Evolution and Survival  
What Can You Learn from the Mobile Phone Industry?  
b y R i c h a r d V o r e i s  
began writing these columns in the  
fall of 2013 and we’ve come a long  
way since then—this is my twen-  
ty-third. If you’ve read my bi-monthly  
articles we’ve gone through an evolu-  
tion together in both your industry and  
hopefully in your company as well.  
Our focus has been on new and dif-  
ferent approaches to conducting busi-  
ness as well as how you can achieve  
positive results that impact your bot-  
tom line, motivate your employees and  
make customers want to do business  
with you. I’ve shared many best busi-  
ness practices from the glass and glaz-  
ing industry. If you’ve implemented  
what you’ve learned from my articles,  
When I talk about change I’m asking you  
to give very serious thought to how your  
company has changed or not changed  
because it will impact its future success.  
it’s required you to keep an open mind maintaining the status quo in a dy- business without giving any thought  
to change, and also think of it as being namic building construction economy to their future. At the same time, while  
good and necessary.  
Resistance to change does not mean  
is the kiss of death. sales increase their profits are not  
Give some serious thought to how growing proportionately.  
stability. Stability comes from continu- your company has or hasn’t changed,  
ally reassessing what works and what because it will impact its future suc- Cyclic Change  
doesn’t work so well anymore, then cess. To ensure your company is em-  
As we all know, the building con-  
discarding what doesn’t work or can be bracing change, maximizing sales and struction economy operates in busi-  
improved upon. It’s extremely import- profits as well as staying ahead of your ness cycles and, as we also know,  
ant to embrace evolving industry best competitors you need an:  
somewhere in the future we’ll be chal-  
practices, because standing still is just Effective priority planning process; lenged again with a much lower vol-  
another way of falling behind.  
• Effective execution of the top priori- ume of activity. Now is the time to plan  
ties; and for the future, consider and implement  
• Enhanced employee engagement change and position your company to  
and accountability. perform much better in good times,  
In more than 17 years of working in not-so-good times and in-between  
Can You Hear Me Now?  
The evolution of the mobile phone  
tells a great business story. The Mo-  
torola 8900X-2 mobile phone was with glass and glazing subcontractors times. n  
introduced in 1994 (23 years ago). I I’ve found they all needed to im-  
think it’s safe to assume you’re no lon- prove their priority planning pro-  
ger using this phone. Mobile phones cess,get better at implementation  
R i c h a r d V o r e i s is the  
founder and CEO of Consulting  
Collaborative in Dallas. His  
column appears bi-monthly.  
Email him at rdvoreis@  
com and read his blog on Thursdays at  
have changed during this time frame and hold their employee organi-  
and hopefully the way you run your zation more accountable for the  
company has, too.  
If not, pay special attention to what  
success of the company.  
Today, the building construc-  
Ben Franklin said more than 300 years tion economy is very active and  
ago: “When you’re finished changing, many company owners are to-  
you’re finished.” Said another way, tally focused on their day-to-day  
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