international standards and forms  
a barrier to water vapor and gas with all the sealants now  
The product can also be produced with wings for use in  
the production of insulating glass (IG) fitted with special  
sun shades inside of the glazing.  
Clean and Clear  
The CRL glass machin-  
ery model VEW63 is used  
for cleaning IG and general  
types of glass. Using pow-  
er-driven conveyors in all  
sections, it moves multiple  
digital printing  
Special Effects  
or large glass lites up to ½-inch thick through the cleaning  
process at speeds of up to 22 feet per minute.  
The washer features re-circulating wash and rinse com-  
partments with four low-E brushes to provide an efficient  
wash, according to the company. Other features include  
fluorescent glass inspection lights on the outlet conveyor  
and sound-reducing enclosures around the drying knives  
and air blower. To minimize corrosion and increase lon-  
gevity, all frame components in contact with the washing  
areas are made from stainless steel. The unit uses an  
electric automatic solenoid valve to connect fresh water  
for the final rinse.  
Metallic inks by Tec-  
glass, a digital printing  
group specifically for  
glass, allow effects to be  
obtained without decorat-  
ing operations by creating  
an ambiance with special  
light effects and colors.  
A non-slip decorative effect also offers functionality for  
glass. The product is suitable for flooring and impactful  
staircases in public and private settings and is resistant to  
weather conditions, according to the company.  
USGlass, Metal & Glazing | May 2017  
Durability and safety all in one  
light weight assembly  
Mechanical Connections Available  
inspection equipment  
Measuring Up  
Glaston iLooK is an online measuring system for flat  
glass tempering machines.The system measures tempered  
glasses automatically and can be used with all brands of  
flat tempering lines. It provides immediate feedback, al-  
lowing operators to make corrections and helps to ensure  
consistent glass quality, ac-  
cording to the company.  
The newest development  
to be introduced this year  
will include integration of  
iLooK to an online anisot-  
ropy measurement system.  
When the iLooK unit is in-  
tegrated with a Glaston flat  
tempering line, the mea-  
sured data will always be  
available in the Glaston Insight Reporting system, accord-  
ing to the company.  
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Pulp Studio, Inc.  West th Street Gardena, CA   
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Colorful Options  
Kolbe Windows & Doors has updated its exterior color  
palette with the addition of 20 new colors. The variety  
of color options provides new hues to meet style and Mark Your Calendars!  
project needs.  
Colors range from bold to muted, traditional to contem-  
porary and warm to cool. The company offers classic tints  
to match the style and era of historical projects, and mica  
or anodized finishes for a modern design.  
Tilted View  
The SCW3530 tilt-turn window  
from St. Cloud Window Inc. provides  
the option for two open positions  
with one handle to control all oper-  
ations. With a 90-degree turn of the  
handle, the tilt-turn hardware allows  
the window to tilt inward at the head  
for secure ventilation and protection  
from the elements.Alternatively,turn-  
ing the handle 180 degrees allows the  
vent to swing inward like a casement  
window for cleaning or a full breeze.  
Glass Expo  
May 31-June 1, 2018  
Hyatt Regency Bellevue  
Bellevue, Washington  
suburban Seattle)  
For more information, please visit  
Turning it downward to the vertical position securely locks  
the vent with a full compression seal.  
The tilt position moves the top window sash inward,which  
sets up a convection flow of fresh air.  
May 10-11, 2018  
The Henry B. Gonzalez  
Convention Center  
San Antonio, Texas  
ƒ® s  
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